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Settleing Back In

Posted on Sun Jan 25th, 2009 @ 10:01am by

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

It was nice to be back again. Ten Forward had finally finished its revamp and looked shiny new, gleaming all over as if it had been polished.
Heaving a sigh Kathy tore her eyes away from the brand new bar back to her staff that we carrying back in the furniture, cutlery and various other items that completed the lounge.
A steady stream of chairs passed her carried by willing helpers: "Jut leave them there," Kathy pointed roughly. "We need to bring the tables in first before we can arrange the seating."
Her attention was quickly stolen by the loud crashing sound of breaking glass just outside the doorway followed by heavy curse. Kathy closed her eyes a prayed for the patience before she went to strangle the individual for breaking most of the drinking glasses.
"That will be coming out of your replicator rations young man," she chided still with her eyes closed.

Kathy Edkins had been on board the Genesis since it was commissioned eight years ago. In that time she had survived countless red alerts, several threats to her life and served a whooping seven million one hundred and thirty two thousand two hundred and twenty seven meals. She wasn't keep count on the volume of licker she had sold that would be in measurable.
However despite this Kathy still held her lounge with pride and worked tirelessly to restore the space to all its beauty. It was more then just a lounge, or a meeting place it was now a tribute to those no longer with them.

One hundred and sixty five. She didn't mean to keep count but when a crew member eats, drinks and spends a lot of his free time in the lounge suddenly stops coming in normally only means on thing. One hundred and sixty five meal she could not serve, one hundred and sixty five people that will never again be able to enjoy the sight and sounds of the lounge they loved so much.

Now with Beverly in command Kathy wanted to redouble her efforts for the young woman. Although she carried herself well it was only going to be a matter of time before she broke down under the weight of responsibility pressing on her shoulders.
The same could be said for the crew too, especially those who were present at Captain Jenning's passing. Death affects each person differently, most just retreat into themselves or wail themselves dry forever denying the truth. Kathy had seen all that before as well and sea of troubled souls, constantly restless looking for something to comfort them in their time of need.

Before moving her career to catering Kathy had turned her hand to counseling and wished dearly now she had completed the latter years of the course, but the tutors didn't take to well to the fact that Kathy had become pregnant out of marriage and enforced her to leave.
Now standing a giant six foot her son Timothy now aged twenty was on his knees clearing up the mess he had created. Having been away from home for so long it had been difficult for Tim to re-bond with his mother and thus so had given her a prickly cold shoulder since arriving on board.
A year, that's all he needed before he was able to enter the Daystrom Institute. One year of ship board life then like before he would be gone from her life.

Opening her eyes again Kathy sighed and swung into action handing Tim a dust pan clipping him around the ear and inspected the damage done. Shaking her head she placed the box of broken glass into the replicator where is vanished, and after a pause reappeared like new. Moving the box onto the bar she unpacked the glasses setting them upon the shelves.
"Make sure you have someone else carry the drinks Tim. I don't think you rations would be enough to replace the stock if you drop it." she called.

Brushing the last of the glass Tim glared up cold at his mother and rose to his feet colliding with a table being carried in by a small army. Angrily he threw down the dustpan on the bar top and stomped from the lounge without a word.

Kathy lightly fingered the broken shards watching the glass catch the light like a crystal. Strange how she could help ease the suffering of the crew, but when it came to her own personal life she was stumped.
Ten Forward would not only be a place to dine, a place to meet it would now serve as a battlefield between herself and her son.

A Post by Kathy Edkins
NPC Played by Kristina Mason


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