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Yellow alert

Posted on Fri Aug 25th, 2017 @ 3:21am by Captain Nelson Harrison & Major Jesse Temple & Lieutenant Lily Barker & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh
Edited on on Fri Aug 25th, 2017 @ 3:22am

Mission: Trouble on the frontier

Harrison banged his commbadge much too firmly. =^=Harrison to Major Temple.=^=

The Major had been standing in Marine county, watching over his squadrons with a stern expression as they prepared for today's mission. He could hear the urgency in the Captain's tone and immediately pressed his badge in return.

=^= Temple here. =^=

=^=Major, we have problems. That ship is registering as the Rio Grande and that is impossible. Until we know more, I advise extreme caution.=^=

A frown passed over Jesse's face as he received the news. =^= Aye sir. I will accommodate this new information into our mission strategy.=^=

Turning back to the grunts, he barked loudly, "Marines! Fall in immediately!"

He turned to Barker. “Send a message to Starfleet Headquarters. Inform them of this mystery ship and that we will be investigating.”

Lily had just sent the message to Starfleet Command. She said to Captain Harrison: "Starfleet sent a message. It says to keep them apprised of the situation of the mystery ship." She gave the PADD to Captain Harrison.

Harrison punched the button to open an internal communications channel. “Captain to all crew. Captain to all crew. You would all be aware by now of an unidentified ship on long range scanners. Scans show it is the Rio Grande which is impossible so, until we have further information, it remains unidentified. Major Temple will be leading a squad of marines to board and investigate. Yellow alert will remain in force until its identity has been verified. For all we know it is carrying our missing crewmates but it could be a trap. Be prepared to go to red alert and take up battle stations at any moment. Harrison out.”

TAG: as per above

Klingon Embassy

Haqtaj sat up at her desk. Her blood began to pump. Action again. It had been too long that she had sat here idle, watching the traffic, hearing the stories of Glory won or lost, without being a part. Now, perhaps, it was her time again.

She strode to the wall behind her desk where an array of weapons were hung. She selected a pair of Mek'leth and placed them on her back. She drew her disruptor from under the table where she kept it ready "just in case" and strode through to the front reception of her Embassy.

"Vartog," she said, struggling to keep her tone even. "I believe my assignment of Battle station is in error. It states I should remain in the Embassy. Obviously they miss-spelled Operations. I will go there directly and address the matter with Harrison."

Vartog was momentarily taken aback but he would not have stayed for so long as Haqtaj’s aide and Starfleet liaison if he could not recover quickly. “I believe you to be in error as well, Madame. I recall an amended schedule which listed your battle station as being with Major Temple. Unfortunately, I don’t have it to hand but I’m sure I could find it...given time. Major Temple is, I believe, drilling his marines in one of the loading bays. That piece of information I can find for you. Go now and I will let you know which one it is.”

Haqtaj grinned broadly, "I knew it would be something like that."

She strode quickly from the Embassy, heading towards where she knew the SF Marines were usually housed.



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