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Behind the Conn again.

Posted on Mon Aug 24th, 2009 @ 7:43pm by

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.
Location: Genesis

Henk walked back into ops and saw everyone standing around having a meeting. Slowly he walked towards an console and start working. He was so drawn into his work that he heard nothing else. Suddenly there was Daniels beside him and then the white vision of an transporter.
“You got to…” Was the only thing Henk could say before he vanished on the starbase.
“Be kidding me.” Where the first words he spoke when he looked around the transporter room.
With a sigh Henk walked towards the bridge.
“Another day in paradise.” Henk muttered to himself. “First the West ridge, then the Borg, and last but not least Kristina. What a week. I think I need an shore leave after this.”

On the bridge Henk jumped behind the flight controls, and almost fell out his chair in shock when he saw the conditions of the engines.
“Who has messed with my engines?” Henk asked over his shoulder.
He heard a splattering of names but nothing that could settle his mind. Then hearing the voices of Commander Lorran and other others he but returned to work. With another sigh Henk looked at the readings on his console.
“How do we fixed this?” Henk thought. “There is one way, but it is not pleasant flying. I hope that people have strong stomachs.”
Henk quickly made as much repairs to the engines as he could. He tried to get every millisecond of reaction time down. He worked until he heard the sound of Vos behind him.
“Engines are at 86%. I wished you didn't push them as much as you did. The initial dampeners might give us some problems. It could be that their reaction time is delayed, so people might experience some violent flying. I think it would be wise to bring it to the rest of the crews attention, I don't think they'd kill me if we warn them. Sir.”


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