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To Stop the Song

Posted on Fri Aug 28th, 2009 @ 11:27am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Michael Lake & Ensign Jason Morris

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.
Location: Engineering Deck

Fueled by the bet between Aerelon and herself one that Mason did not wish to loose to save a huge bruise to her battered pride she lead the small team with fresh confidence to one of smaller engineering decks were the center of communications were housed.

As they had expected the area was crawling with activity and not to mention as hot as a furnace. Previously she had shed her tunic to make things slightly more bearable after the days and night on Nimon the ice planet only several hours ago. She wouldn't have minded staying there a little longer having dived into this situation head first and was over heating again.

She turned over her shoulder the group that had been nominated. They all looked terrified expect Commander Aerelon from the Hood whom seemed to take this all in his stride. That sort of cockiness and lack of professionalism was added to the growing list of she was holding against him.

Zeek smiled, noticing the Security Chief looking at him. "Well team leader, the floor is yours." He said, his arms motioning like a conductor bowing after a concert. "But if I have a say, I'd like to be paired up with that lass and her Andorian friend." He said with a wink to the young Ensign and NCO standing next to her. While she tried to put on a tougher than nails front, he could tell the Ensign was beaming inside. While most people would be appalled to see someone flirting in a situation like this, Zeek used it as a tool to get people to lighten up and lessen stress. He also used it in a more than likely futile attempt to make the starbases' Chief Security Officer jealous.

Resisting the urge to roll her eyes and punch Zeek at the same moment Mason allowed the comment to pass although the ensign in question seemed to take his remark a little seriously as her body language altered. "No, I want you to stay where I can see you. Sadly you're the only one who can deactivate the beacon." She moved her head toward the front thinking. So far the Borg were not paying them any heed which suited Mason perfectly.
"Alright, the Borg should leave us alone unless they see us as threat, so try and keep a low profile and restrain from firing your weapon unless it is absolutely necessary. Understand?"

Zeek nodded "It'll take about thirty seconds for the frequency modulation to take effect, so keep me covered for about thirty seconds and then we can bail." He said, getting a little more serious.

"The longest 30 seconds of our lives since the last bungle..." Mike muttered, reaching for the zip on his jacket and pulling it down to cool him down a little, he then did the same for the turtle neck underneath.

Mason shot Lake a murderous look that said one more word and I'll break your neck. "The sooner we can bail the better," she turned back to the others and took a uncharacteristic steady breath. The Borg were able to send fear to the heart of every living soul and even she wasn't immune to the terror. But defiantly she took comfort from the skills of those in her team and the hard edge of her rifle. She knew what they had to do, and what if the time came draw a close to her colleagues suffering should the Borg turn their gaze to them. It was cold and cruel to kill someone you had worked with so closely for such a time, but death would be a release to the agony and future ahead of them.
"Keep together, your eyes open and your weapons still," she said again standing upright locking her knees before they started to tremble. "Let's get this done!"

Zeek gave Kristina a wink "Game on." He said before moving towards the Central Plexus. Borg technology was rather easy to hack into seeing as it incorporates Starfleet technology. The glowing item in the center of the room was their goal, and the closer he got, the more he began to sweat. Facing Romulans on a frozen plain was nothing compared to the Borg. The Borg are not subject to emotion, they are a constant force that feels nothing, and does not hesitate. This makes them a challenging opponent as its hard to find weaknesses , but he was hoping that destroying this plexus would not only help those on the station, but help those in orbit as well.

Zeek knelt down and opened up his tricorder. He attached the interface to the Borg Central Plexus, and prepped the program 'Die Die Die'. With a completely serious face, he nodded to Kristina, awaiting her command to begin.

Standing close by with a keen eye Mason noticed Aerelon's delay and returned the swift nod: "While we'll still alive," she said in hushed tone bracing herself for what may follow.

"Oye, right then." He replied, and with the tap of a key, the program began. Almost instantaneously, the drones working in the area focused their attention on the small team. He sat the tricorder on the ground and picked up his rifle, drilling two drones in the chest. While they fell to the floor, three more replaced them. The drones just kept coming.

Expecting them to come in their droves Mason was ready, waiting for the right moment to release the power of the rifle too many shots the Borg would adapt and then they would been running scared almost.

Mike took out two with his rifle, the third was taken out by Mason. When he returned to a state of wandering alertness, the line from a poem meets racial profile of the Borg was running through his head. "You get ONE SHOT to take out a drone before the others ALREADY adapt before the fallen drone hits the floor."

As Jason got to his location he saw a pair of Borg there he fired his phaser at both Borg

Zeek glanced down at the tricorder, making a few modifications to the Borg's attempt to adapt to the program "Ten more seconds!" He yelled over the sound of phaser fire. The drones were beginning to adapt to the teams auto-modulating rifles, causing Zeek some expected worry.

Gritting her teeth Mason willed her rifle to continue to fire, but each shot was having a less affect and inch by inch the drones were pressing nearer. Beads of sweat slipped down her face as she took a tentative step back toward the group turning the unless weapon round to use as a club:
"They've adapted! Aereton we have to move out now!"

As the fully adapted Borg moved in for the kill on the team, the program took full effect, sending out a noticeable EMP blast, killing all the drones in the area instantly. The Central Plexus flickered for a moment, then went dark, along with most of the lighting in the room. As the team clicked on their hand held flashlights to survey the area, Zeek turned to Kristina and smiled, "Guess that means I win." He said, his smirk growing.

Mike stepped over a small piece of debris, then over a couple of Borg that he and Mason had killed. "I guess it does. Well played, Commander."

Unnerved with how close they had come to death Kristina stepped up to Zeek and took a strong grip on his collar jerking his face closer. "Don't you ever do that again," she hissed. "Next time don't leave it to the very last second." She released her grip pushing him back a pace and turned to access the fallout. She was furious the cocky son of bitch had bettered her and now she had to endure a round of drinks with him, perhaps she should go armed in case he found a way to creep under her skin any further.

"I guess thats the closest I'll get to a thank you, but I'll take it." He said, the smile still on his face.

In the gloom the combined flashlights highlighted the destruction and kicking aside the nearest drone less then a meter away from the team Mason felt another wave of anger. The team even with all their preparation had nearly been killed if Zeek hadn't been successful. What kind of leader allows her team to be stuck down in cold blood?

Shaking her head to clear the thought away she gather up her wits again: "Come on, lets move out."

Zeek knelt down to pack up his gear, then rose to stand close to Kristina "Ready when you are."

"I'm ready Commander "Jason said as he too picked up his gear


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