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Ship of Mystery - Part One

Posted on Fri Sep 1st, 2017 @ 1:46pm by Major Jesse Temple & Captain Nelson Harrison & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Shuttle Bay 02

In the busy shuttlebay, ground crews were quickly leaving the area as the doors closed on the last starfighter. The squadron consisted of three fighters, each containing two squads of Marines, and a runabout for Station crew and Medical personnel. No one knew what to expect with the ship they were about to engage; it seemed the more they found out about her, the less they actually knew. Waiting with a nervous enthusiasm, Major Temple stood behind the pilot chairs in the lead vessel. Behind him in the galley, the squads of marines sat with focused faces and phaser rifles held tightly to their sides.

Upon hearing that the last ship was ready to launch, the Major placed his hand on the pilot's shoulder. "Open comms with the fleet."

"Yes sir." The pilot immediately replied, leaning forward to tap the screen in front of him. "Channel open, sir."

Jesse cleared his throat and spoke in his stern, business-like manner. "All ships, this is Major Temple in Starfighter One. We have clearance to launch. We are running a diamond formation with the runabout at our rear. Stay in tight, we will be scanning the ship from close proximity before boarding. You know your jobs. Temple out."

With a crack of his neck, Jesse tapped the pilot's shoulder again. "Take us out, helmsman. Let's see what this mystery ship is hiding."

In silent precision, the four craft slipped out of the shuttlebay together and quickly migrated into formation. In a blur of light, they warped away from Deep Space 12 and towards the rendezvous point.

Inside the cabin of the lead vessel, Jesse had his right arm raised up and holding onto a support strap as the Starfighter gently swayed back and forth. His eyes were laser focused on the whirling lights flashing past from the viewscreen, trying to keep his mind trained on the many possible scenarios this mission could encounter.

"Coming up to RVP in two minutes." Helmsman announced in his usual matter of fact tone.

"Aye." Jesse replied in acknowledgement, turning back to look at the Marines. "Squads up, ladies and gentlemen."

The Starfighters and runabout dropped out of warp again and the mystery ship appeared not far in front of them. She was a banged-up mess alright, seemingly welded together from a rough collection of junk metals. Though there was clearly Starfleet parts on the hull and Bridge.

"Initial scans coming through." Helmsman Lee announced as his hands danced across the multiple screens in front of him.

"Is she ours?" Jesse asked impatiently. "The Rio Grande?"

Lee paused, tapping away with precise points of his fingers, trying to make sense of the readings. "Unable to confirm, sir. The transponder appears to be Federation, but it's not in sequence with the engines. Warp signature is not from a Defiant Class vessel at all."

The Major turned to a nearby screen to look for himself, muttering, "That can't be right."

As the fleet came closer to the mystery ship, the scans delivered more of the same uninformative information. Sensor readings provided a swathe of mixed intelligence, as the ship appeared to be cobbled hastily together from several different other ships. Apart from the discordant engines, the shield freqencies - weakened as it were - indicated a Cardassian pattern, while weaponry appeared to be lifted from Klingon origins.

Whatever sense could have been made from this Frankenstein creation of a vessel, was severely hindered by the obvious battles she had experienced. Damaged and bruised, many systems reading offline or malfunctioning, it was a wonder the craft managed to stay afloat at all.

Jesse sighed and looked to the Marines, "Alright, we can forget our floorplan intel. This ain't the Rio Grande. We won't know the true layout of the vessel till we're onboard."

The fleet passed over the mystery ship and several new alerts pinged across the Starfighter's system.

"Life signs?" Jesse asked hopefully.

"Yes, sir," came Lee's response, "Not ours, though. We can't identify them."

"Hmm," the Major sighed. "What's this area here?" He pondered as he focused into a blank area on the ship's readings, "Seems to be shielded from our scans."

Gunnery sergeant Hobbs confirmed the news, "It seems primary power has been diverted to this region. Shields have been modulated to protect this area on deck three."

"Bravo Team, you have a new target," Jesse called out as he sent the information across to the squad's PADDs, "Reach this location on deck three. Assess the situation and we'll make a call on breaching inside once Alpha Team cuts the shields."

A chorus of "Ayes" followed Jesse's command.

The fleet swung around and while maintaining their formation, then reapproached the vessel once more. This time the ships slowed down and began their boarding procedure. The only good thing to come out of the scans was an obvious lack of potential threats to the Marines, so Jesse okayed the next phase of the operation.

"Boarding in ninety seconds," he called out, as he reached over to the storage racks and grabbed himself a Phaser Rifle. He primed the device and smiled.

"Time to make some new friends."

=To Be Continued=


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