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Straight to Buisness

Posted on Thu Sep 28th, 2017 @ 4:33am by Captain Nelson Harrison & Lieutenant Johnathan Pike

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: USS Aries, Deep Space 12 command deck

USS Aries

The room was bright and full of officers attending to their work. Standing in front of the view screen were two beings. Both were males: one was a dark skinned man who was bald; the other a taller white man with blonde hair and blue eyes. The second had the 5 o’clock shadow of a blonde goatee.

Johnathan smiled as he watched the screen. A large station had just come into view. It was unlike anything he had seen before. It was of Cardassian design. He had never served on a station like this before. There were two ships docked at the station and a few others stationed around it. He was lost in the sight of it when a voice brought him back to reality.

“Lieutenant Pike, it’s almost time for you to transport over. Remember your mission is of the utmost importance, if you have any issues with Captain Harrison please contact me and we will take care of it,” said the dark skinned man.

Johnathan smiled as he looked at him. “Understood, Admiral,” he replied as he thought about his mission and the recent developments in the area. Starfleet intelligence had a few ideas of who might be behind it and it was his job to discover who and why. “Sir, if you don’t mind I will head over to the station now” he said in a soft tone.

“God speed and keep me informed,” said the admiral as he turned to the view screen.

Johnathan nodded and turned and headed for the turbolift. He took a deep breath as he entered it and it sped away. He stepped out into a large room with one man standing by a console. He walked over to a padd and stepped on it. “One to transport, Chief,” he said looking at a young man. Johnathan closed his eyes as the man worked his fingers across the station.

When Jonathan opened his eyes he was standing in the transporter room of the starbase. The walls were darker than the starbases he had been on before. He walked off the pad and nodded at the man manning the station in the room as he exited. He bore a no-nonsense attitude as he moved across the room and over to a turbolift and spoke “Command deck” and the lift took off. He stepped out on to a busy looking deck and looked across the way to see the office of the captain. He walked over and rang the buzzer and waited for a response.


Johnathan heard the call and entered the room. He came to attention before speaking. “Lieutenant Johnathan Pike reporting for duty,” he said looking at the captain.

“Ah, Lieutenant,” Harrison said. “I gather Starfleet Intelligence has assigned you to investigate the attack on Gaspar and the subsequent bombings.”

"Yes, sir. As you know Starfleet has a few suspects. I've been assigned to help figure out who is responsible and why," replied Johnathan, looking at the Captain and smiling.

“It might prove a difficult assignment. Starfleet has not exactly been swift in responding. I fear the trail will have gone cold.”

"Only time will tell, sir. We believe that whoever is behind the attack has bigger plans and could be a larger threat to the Federation than the attack might have lead us to believe." Johnathan relaxed and clasped his hands in front of him and took a deep breath before continuing. "We have two groups we believe could be behind the attack and neither is too good," he added.

“I tend to agree with that summation.” Harrison waited for Pike to continue his analysis but nothing was forthcoming. “Go on,” he prompted.

"The first is a group of pirates lead by a man who likes to call himself Commodore Lax Rendo're. Sources report that he has the resources at his disposal to perform this kind of attack. The second is a group of Cardassian's who call themselves the Order of 12, They want to restore the government back to the previous regime and resurrect what they can of the Dominion," said Johnathan, looking at the man with a stoic face.

“And which do you lean towards?”

Johnathan considered the question for a minute before speaking again. "The Order of 12 sir. They have a deep group of supporters and an attack like this makes sense. In the long run they have more to gain from the attacks."

"Again I agree with your summation, Lieutenant. It is my considered opinion that while Rendo're is a master of propaganda, such a drect attack is not his style. There is no immediate gain for him. To keep his followers in line he has to offer rewards. Ambushing freighters is much more his style.
However, I caution you not to close your mind. It is not even beyond the realms of possibility that the two are acting in collusion."

Harrison picked up the padd lying in front of him on his desk. “I see you have been given the Steadfast,” he said in a none too pleased tone. “I would have preferred you have the Challenger or the Hee-Tay-Con. In fact, I would have preferred any ship other than the Steadfast. This is a troubled region and we have had more than our fair share of incidents. There is an unknown ship on our scanners. Who knows what problems it will cause. Right now, I need the Steadfast here.”

"That is correct, Captain and while i understand your point the Steadfast is a smaller ship and better suited to my assignment than the others. If you would like we can help with your unknown ship," Johnathan replied lightly pausing before speaking again. "I can't say this is a negotiation, sir. Speaking frankly, Admiral Williams has stressed the urgency and priority of my assignment and assured me of your help in this but if need we can contact him and see who's rank carries more help," he added in a serious tone.

Johnathan didn't like using his superior's rank but that was his job the Admiralty had been clear on this. He took a deep breath and looked at the captain, he felt bad and knew that he might not be starting in the captain's good graces but also knew that the captain would understand this was not personal. It was the life and job they had selected.

“I am aware of the admiral’s position, thank you Lieutenant,” Harrison said tersely. “He made it quite clear to me. You are now officially aware of my position on the matter. We will leave it at that. As to the mystery ship, thank you for your offer but it would fly in the face of Admiral Williams’...instructions...were I to take you up on your offer. No, you have your own assignment and needs must get on with it.”

"Understood sir. Do you have any leads on who attacked Gaspar?" Johnathan asked relaxing his tone to a more friendly one.

“We have already agreed that it was likely the Order of 12 so I assume you mean by your question: do I have any leads on who actually carried out the attack? No, Lieutenant, I do not.”

"I meant details but I will figure things out with my staff," replied Johnathan. He took a deep breath as he thought about the work ahead. "Is there anything you need before I start about my task, sir?"

“No. Lieutenant, that will be all.”

"Yes Sir," replied Johnathan as he turned and left the room. That hadn't gone as smooth as he expected. He walked over to the turbolift and looked at the captain's ready room as it left and headed for the docking level.

After Pike had left, Harrison contemplated the situation. He really did not like having his ships allocated over his head: this was his station and the decision was his to make. Headquarters had not moved on the Gaspar situation in over a year and now it was all-important. He could not help but think there was something he wasn’t being told here.

That he did not like one bit at all.


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