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Au Revoir

Posted on Sat Oct 14th, 2017 @ 12:07pm by Magnus Temple & Civilian Michel Gerard

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Promenade - Cafe Parisienne

Having given the new Chief Diplomatic Officer a proper introduction to her office and handed over his title to the new team, Magnus found himself with surprisingly nothing to do until he departed DS12 for Earth. So he decided now would be the perfect time to 'bite the bullet' and speak with his favourite frenemy Michel Gerard.

Magnus found the Frenchman in a flurry of activity in his construction office at the former Cafe Parisienne. Michel was in a state of barely controlled panic as he simultaneously tried to continue building his Boulevard and respond to the incoming crisis of the mystery ship. Of course, Michel being Michel, he dealt with stress his own way.

"This is royale blue!" He exclaimed, emphasizing each word as he held up a neck tie in his hand and waved it at an Intern. "I asked for navy blue."

"I'm... sorry... sir but that's the closest I could find." Stammered the intern, looking forlorn at his shoes.

"I own a clothing store and my own fashion line, why is it impossible to find me a navy blue tie?" Michel replied testily, "I musy have the navy blue to match my suit, because if it doesn't match I will look like an imbecile. You don't want me to look like an imbecile, do you?"

There was an unfortunate pause before the Intern shook his head and replied, "No, sir, I don't. I'll get you navy blue."

The intern stepped forward again, grabbing the royal blue tie. "It's just that I thought this blue would better compliment your eyes, sir, wheres the navy blue was darker..."

"Okay now you're just talking on and on instead of getting me my tie." Michel sighed dramatically. "Why would I need to listen to this?"

The intern scampered away, taking the offending tie with him, so Magnus decided now was the time to clear his throat. The Dane had been watching the interaction from the doorway and couldn't help but tut at Michel's less than friendly approach.

"Oh, c'est vou." Michel sighed as he heard Magnus' tutting. He hadn't spoken much to the former diplomat since their falling out a few weeks ago. To see Magnus in his office now made him nervous, so Michel crossed his arms across his chest and waited to see what he was after.

"I came to say hello but I see you're busy with the morning flagellation so I'll come back later." Magnus retorted, only half seriously.

Michel shook his head, "Spare me the hollier than thou lecture, Magnus. I still remember the last one."

Magnus stood up straight and entered the room fully. "And I remember when you tried to speak to me that way. Didn't get you very far, did it?"

"I apologised for that already. Trés, trés desolé Magnus." Michel returned, putting an exaggerated hand to his heart. "But I am still trying to run a business here."

"I know," Magnus replied, his tone still mostly light. "I just think you might want to treat people with more respect."

Michel rolled his eyes. "Again, I am sorry for speaking to you that way, but I don't need you to tell me how to be a manager. I am not in Starfleet, this is business. I am trying to prepare these people for the big bad world of industry, where we have needy clients and high demands, and the whole thing teeters on our ability to deliver the product. I don't have time to be diplomatic."

It was Magnus' turn to shake his head, "But that's why you rub people the wrong way. You may not be in Starfleet, but this isn't Risa either. You could use a little more charm."

Finally Michel decided to concede the point. Even if he didn't like Magnus' pious lectures, he had to admit the Dane was right about his demeanour. And he had been trying his hardest to win back some of the good relations he had lost from his previous rude attitude.

"Fine." Michel said, holding up his hands. "Thank you for stopping by to set me straight, Magnus, it's always a pleasure."

"Actually, I have more," Magnus replied, "I wanted to know if you needed any help with your business committee, I know Captain Harrison has asked the shop owners to help with the mystery ship crisis."

"All under control," Michel answered coolly, grabbing a PaDD from off the desk and handing it over. "I have the space and organisation ready to go. I just need the other owners to agree to hold it on the Second level and to pitch in with meals and maintenance. But I promise I will charm the pantaloons off them."

Magnus nodded and had to admit that he was impressed, "You're organized then. And it's very gracious of you to use all your own space."

Michel shrugged, "It makes the most sense."

"Well T'ami is still floating around if you need her," Magnus added, "Any extra pair of hands will help the station alot."

"Oui," Michel replied, as he absentmindedly flicked through a PADD. "I will ask her if I need to."

There was a pause between the two, both men looking around awkwardly. There was a lot to say but both of them had so far resisted saying the words that would get them past this moment. Magnus knew that his time on the station was coming to an end and if he was ever going to make things right, it had to be now.

"I'm sorry things turned out this way between us." Magnus finally spoke. "And I'm sorry if I was coming across too righteously, I shouldn't try to change who you are."

Michel bit his lip before shaking his head. "Non, it's my fault. I should have taken on your advice from the start. I know you were trying to help me."

Magnus nodded, "Sometimes I'm a little forceful in my views. But I guess that'll come in handy in Paris."

"Oh." Michel replied slowly. "So you got the job?"

"Yes," Magnus smiled, "I'm going to work for the Federation executive council. I leave first thing tomorrow."

Michel was quiet again for a moment; he wanted to be happy for his old friend Magnus but there was a little sting of jealous in his mind.

"Well, I'm not surprised," The Frenchman shrugged, "You were always going to have a stellar career."

Magnus squared his eyes a little, picking up on the subtle bitterness in Michel's tone. "It wasn't a given, I had to work hard to get it."

"Ah." Michel smirked. "When you're ambitious, it's because you're hard working. When anyone else is ambitious, it's flagellation or disrespectful. But it doesn't matter, does it? You can leave this place behind now you're onto bigger and better things."

"Just when I thought we could have a little reconciliation!" Magnus cried, feeling exasperated again. He lifted his arms up in surrender, "You go and make cheap shots over my promotion? I thought I could leave here as friends again, Michel, but clearly you're beyond help."

Magnus turned and started towards the exit, Michel just shook his head. "Magnus, wait!"

"What is it?" Magnus growled angrily, stopping in his walk but not turning around.

Michel opened his mouth to speak but then closed it again. He wanted to apologise, he didn't know why Magnus just got under his skin and caused him to react the way he did - but in truth he was happy for his old friend, thrilled to see him succeed. But the stings of Magnus' retorts, even if spoken in retaliation, still hurt Michel greatly. So the two men stood there in a heavy silence, neither willing to speak. Finally Magnus just sighed and started towards the exit.

"See you round." Magnus scoffed as he disappeared back onto the Promenade.

"Au revoir." Michel replied quietly to himself.



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