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Ship Of Mystery - Part Three

Posted on Wed Oct 4th, 2017 @ 2:58pm by Major Jesse Temple & Captain Nelson Harrison & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Mystery Ship


In quick fashion, Jesse and Alpha Squad arrived at the doors of sickbay, where they found Bravo Squad trying to prize the metal shielding open. The Marines had discovered that the Rio Grande had been captured by pirates and her crew imprisoned. The ship was torn apart and welded together with other stolen vessels to create this menacing bandit spacecraft. Somehow, a Bajoran and other possible captives had escaped the pirates and stole back the ship. When the pirates gave chase and boarded the vessel, the escapees managed to barricade themselves into Sickbay while the heroic Bajoran lured the pirates away himself.

Jesse nodded to his Bravo Squad captain, "What's the sitrep?"

The Bravo Commander Sergeant Hobbs saluted and responded, "Shield was cut by Delta co. But the door appears to be welded from the inside. They were not going to let those pirates in. We thought we heard voices inside but cannot confirm."

Jesse checked his tricorder and received news that this Techie had restored communications throughout the ship, giving them a chance to speak to the Sickbay directly.

The Marine tapped his Badge. =/\= Attention Sickbay. We are from the Federation, we are here to help you. Please respond. =/\=

Bananthean pulled himself up and looked around. No-one else was moving...well, not much anyway. A few moaned and groaned and some tossed and turned but not many. Most lay where they’d fallen, either unconscious or dead.

Bananthean found he did not care much either way. He was rapidly coming to regret the decision to join the escape attempt.

He punched a button on a panel on the wall nearby. “How do we know you’re Federation?” he asked belligerently.

Temple gave a sideways glance to Hobbs, "You can open the door, sir, and let us help you."

“Oh, yeah? You’re probably pirates come to haul us back again. You’ve been following us since we fled Deneb el Okab.”

Jesse was close to snapping at this man, though he tried to temper his anger as he remembered what they had been through. "You're wrong, sir, you're back in Federation territory near Deep Space Twelve. My name is Major Jesse Temple from New Orleans, Louisiana, Marine CO of the station and we're here to help."

“Yeah? We’ve seen the vids,” he sneered. “We know how good you are at impersonating Starfleet and the Feds.”

A new squad of marines arrived as Delta Team had finished in Engineering and came to help with the liberation. A squaddie dropped down a crate containing small explosives and Jesse gave him the nod to start prepping.

"Sir, we can waste time restoring systems so that you can get video link to corridor, or you can just let us help you. I won't be going back and forth all day." Temple replied in his most stern tone. "If you can't or won't let us in, I've got some whiz-bang fireworks that'll do the job for us. Like it or not, we will be entering the Sickbay and providing you with medical aid. What's your answer, sir?"

Bananthean knew he had no realistic alternative. If it was pirates they would blow their way in and who knew how many more would be killed in the explosion and the incursion. If it was Starfleet, they might at least try to modify the explosion so that they caused as little injury as possible.

“Put the explosives along the right hand side of the doorway,” he said over the comms unit. “Most of us are lying over on your left hand side.”

He immediately regretted it but it was done now. If it was pirates, the lucky ones would be those who died here and now. He tried to distract himself from that depressing thought by dragging the body of an unconscious woman away to what he hoped would be a safe area.

"You heard the man." Jesse replied gruffly as he indicated for his squads to move back to a safe distance.

After a few minutes the explosives were placed across the right hand side and they were ready to go. Jesse tapped his badge again. "Sir, we're going to breach soon. It's a controlled blast, only meant to take the door off. But you and anyone else inside should take cover."

“I’ve moved all the bodies out of the way. Go ahead.”

"Acknowledged," Jesse gave the signal and Sergeant Hobbs called out, "Fire in the hole!"

In a split second there was a series of small pops and flashes of light, the Marines ducking their heads down as the corridor filled with smoke. Only Jesse remained eyes focused ahead. There came a heavy groan of splitting metal and finally, the door came crashing to the ground.

"Go!" Jesse ordered as the Marines quickly filed past him and into the Sickbay. The Major tapped his badge. =/\= Temple to Harrison. We have breached the Sickbay and will be retrieving survivors. Heading back to DS12 ASAP."

“Well done, Major. Report the status of the people as soon as you can.”

Inside the sickbay, Jesse stepped over the felled doorway and assessed the scene. Much like the Bridge before, it was a sight of previous carnage - a battle scene long after the fighting had been done. The survivors were lucky to be alive, lucky to have drifted back into Federation territory. There wasn't much time to contemplate though, as the Squads got to work scanning the crew.

"D.O.A" Hobbs reported as he stood over a young male.

"Lifesigns, but weak." Phelps called out, scanning an older female.

"Carry them into the corridor and beam 'em up to the Fleet," Jesse ordered, "Get them back to base."

Jesse kneeled down in front of Bananthean, as he ran a scanner over the man's face. "Told you we were here to help." He couldn't help but remark with a small smirk.



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