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Ship Of Mystery - Part Two

Posted on Sat Sep 16th, 2017 @ 12:15pm by Major Jesse Temple

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Mystery Ship

There was an eery silence amongst the mystery ship as Major Temple lead his squad of marines through it's deserted corridors. The lights were on, life support functional, systems on a working automation. But there wasn't a soul to be found as Jesse and Alpha Squad carefully worked their way through the ship. Doors were left open, some broken apart in a clear sign of a close-quarters battle having occurred. Nearing the Bridge, unmistakable scorch marks decorated the walls, the aftermath of a phaser fight.

Standing in front of the Bridge doors, Jesse gave a nod to his crew and Techie, Sergeant Moses, moved forward to open her up. The panel was Federation, but the door reinforced with a thicker metal, almost Klingon in origin. It was clear that this ship had been cobbled together from many others, it wasn't just the hull that had been borrowed. When override commands didn't respond, Techie opened up a hatch to utilise the manual release. The marines stood in a frosty silence, absolute concentration on their faces. Jesse was eyes forward with Medic Phelps by his side, Moses working on the door, and two more Marines watching their backs. It was a tense moment before the door clamps finally released and the metal barrier parted with a resistant hiss.

Inside the room was carnage, immediately evident was the spread of bodies lying around the circular Rio Grande bridge. Sparks flew from damaged consoles as a smokey haze had settled over the deadly scene.

"Check them." Jesse ordered in a cold tone, as his Marines spread out and began scanning the bodies for signs of life.

For his part, the Major made his way to the Captain's area, where one lone man lay slumped across the chair, a phaser dangling in his hand. As Temple slowly inched closer, his own rifle pressed hard against his side, he watched the man with a disquieted unease. The man's uniform, torn and burnt as it was, appeared to be Bajoran in origin, causing a ripple of confusion to cross Jesse's face. Where had he come from? Why was he here? When he was just a metre away, the Marine's foot landed on a piece of glass and it crunched under his step.

Suddenly the Bajoran stirred, and weakly raised his arm to fire at Jesse. "Pirate!" He murmured.

Jesse reached out and grabbed the man's arm, forcing back his hand against the console and causing the Bajoran to drop his phaser. The other marines suddenly surrounded the two, their rifles raised swiftly to the man as Jesse got in close to him. "Relent!"

"...Pirate..." He groaned, wincing at the force of Jesse's pressure on his arm, but then opening his eyes wide to look at the Major. "... Who?..."

"I am Major Temple of the Federation space station DS12." Jesse replied, softening his tone a little as he saw how injured the Bajoran was. "I am no threat to you."

The Bajoran breathed heavily, holding his side where a large phaser burn marked his abdomen. "We... escaped... their lair... Stole... their ship..."

Phelps, the Squad Medic began scanning the man as he spoke, her tricorder giving worrying beeps and sirens as to his damaged body. She looked to Jesse with a slight frown, "We need to get him to the station ASAP."

Jesse nodded and stood up, "Temple to Starfighter One - "

"Wait!" The Bajoran gasped, "The pirates... came on board... tried to stop... us. I locked the crew in the sickbay and put up... a shield."

Medic Phelps agreed, "There was an area we couldn't penetrate with our scans. Bravo Team were sent to investigate."

Jesse looked to the Bajoran and nodded, "You saved them."

The Bajoran closed his eyes for a moment and gave a slight nod in return.

Marine Tech Moses reappeared, "There are eight on the Bridge, sir. All dead."

The Bajoran smirked, managing a coughing laugh. "I lured those pirates to the Bridge. Thought they could get the best of me." He laughed again. "They... were... wrong." With that, he collapsed, eyes shutting closed but that proud smile still remained on his face.

"Get him to SF1 and back to DS12 for medical attention." Jesse ordered to Medic Phelps, as he reached out and patted the stranger's shoulder. "I think he may be a hero."

As Medic Phelps and the unconscious Bajoran disappeared in a haze of blue lights, Jesse cracked his neck and signalled to the others to fall in. He didn't like pirates at all, their ruthlessness and violence, and so hearing that they had been responsible for this chaos, sent a cold chill down his spine. It was becoming clear now that this patchwork ship belonged to the pirates, and that they had destroyed the Rio Grande to weld it together with other scuttled vessels to make this Frankenstein creation. And yet somehow, the crew may have just survived thanks to that Bajoran.

"Techie, see if you can get the shield down." Jesse asked solemnly.

Moses stood forward and started playing around with the panels, his hands dancing over the screens with a quiet flair. After a few moments he shook his head. "The Bajoran did a good job of protecting the Sickbay, Major. It can only be released from the inside."

Jesse sighed, "Alright, Moses you stay here and work on those systems, see if we can get comms to Sickbay. We'll let Delta Squad cut the shield power and meet Bravo there. Move out!"

Quietly, the Squad marched out of the Bridge and headed back through the corridors. Jesse allowed himself the briefest of moments to consider the Bajoran and the work he had done to protect his fellow escapees. Undoubtedly giving his life, knowing all too well that he wouldn't survive, he had valiantly managed to secure the other people and lured the pirates to their death. If he survived his injuries, Jesse was going to have to ask him how he did it.



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