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Committee Meeting

Posted on Sat Oct 14th, 2017 @ 12:40pm by Ensign T'ami Lo'Wen & Civilian Michel Gerard & Stella Moon & Deng Tan

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Promenade

In light of the Captain's call to arms for the Promenade business owners to assist with the incoming mystery ship, Michel Gerard had immediately set to work organising the committee intended to help the station deal with the crisis. All day he had been arranging the empty spaces within his own businesses to accomodate the needs of the incoming people, as well as delegating an area to hold supplies and belongings. As he was the only business with unoccupied space, it made sense to him to give up this area to the station.

Now, he had invited along the other proprietors to figure out their organised response, as the Captain had requested. Given the other business owners had a mixed reaction to Harrison's suggestion, Michel was all-too-happy to take the lead and do most of the work on this himself. After all, he was still trying very hard to impress the people of DS12 and he hoped this would go some way to winning over the Promenade at least.

Sitting down at a table, Michel waited for the other business owners to arrive.

Tan ambled in, he didn't like the idea of giving out free things, but figured it was better to have a seat at the table than not. He walked in and nodded. "No refreshments?"

Stella Moon arrived and seated herself quietly in the corner and nodded to the others in the room. She was not fussed on this type of meeting and really just wanted to be left alone to run her own business. The less she was involved the better it was for her.

Having waited long enough, Michel stood again and cleared his throat.

"Thank you all for coming, I'll keep this quick." He began, trying to be charming for a change. "I understand the pressures you are all under already to run your businesses and though you wish to help the station with the crisis, it will be very difficult to do so. Because of that, I will be happy to take on the burden of the Captain's request entirely on the second level within my own retail space."

Michel looked around as the news seemed to gain a mixed reaction from the crowd of business owners. "It just makes sense, really. I have the free space and my shops are not open yet any way. We're all in this together, oui?"

"So, what do you need?" Tan folded his arms. "I'm not one to turn away someone hungry, but at the same time, are we talking a few people or are we talking an army?"

"From what I hear, it may be a dozen or two," Michel replied, although he didn't really know. "It may be likely that there will be too many for Sickbay, hence why we need a large space to set up cots and triage the incoming patients. The kitchens will be used to provide food, saving power and resources from the station. If I do require anything, it would mostly be assistance in providing assistance to prepare food."

The Frenchman looked hopefully to the other business owners, "I haven't hired kitchen staff yet, so if anyone could provide some helping hands to prepare and distribute meals to the patients, that would be a massive assistance. Again, using my kitchen and supplies - not yours."

As there was a general consensus to allow Michel's plans to go ahead, the meeting was adjourned. Michel watched with a tight smile as the rest of the business owners disappeared back to their respective shops. The Frenchman meanwhile began to pack up the chairs and tidy up, when he noticed T'ami hanging around in the back. He hadn't seen her before but tried not to act so surprised.

"I came to see if you needed a hand," T'ami purred quietly. "But I see you've got it all under control."

"Indeed." Michel replied coolly. "I'm glad the rest of the Promenade owners agreed to help out as well."

T'ami played with her long ponytail of hair, giving a small smile. "The Captain has really brought you all together."

Michel shrugged, "Anything that effects the station, effects us too. We're all willing to help when necessary. Harrison gave us the opportunity and we've taken it."

The Caitian diplomat stood, and helped Michel with the final few chairs to be put away. "I heard you had a run-in with Magnus earlier."

"Ah, so the point emerges." Michel smirked, though he had always known this was T'ami's purpose. "You're here to stick up for dear Magnus? Please, save me the speech. I have enough to do already. I'm actually trying to run a relief operation for the station, I don't have time for these personal problems."

T'ami laughed, flicking her hair behind her back, "My, you do like to shoot first!"

"I've had enough of so-called diplomats telling me what do to today." Michel answered.

"I was actually just going to ask how you were doing. After all, when Magnus goes, I suspect I will step in as your liaison to the Federation and I'd very much like to get along with you."

"Just don't tell me how to run my business." Michel replied back, "And we'll get along fine."

"Okay." T'ami shrugged, "I'll try. But if you'll allow me one little bit of advice. He leaves tomorrow, 10 AM. You'll regret it if he goes and you don't at least say goodbye."

Michel picked up his PADDS and started to leave, giving T'ami a small smile. "We'll see."



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