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Station Defense

Posted on Fri Aug 28th, 2009 @ 6:54am by Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras & Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Commander Lorran Vos & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.
Location: Station Operations

The mood was dire as the two teams and the three officers that would be commanding Genesis departed. The only ones left in Ops were Beverly herself, Ensign Jenkins who so far had performed admirably throughout his time under Beverly's command and finally Ensign T'Arjia. She was a difficult one to judge, but again she had been an exemplary officer to serve with, and if they survived this each of the should expect to be recognized for their efforts. Now however was not the time to allow her thoughts to meander around, she had a job to do.

"Jenkins man the strat ops console, I believe that has the weapons systems control interface", she pointed across Ops to a station on the other side of the Operations table in the center of the room. "T'Arjia man the science station. Your going to be the early warning system. We have no idea if the Borg have managed to send a message to the rest of the collective so we need to expect the worst".
Finally she looked at a new face.
Beverly herself took the seat at the head of the Ops table, routing other functions to her station such as life support, shields and other systems that the other three were going to be too busy to even consider looking at.
"Stay on the ball, we don't want anyone dropping in unexpectedly"

Thomas made his way through Ops, hopping up a couple of small steps to reach the Strategic Operations console. Between his crash refresher course in Starbase Operations and having manned the console earlier, the interface looked instantly familiar. After quickly pulling his sleeves up to his elbows again, he began bringing himself up to speed on the state of the station and it's surroundings since power had been restored.

"Chief, hows your Engineering ability", Beverly inquired "I need you keeping this station fighting should the worst come to the worst".

"I'll cope, Ma'am," Jrez replied quickly. He stepped aside as T'Arjia moved to take his place. "I think we have visitors," he informed her. "Have a look at this sub-space reading."

T'Arjia looked down at the console in front of her, her mind racing to make sense of the reading it was displaying. "It would appear you are correct. It is quite possible that these readings are communications. Assuming that is so, they are going between us, and something that is closing, given the time reduction of each sub-space pulse"

Calling up the communication subroutines, Beverly activated a broad spectrum frequency so all ships in the area could hear her. "DeVuor to defense fleet. We are picking up some activity, are your sensors picking up the same thing?"


Commander Blye was standing over the shoulder of an ensign picking ups some interesting signals coming out of subspace. Blye walked over and sat in the command chair. "Helm, bring us around to 283 and go ahead and cloak us." The defiant class ship shimmered out of view as it sped away from the station. "Comm, open a channel to the Starbase."

"Commander Blye of the Kerch here, we are picking it up too, not sure what it is though. I doubt that whatever is coming out isn't going to be interested in a tea party. I'm going to back away from the station to give us a little firing room if it turns out to be looking for a fight."

"Acknowledged Commander", came the crisp reply over the communications board.

**Liberator, Defiant Class**

Commander Jennifer Water chewed her bottom lip in the customarily manner that meant she was anxious and worried. The sensors on her sturdy ship too had picked up the same as the starbase, what ever it was it bought a shiver to march down her spine and a hushed silence fell across the bridge as the small crew turned their thoughts to defier the puzzle.
"This is Commander Water of the Liberator. We see them to Captain DeVuor, and its giving me the creeps to be honest. We do, however await your further commands."


The Sovereign class vessel began to pull away from the starbase in a defensive position. Jason looked to his science officer "Sensors to maximum, lets try to get a clearer picture of what the starbase is picking up." The young man nodded and went to work analyzing the incoming object. His results were not pleasant "Sir, while I cannot get an accurate reading on the object, I'm noticing trace amounts of tachyon particles emitting from its wake...whatever it is, its big." Jason sighed "Open a channel to the starbase." He said looking at his communications NCO. The woman nodded "Channel open Sir."

"This is Captain Ascott here aboard the Hood. We are detecting an object spitting off tachyon particles heading this way. I think your friends on the station called in some back-up Captain DeVuor."

**USS Genesis**

The more compact, but no less graceful shape of the Nebula Refit Class ship that the crew all knew and loved moved into a defensive position flanking the Hood, but giving the Starbase ample firing opportunity. As the largest and slowest of the group of ships, the Genesis would be responsible for taking the heat off of the Defiant Class ships when they swung around for another pass and for transporting the wounded off of any damaged or destroyed vessels. Vos was just glad that the ship had been fitted with a tactical weapons pod rather than an extra sensor pod. "Mr. O'Brien, hold us here. Be ready to initiate flight pattern Delta 3 on my mark. Mr. Daniels, shields to full, all weapons ready. I'm not going to give you any firing pattern, just fire at your discretion on my command. Aim for the terrifying, sphere-shaped ship." he grinned through clenched teeth.

Vos touched a control on the arm of the command chair. "Captain DeVuor, this is Commander Lorran. We're showing the same readings. We're as ready as we're ever going to be."

**Starbase 611**

This didn't sound good and with the station in the diminished capacity that it was she didn't hold out much hope. One dark thought that passed through her mind, 'At least if I die, I won't have to worry about that damned virus anymore'.
The thought caused her to chuckled under her breath, but not loud enough for anyone to hear, except maybe T'Arjia with her Vulcan hearing.
"All hands this is Ops. Red alert, all hands to battle stations", she flicked a button on her console closing the internal comm's. "Raise shields and charge weapons. Stand ready!"

Thomas looked up from the console, slowing the rapid movement of his hands slightly. "Captain, we have shields at 80% and I've managed to restore control to 38 of the 50 phaser arrays. It's going to have to be enough; all but one of the hangers housing the station's fighter detachments have been overrun by the Borg, and I'm not detecting any lifesigns in the remaining hanger. We're on our own, sir."

"You now how to cheer a women up Ensign", the dry sarcasm was unexpected, but her smile told Jenkins not to take it seriously. "We'll cope. T'Arjia, any more information as to what that thing is yet?"

The Vulcan had furrowed her brow, and was trying to coax as much information out of the sensor system as possible. "It's difficult to tell, Captain. I can confirm that the object is roughly three kilometers is length. I.. oh" She looked up from her console to Beverley. "It would seem that the object is Spherical"

"Jenkins, route power from where every you have to except life support to get those phasers working, and make sure we have the power control systems under our command", the orders were falling like a house of cards that had been stacked badly. She only hoped her orders were making sense. "Can anyone give me a report as to the activity of the Borg in engineering?"

The ensign nodded as he confirmed his results on the Strategic Ops console. "I've rerouted power control from Engineering to Ops and encrypted the access codes. The drones will have it figured out soon enough, but it'll buy us some time - that's if they bother; sensors are showing an awful lot of activity down there. They're up to something, Captain."

Jrez was casting around but couldn't see what he was looking for. "Anyone know where there's a toolbox around here?" he called.

Beverly cast around under the Ops table and found what she was looking for. "Here you go, Chief".
She tossed him the metal case that she had produced from under the table and then turned back to the tactical display on her console.

Jrez opened it and inspected the contents. Standard Starfleet issue with eveything neatly located in the correct place. Good! If lights went or he had to grab a tool quickly he didn't want to waste precious moments scrabbling round looking for the right one.
What I wouldn't give for a sonic screwdriver, right now!
The brief moment of levity felt good. He looked around and saw Endrijure and Vartog where they were carefully keeping out of the way.
He hunkered down in an empty corner. All he could do now was wait.

Suddenly, with her eyes staring down at the visual display, Beverley's mind emptied. Everything else forgotten about. The lives of every living soul on this station not hung on a very thin thread threatening to break.
She could see that the information had reached T'Arjia and Jenkins also as they had gone as white as she, including T'Arjia.
"Jenkins, lock all weapons on that Cube and fire once in range", once again she activated the communications link. "DeVuor to defense fleet. Stand ready"


Jason settled back into his chair "All hands, battlestations." He said through the vessel's comm system. The Hood was already at Red alert, however he had hoped not to make use of their readiness. "Helm, bring us about, heading 243 mark 115. Lets try to keep the a good bit of shield power towards the sphere at all times." His crew responded with the Aye Sirs he was accustomed to "Hood to DeVuor, we're ready when you are Captain."

Blye saw the ship come out of warp and proceed to head towards the station, fortunately their cloak seemed to enable them to stay out of sensors of the borg. "Prepare to interface with the Starbase and the other ships if they plan to concentrate their fire on a specific point." The tactical officer nodded as he made the appropriate calculations. "Kerch to Starbase, ready to fire on your command."


The face of Commander Waters seemed to freeze in place with the blood drained from her face as the Borg sphere moved into view. Abruptly she snapped back into reality: "Red alert, charge weapons!" She cried moving from the veiwscreen to the command chair which she gripped with white knuckles.
"Water to DeVuor, standing by!"

** USS Genesis **

Commander Lorran rose from his chair and faced the monstrous apparition on the viewscreen. The Borg were everyone's nightmare and Vos wasn't immune. He felt the cold sweat running down between his shoulder blades as well. "Steady, people." he said, walking up to look over the shoulder of the Ensign manning the Ops console next to Henk. He tapped a few controls to open another channel to Starbase 611. "Lorran to DeVuor, we're ready, Captain."

**Starbase 611**

"All ships, prepare to open fire. Weapons free... Repeat, weapons free".
With a final steadying breath to steel her resolve Beverly closed the active link to the other ships. The next moments would define the fate of not only herself, but that of the people she had grown so close too. In that brief moment it hit her like a tide just how she cared for them, yet never letting any of them close. Was she trying to maintain that command detachment. It worked for some commanding officers, but the great ones. The ones who were loved by their crews. Like the greats, Captain Kirk, Captain Garrett, Captain Picard, Captain Sisko, Captain Janeway, Captain Riker and Captain Jennings. Each one a legend, and each one someone who she wished she could live up too.
Now was her time to shine, to make life count and for her crew to either survive and be hailed as hero's, or to perish and be thought of in the same vain. Now was the time for them to make a difference, to strive for the survival of their races or die in the attempt never once bowing down to fear or regrets. Each their to do their duty no matter the cost.
Each one of them had her gratitude and respect. All in that one moment her resolve was steeled to save these people. The ones she cared about and wanted to let into her life.
"Jenkins, lock phaser's on that Sphere. Open fire and hold the line. As Captain Picard once said... This far and no farther. The line must be drawn here, and we will draw that line. Those soulless bastards will damn the day they met us".



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