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Cortical Node Part 3

Posted on Fri Aug 21st, 2009 @ 4:04am by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.
Location: Below decks
Timeline: Following 'Cortical Node Part 2'

Nurse Vrell pushed here and poked there around the Borg's forehead. To Thalal it seemed random but Vrell showed no sign that whatever he was doing was ineffective.
With a smile he found what he was looking for. He pushed a particular spot forcefully. The skin slid aside and a cylinder rose up out of the forehead.
“Each drone is different,” Vrell explained. “The cortical node is positioned slightly differently depending on anatomy and bone structure and the like. I think too it depends on where the drone was assimilated. Contrary to popular belief, the Borg don't do things exactly the same way in each and every instance like mindless automatons. To the best of my knowledge no definitive study has been carried out but the exact positioning of regulatory devices like the cortical node depends as much on which Cube assimilated the drone as to what function is was built to perform.
“Here,” he said, handing the node over, “it's all yours.”
He got up and headed off down the corridor.
“Where are you going?” Thalal asked.
Vrell smiled. “This one over here looks a prime candidate for some surgery too. I don't know what the shelf life of a cortical node is. For all I know, when a drone dies, the Collective severs all links and the node is disabled. I don't fancy clambering along Jefferies tubes to come back down here again just because we only took one node back with us. If it's all the same to you, I'll leave that to you Security types!”
That sounded eminently sensible. “Can I help?”
“It's easier by myself. With respect, you'd only get in the way. Here we go,” he said. “Number two. Anyway,” Vrell continued as he moved to the last drone, “when all this is over, we can study the nodes and maybe learn better ways to defeat the Borg. Maybe there's some way of disrupting the nodes that we can employ.”
“There are four more drones in the Control Room,” Thalal advised. “How long do you think to get those nodes well?”
“Five minutes maybe. I assume they're already dead too....”
Thalal did some quick calculations. It had taken fifteen minutes to get down here and would likely take as long to get back. Five minutes more now wouldn't make much difference – not if there were benefits to be gained later on.
“This way,” she said as Vrell handed over the third node.


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