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Mission of Mercy

Posted on Sat Oct 21st, 2017 @ 1:37am by Major Jesse Temple & Captain Nelson Harrison

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: DS12 / Starfighter 1

Jesse was back on the lead Starfighter ship as they escorted the Runabout back to Deep Space 12. Both ships were full of injured survivors of the ex-Rio Grande, having somehow managed to escape the pirate's lair, and their violent attempts to take back the ship, and thankfully drift into friendly territory. Having rescued the crew, Jesse's marines were making a hasty return to the station while two of his squads stayed behind to further investigate the ship.

The Marine Major only had a small private office on the Starfighter, no bigger than a bathroom on a proper Starfleet vessel, but it allowed him a moment of peace and quiet to write his reports and contact DS12. He sat slouched in his small standard-issue office chair as he waited for the Captain to accept his subspace call.

Finally when the screen flashed up to show Captain Harrison's face, Jesse stiffened up and saluted his CO. "Sir."

Harrison returned the salute. “Report, Major.”

"We have twenty eight survivors, sir," Jesse got straight to business, "At least half are unconscious or in a state of medical trauma. Others are malnourished after spending all that time drifting in space, and have suffered minor to severe injuries. It's possible that these injuries were sustained before their escape."

“We’ll worry about that last part later,” Harrison replied. “Any fatalities?”

"There are eleven DOA," the Marine continued in a matter-of-fact tone, "with an additional six deceased bandits on the Bridge which we have determined to be part of a failed Pirates' boarding party."

“Will the injured survive a bit longer or should we arrange to have them transported?”

"We're on our way back now, sir," Jesse replied, "We'll need two docking bays opened for the Starfighter and Runabout. The Runabout has the most severe cases and may need to be beamed directly to Sickbay."

“I will get it organised, Harrison out.”

Jesse nodded to the Captain as the screen flipped back to it's usual Starfleet logo. The Marine gave himself a moment before returning to the cabin of the Starfighter, looking around at the various survivors laid out on stretchers, DS12 crew carefully looking after them. He couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if the Rio Grande hadn't drifted back into their territory, or if the Captain hadn't ordered them to complete this mission of mercy.

"What's our ETA?" Jesse asked his pilot.

"Twelve minutes, sir," Helm replied obediently.

Jesse looked back to the cabin and all the survivors. "We did good today, pilot. Saved a lot of people."

"Yes, sir," came the immediate reply.

Jesse's face was still gravely serious but there was a little bit of a proud glint in his eyes. After spending months lost aimlessly in Merchant services, his career and time being wasted away, he too had been rescued by DS12. His appointment to the station gave him purpose, and put him back to work doing what he loved - helping people.

DS12 saved Jesse, so now he could save others.



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