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Intelligence report

Posted on Thu Oct 19th, 2017 @ 4:54am by Lieutenant Johnathan Pike & Captain Nelson Harrison

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Captain's office

Harrison’s comms panel beeped. He activated it.

=^=Urgent message from Admiral Stence, Starfleet Intelligence for Captain Nelson Harrison. Priority Alpha. Captain Harrison only. Please enter authorisation.=^=

“This is Captain Nelson Harrison. Authorisation One-Nine-Epsilon-Four-Mu-Three.”

=^=Thank you.=^= There was a crackle on the line then Admiral Stence’s round face filled the screen. =^=Captain Harrison, Starfleet has intercepted a message which demands immediate attention. The Order of 12 has shifted the location of its activities. It has established a new base of operations in your region of space. You are to seek out that base and destroy it.=^=

“A moment if you please, Admiral. With you permission I would like to ask my Chief Intelligence Officer, Lieutenant Jonathan Pike, to join us.”

=^=Permission granted.=^=

Harrison rose and walked quickly to the door to his office. “Lieutenant, if you please….”

Johnathan was standing at the ops desk holding a PADD and looking at the station's most recent reports on all incoming and leaving vessels. When he heard the captain's voice he turned and followed him into his office. "Captain, Admiral," he said quickly in greeting as he noticed the ongoing communication.

While he was waiting for Pike to get settled, Harrison digested Spence’s information. From what little he had heard, the Order of 12 was the leading force among dissident Cardassian groups. If any group could be said to be a driving force, the Order was it. But this information did not gel with something else he had heard. “Admiral, forgive me, but I thought the area of the Order’s area of activity was the corridor between the Romulans and the Cardassians.”

=^=Our Intelligence led us to that belief. We now think it was a diversion. We do believe the Order continues to fund groups in that region but we have nothing precise. We now think the reach of the Order is far greater than we understood. We believe it might be behind the recent Cardassian operations against the Breen.=^=

“How did we come by this new information?”

=^=Remember those buoys your people laid along the frontier? They picked up an odd message. It was in code but we managed to crack it. Having done so, we were able to piece together other messages which, alone, made little sense. Taken as a whole though, they paint a compelling picture of an organisation intent on destabilisation in your region.=^=

“Would that destabilisation include the attack on Gaspar?”

=^=We believe so, yes. However, we have no clear information on that. Lieutenant Pike, can you add anything?=^=

"Yes sir, the attack on Gaspar isn't as it appears. Looking strategically the attack just served to continue the death, but if you look at it the attack is more it's call to arms. The Order of 12 are vast and now appear to be bigger then we expected. They might not have claimed the attack to us but they were behind it. Once I review this new intelligence I'll have a better idea of how much of a presence they may already have here," said Johnathan.

After Spence had closed the call, Harrison looked at Pike. “Lieutenant, bring me up to date on Cardassian attacks on the Breen Union.”

Johnathan pressed a few times on his PADD and handed it over to the Captain. It contained a list of a few known members of the Order of 12. "After the war the Breen had suffered the least overall losses but were forced to give up some territories. There was a change in leadership and they became more active; they knew the losses everyone else had suffered. As we all know, they began to clash with the Federation and eventually became where they are now, which is a third of their original strength."

Johnathan took a few steps before continuing. "Cardassia, on the other hand stayed quiet, rebuilding it's force and installing its new leadership. They would be active and and brash to gain the following of members they needed; if you held an office and didn't agree with their choices you were dispatched and replaced. If you go to the next file on the screen you will see areas of suspected activity which now would be confirmed.

"They used the initial attack on the Breen to gather more support. Unlike similar groups the Order of 12 reach all life styles and their supporters are more like fanatics. The Second and Fifth Orders invaded Dozaria and Portas; both systems gifted by the Dominion. Sentek and Garzel fell next forcing the Breen to try and retaliate which ended in the decimation of the Breen fleet. Two days later, two more systems fell.

"While the central command won't publicly back them until more fall behind you can be assured they are safely on the winning side of the power struggle. Every time someone speaks out a patriot replaces them insuring the power of the union." Johnathan finish and looked at the Captain, he was aware he had left out a few facts but those weren't needed at the moment. Normally this would be a breach of the Code of Conduct but he had his own orders to follow.

“Thank you. Yes,” Harrison mused, “that is in line with most of what I have heard. One thing does puzzle me. I too heard that the Second and Fifth Orders captured Dozaria and Portas. The overt use of the military suggests the Cardassian government sanctioned the attacks yet you say that the government isn’t publicly backing them. So was it a rogue element in the military which staged the attack or...does the Order of 12 now have such a presence in the military that it can use it for its own ends?"

Johnathan thought for a moment before asking his own question. "Captain do you follow Cardassian politics?" the question would seem odd but there was another point.

“I try to,” Harrison replied, “but I find it...Machiavelli would have been in his element but I find it hard to follow the twists and turns at times.”

"Every time a member of the government speaks out against the Order of 12 they are removed and replaced with a more like-minded patriot. They have more than just the a small part of the military; they are the major government," Johnathan replied. "The military was only a small part of the areas controlled by the Order of 12."

“And the old structures…. The government and its bureaucracy...the Obsidian Order…. What of those? Surely the Order has not taken it over completely. Or….” He paused, trying to recall lessons from his earliest days in the Academy. “I remember being taught about the Russians during a period known as the Cold War. They controlled an empire which extended into Eastern Europe. They did not directly control the countries they occupied. Rather, they left the governments intact. They just ensured they had supporters in the key positions. That way, they controlled the state but maintained the appearance that things were as they had been.”

"We have a winner," said Johnathan, smiling and slightly clapping his hands. "They won't publicly say it because they are pulling the strings behind the scenes. This keeps people wondering. As for the Obsidian order, we have yet to determine if all of it or just a few are members of the Order of 12," added Johnathan as he thought about all of the possible outcomes of there current dilemma.


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