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Requiem Of The Seraphim

Posted on Fri Aug 28th, 2009 @ 6:56am by Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Butler & Ensign Amadeus Madden & Sogh Lhaerrh tr'Terik

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.
Location: Engineering Deck


With an almost cat like grace she moved around Engineering observing her Drones work. Watching the assimilation of the confused crew of this station, and watching them come into the light, the understanding of the collective and each one began to wonder why they had fought it for so long.

Her numbers were growing by the second, but the main target she wanted was moving towards her now. Her Drones had seen them coming, observed them like she now observed the new children being born into the collective. She savored the moment, the anticipation of getting the one she wanted. Her body would be obsolete once the coffee colored women was brought into the fold of the group mind.

Finally she came to a stand still infront of the main reactor housing. It was acting almost like a grandiose backdrop like you would find in a cathedral on earth, or one of the ancient Vulcan monastery's. The pulsing blue and red lights of the main reactor flow tubes casting colored shadows upon her face, and she stood their, waiting with a baited anticipation. Listening to the Requiem of the Collective in her mind. The one mind that she as their Seraphim would command. But one more voice to the chorus was needed.

**Outside Main Engineering**

The Marines and security personnel were positioned outside the rather large door to the Engineering chamber. Charges had been placed on the doors, but luckily they had not grabbed the attention of the Borg either inside or outside of Engineering. Livia looked towards those who were gathered with her. Most of them were not well versed in combat tactics, so she was not expecting miracles, but since this was all she had to work with, it was doable.

"Alright everyone, we've got one shot at this. Your main priority is to protect Doctor Ulonova while she the nanovirus into the Borg Vinculum. With any luck, the Borg attached to this Vinculum will be freed from the collectives thoughts, and from there...we'll just have to see. Captain Jorvin, I want you to lead the Doctor's protection team. Take Lieutenant Butler, Ensigns McDoom and tr'Terik with you. Give me your two best Marines, and we will deal with the queen." She checked the timer she was wearing on her wrist "We don't have much time, if the Communications team reaches their objective before we complete ours, we will be in for a world of hurt. Everyone ready?"

Jorvin had met back up with the rest of the surviving crew members just in time to be part of this assault team. Several Marines were with him. He picked two of them, Sergent's Sturgeon and Bailey, and sent them with the General.

Leanne brushed her hair away from her face and took a deep breath. "I'm going to need at least 2 minutes direct access to interface to begin the process. If it is interrupted even for a second, I'm afraid they are going to adapt and I won't have enough time to compensate for it." She looked at the assemblage of people with a sense of urgency on her face.

"You worry about about getting that virus in there as quick as possible and let me take care of keeping you alive." Jorvin said reassuringly.

Livia nodded at the two Sergeants tapped to be her escort "Gentlemen, our main goal is the Queen. We need to distract her long enough for the Doctor to plant her package. If the Doc can't complete her task, we're all done for so keep that in mind when you make your decisions." She looked out to the other officers "That goes for everyone. Keep the Doctor safe and secure at all costs." She moved over to Jorvin "The Vinculum in attached to the stations power plant, in the center of the room. The Queen is on the other side. I'll move in with my team first and distract them. Once I have them distracted, Move in and start planting the package. Once its complete, get your team out as fast as you can."

"Aye sir" Jorvin responded. Turning to His team. "Alright you heard her we go in after she distracts the Queen. Were going in quiet, make as little noise and movements as possible. Everyone ready"

Livia nodded to the two sergeants "Off we go" and with that, she blew the charges on the main door. They were not intended to be explosive, just enough to knock down the door. She and her escorts carried their weapons in a low stance, trying not to attract the attention of the massive amounts of Borg in the rather large Engineering hall. So much of it was changed, so much of it was Borg, you could hardly see any Federation technology anymore. They moved slowly, trying to get as close to the queen as possible without attracting attention. She caught the eyes of a few Borg, who noticed their movements but did nothing. They rounded that large core in the center of the room to catch a glimpse of the Queen. Not the face Livia remembered, but the queen nonetheless. She nodded to the two Marines who took up defensive postures around the General. Livia swore slightly under her breath "'Come and get me, you cybernetic pricks".

She then leveled her weapon on the pulsating object directly over the Queen, and fired, sending sparks of white and green light showering everywhere. She knew a direct hit on the queen would leave their weapons useless to the rest of the drones, and wanted to survive for as long as possible. Her plan worked, as the multitude of drones suddenly turned from their tasks to the three person team attempting an assault on their queen.

"Butler you and McDoom take the right side. tr"Terik and I will take the left. Alright lets move."

Lhaerrh had to duck as he drew his Kaleh and K'Host, he really didn't like using the Federation phaser. He was lucky he had some training in some hand to hand combat as he used his daggers to keep the Borg from touching him.

He had to drop on the floor to avoid coming into contact with two drones that appeared to be rushing at him, while also taking the legs and arms off a few that moved passed him.

Livia and her escorts formed a triangle to defend themselves as they moved closer to their target. After about twelve shots, the Borg had adapted to their weapons. Luckily the two teams were using different modulations on their weapons, so Jorvins team would still be able to fight on. She nodded to the two men who flipped their rifles to a grip on the muzzle. They began swinging away at the Borg who advanced closer to them, but it simply wasn't enough. Sergeant Bailey was the first to fall to the grasp of a drone, with Sergeant Sturgeon not far behind. Livia drew the two mek'leths she had strapped to her back, and began hacking away, making a mad dash for the Queen. No matter how futile an attempt it might be, she was determined to fight till the end. After being grazed by sharp Borg tools and assimilation tubules, Livia was finally within range of the queen. As the queen turned in her direction, Livia jumped forward, ready to break her mek'leths off in the queens face. Her aerial attack was short lived, as she quickly bounced off of a lime green forcefield, hitting the ground hard.

With an almost sardonic, dangerous smile the Queen stepped forward to stand, legs braced apart looming over the general.

"Resistance is futile", her voice was almost sing song and soft. A complete countenance to her surroundings. "Your biological distinctiveness will be added to our own".

Swift movements and an out stretched arm and in only a blink of an eye the Queen had Livia grasped by the throat and lifted clear from the floor. Not even her toes could graze the grates on the floor.

Leanne had made a direct run for the Vinculum, while the other members of the team dealt with the Borg. Her hands where shaking as she brought up the interface and began the sequence. The tricorder started to connect and route it's information into the node beginning the command line sequence that would hopefully shut everything down. Each moment that the tricorder ran seemed like an eternity, each beep sounding louder then the last threatening to give away her intentions. After a moment the program seemed to be working, she smiled as she furiously worked to punch the information in.

"Everyone on the Doctor. Make sure she lives" Jorvin yelled taking up a stance next to the Doc. He fired off several shots takeing down 3 drones. He then drew his Romulan daggers out and began to hack away at the drones without mercy.

"You will not be successful. You will become one with the Borg".

With the force of a comet caught in the gravity well of a planet, the Queen tossed aside Livia as if she were some small bit of paper caught in a breeze. She skittered across engineering, bouncing and rolling as her journey brought her in contact with the floor, before she came to a halt across the room.

Livia rose with an evil looking smirk on her face. She wiped the blood from her mouth before charging once more at the queen. Multiple thoughts were running through her head, her children, her ship, the Engineering team, the Communications team, all of this swirled around, causing a moment of temporary insanity. She was in total defense mode, and was ready to sacrifice her own life to save the others. She noticed the two Marines lying on the floor, fighting a battle they would not win, the other team, fighting to complete their task. There were no more options, only victory.

With surprising quickness Livia regained the ground she lost by her recent attack. She scooped of one of the mek'leths that were bounced off the forcefield, and proceeded once more at the queen. Instead of attacking the queen directly, she cut an exhaust line from the core, spewing hot gas directly below the queen, sending her flying backwards. She then hurled the mek'leth at the queen scoring a hit in the chest. Quickly reaching for her second mek'leth, she stood ready to defend herself, hoping that her attacks were providing enough of a distraction for the team to accomplish their task.

In a very un-Borg manner, the Queen launched herself from the floor to a standing position. Something within her had realised what this pesky Human was trying.

The Queens face contorted into a snarl of anger and the collective sent orders to the Borg on the station to assimilate anything that wasn't Borg. This was the death of humanity, it teetering on the edge of the abyss and all it needed was for the Queen to make that one final move.

The Drones in Engineering had started to move. Each one like a colossus that had been brought to life, each moving with a purpose throughout the engineering deck. Most were moving towards the rest of the assault team, but two were moving in behind Livia. "You will understand soon".

The Drones snapped up each member of the team, all accept Leanne. The Queen was the one who would have the pleasure of ending the limited existence of that Human.

She stepped past the coffee coloured women who seemed to be leading the charge and around the other struggling members of the away team until she came to be stood behind the still busy working form of the Doctor. With a tug, she snapped the Human women away from the Vinculum and once again repeated herself with more venom than before. "Resistance is...."

Leanne looked into the eyes of the queen as she started to speak, she closed her own and tried to think of the happiest thing she could, when the queen didn't continue with her speech, Leanne slowly opened her eyes up to see and almost blank expression on it's face, as if it was searching for something, anything. It must have worked Leanne smiled at the Borg.

The Queen was caught short. Something was wrong. She couldn't hear her children. One voice disappearing one at a time. With a scream of rage she flung the Doctor across Engineering in a similar manner as she had Livia. But this time, the Queen had nothing she could do. Her children were falling around her, releasing the immobile Starfleeters.

Leanne landed with a distinct thud against one of the walls. When she hit could feel a few of her ribs and left leg snap from the impact against the wall and ultimately the ground. She laid there for a moment in utter agony, not wanting to cry out in pain in case the codes didn't really work. A sharp exruitiating pain sending sparks down her entire left side. She reached down and could feel her leg broken in several different places. She took a deep breath and coughed as the department around her started to spin until it all went black.

Jorvin twirled his daggers around to a more defensive stance and faced the queen, making sure she didnt try anything stupid.

Livia pushed aside the two drones holding her in place, and went to check on her two escorts. They, unlike the drones, seemed to be coming out of the fog of assimilation. They would need extensive treatment to remove the initial implants, but for the moment they were alive.

Her next stop was towards the doctor who was lying against the wall. A quick scan noted that she was alive but uncontentious, probably best for what was going to happen next.

She walked over to Jorvin who was watching the Queens every move. She twirled the mek'leth in her hand, moving to stand in front of her. "Resistance is futile" She said with a smirk "Any last remarks?"

Something was different with the Queen. A vulnerability that wasn't there before. Something very Human about her eyes which were now Green instead of the usual Yellow. A single tear ran don her cheek and her bottom lip trembled.

"She's still in here. I can feel her fighting me", the young women was trembling with fear. "She's coming back... You have too...", she lunged towards Livia. "You have to kill me! Please Captain Jorvin... I can't stay like this". Shuddering sobs gripped her body and her voice was familiar. Lieutenant Ishan, the Diplomatic Officer from Genesis. She must have come over with the original lot of away teams from Genesis. Now she was reduced from a proud and confident Deltan women to something less that whole.

"Please General", the pleading pulled at the heart strings, a deep yearning to be released.

Livia dropped the mek'leth and removed her the hand held phaser attached to her hip. She had never been asked something like this before, and was a bit uneasy with the request. She would give this woman a quick death, not an agonizing one by a mek'leth. She level the weapon on the woman, who now had an almost relieved smile on her face. With the push of a button, redish orange energy shot from the small weapon into the chest of the Borg queen. She dropped lifelessly to the floor, freed from the hell she had been living in.

Livia nodded to Jorvin "Lets pack up our wounded and get them to sick bay." While the threat was not over, they were, for the moment, safe.



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