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Station Defense: Part 2

Posted on Mon Aug 31st, 2009 @ 11:51am by Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Commander Lorran Vos & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Force Marshal Livia Harrison

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.

**Starbase 611**

All in that one moment her resolve was steeled to save these people. The ones she cared about and wanted to let into her life.
"Jenkins, lock phaser's on that Sphere. Open fire and hold the line. As Captain Picard once said... This far and no farther. The line must be drawn here, and we will draw that line. Those soulless bastards will damn the day they met us".

She forced her shoulders to relax and for her mind to empty trying to focus on what was happening around her but so many different thoughts were cluttering her mind.
Suddenly the station rocked with the force of weapons fire. This was the nudge she needed, the Sphere had opened up with the full force of its weapons.
"Return fire!"


Looking through the viewscreen he saw how the station and the sphere where firing at each other. Henk swallowed as he was trying to relax but his hands where hovering above the console, and his eyes where fixed on the sphere.
He never thought that he would fight the Borg, but now it was time. Henk waited until Vos gave the order to move.

"Mr. O'Brien, engage flight pattern. Mr. Daniels, target at your discretion and fire for effect." Vos ordered, his voice, posture, and expression steeled for battle. "I want that thing off of my viewscreen, Jack."

"With pleasure sir" Jacks voice held both a mix of excitement and disgust for what was happening on the viewscreen. Fingers flying over the tactical station he quickly locked onto a section of the Borg sphere that was putting out a high power signature, with luck it would be a vital system. As Genesis banked around Daniels hit the fire sequence two beams of supercharged phased energy shot from Genesis melting through the hull of the enemy vessel, finally a volley of 3 photon torpedoes streaked to wards the new opening.

Equipped with a delay fuse the torpedoes would smash part way into the superstructure before detonating, tearing apart equipment and Borg drones alike while opening up more of an opening for the test one. The explosion could clearly be seen erupting from one side of the sphere, Daniels station showed that each torpedo hit its mark on any other ship that would damn near be a killing blow. But the Borg sphere gave no indication of being in trouble, it continued on it's course still firing on 611, except now it also directed some of its fury onto Genesis "INCOMING FIRE" the ship rocked violently under the heavy explosions. "Shields down by 33 percent".

Vos held onto the arms of his chair as the ship rocked back and forth, straining the inertial dampers to their limits. "Well, that's a little more than a jab to the jaw, I'd say." he muttered.

"Engines took an hit." Henk yelled over the sounds of the ships being tossed aside. "I will try to keep them on-line, but We can't take much more, or we are dead in the water."

Vos touched a control on the arm of the command chair. "Bridge to engineering, shields are your first priority followed by the engines and then the weapon systems. Even if we're dead in the water I want to be able to throw something at that blasted thing."

=^="Yes sir! I promise you we'll be able to return fire even if we have to throw a torpedo out of an airlock at it!"=^= came the reply.

"Very good, Engineering." Vos grinned ferally. "Helm, attack pattern Charlie 1!"

Henk looked at the viewscreen and then to his console.
"Hold on."
Suddenly the ship pulled up hard and raced to wards the sphere.
"Daniels, time to work your magic."

"Redirecting shields, firing" as the sphere passed just under Genesis the phasers once again let loose with all they had. Each beam hit in the same location as the last maximizing the potential damage done to systems located underneath the enemies hull.

But once again the Sphere shrugged off the hits like it was nothing and returned the favor with a volley of it's own. The ship shaked under the impacts "shields are down another 13 percent, rear torpedo tubes are offline damage control teams have been dispatched".

"Keep our bow pointed at them, Mr. O'Brien. And someone find out why we can't slow this damn thing!" Vos' voice raised in frustration.


Jason leaned forward on the edge of his chair "Tactical, weapons free! Keep their attention on us, we can take the hits better than any other vessel out here." He turned forward "Helm, do your best to keep us between the sphere and the station." Aye sirs rung out throughout the bridge as the crew of the Sovereign class vessel came to bear on their target. She shot a mixture of phaser fire, and quantum torpedoes as Jason didn't want to risk this sphere leaving here at all. The shots were well placed, but he could tell this was no ordinary sphere. "Ascott to Captain DeVuor, our weapons are having some effect, but theres something different about this sphere. We are devoting all of our resources on keeping this thing's fire away from the station, can you try to figure out why its not taking damage like it should?"

**Starbase 611**

"Confirmed. Were on it", Beverly turned to her officers, hoping to have an answer on the tip of one of their tongues, sadly nothing was pending.
"T'Arjia...", her words were cut short as the deck beneath her pitched violently. Once righted she carried on. "T'Arjia, get to work on that Sphere. We need to know whats different about it. Jenkins, keep firing, try and up the ante and give those bastards a run for their money".

Again her orders fell like rain drops, many and often. She was going to throw an order at Jrez, but noticed he was swamped under the mountain of consoles, iceliniar chips and the likes. He had his hands full coaxing the station to stay operating.

"Aye Captain" T'Arjia frenzidly got to work, her whole world shrinking down to just he and the science station. She had seen the sphere shrug off the impact hits of the station and other vessels, and now it was her job to find out why. Lights flickered in ops, probably the result of a power conduit overloading. Continuing to scan, she kept coming back to one thing. The tachyons. "Captain. I believe that the radiation being emitted by that sphere is somehow interfering with our weapons damage potential. I'm not sure how as yet but, I do have a theory, albeit quite a speculative one"

"Lets hear it Ensign?", the deck once again rocked, albeit not as violently and her boards were telling her that the small fleet of ships was doing its all to draw the Sphere's weapons fire.

"Well Captain, tachyons have been known to be linked to time travel devices, in a similar wy to chromatons. It is possable that the sphere has some kind of temporal displacement engine onboard, and it's that which is reducing our weapons effetivness." T'Arjia turned back to her console. "Of course, with the data at hand, it's equally likley that they have a modified shield system, or leaking shield cracker. I can't get detailed enough scans to say for certain" Another shot sent a jolt through the station. "...However, I doubt it's the third option"

“Shields are holding at 63% but I need more power,” Jrez called to no-one in particular. Only one person could get the shields up again and that was him.
He threw himself to wards the Ops console with the intent of getting underneath and into the guts of it. If he could just do some quick manipulation of the circuits he might....
He leaning over when the next salvo hit. It flung him sideways, straight into the side of the console. Stabbing pain lanced through his shoulder. He fought it down, grabbed hold of the console base and pushed himself away. He rolled over and dragged himself underneath.
Looking up he could see wires dangling out where wires should not be. Whoever had worked on this console made running repairs look like an exercise in neatness. It took him vital seconds to work out what was running where. Then he had to smile. This was the sort of work he'd spent half a lifetime at – making the best of what you had then making it work better than its designers had ever imagined. He made a mental note to find out who it was and congratulate him or her.
“I can stabilize the shields at 60% provided we take no more major damage.”
Another salvo hit. He quickly squeezed his eyes shut as sparks erupted from the console.
“That wasn't major a major hit,” he announced as he surveyed the damage. It sounded a bit forced but hopefully someone would take cheer from it.
He poked his head out from underneath. “Endrijure, you're my nurse. Pass me the spanner.”
The Hermat loped over and squeezed hirself in beside Jrez.
“Cozy” s/he commented.
Jrez wasn't fooled. He could hear the tenseness in hir voice. “See that yellow wire above and too my left...hold onto it for me. That's good. Now move it to one side so I can get access to the circuits behind.... Good.”
He continued to give orders and Endrijure continued to follow. After a minute of fevered activity he pushed himself out.
“Let's see where we're needed next.”


The deck of the Sovereign class vessel rocked as the ship took continued fire from the Sphere. Exhaust vents ruptured on the bridge, releasing white hissing smoke onto the deck "Get that locked down!" Jason yelled over the chaos "Helm, bring us about, execute maneuver Baker Alpha 35, Tactical stand ready to fire torpedoes!" The vessel headed straight towards the Sphere, spitting phaser fire and quantum torpedoes, targeted at a specific point, As the two vessels grew closer, the large vessel rotated 180 degrees, laying into the sphere with more phaser fire as they passed over the circular Borg ship. After they cleared the vessel, the ship rotated once more, unleashing four salvos or torpedoes from the aft launchers. Jason hoped that this would distract the Sphere long enough to give the Starbase time to ascertain a way to destroy it.

**Starbase 611**

Beverly picked herself up from the floor after a hard hit from the Sphere.
"Damage report", she cried waiting for a reply to echo from the engineering pit.

“Shields holding at 60% - for the moment,” Jrez called out from behind a console. “We've got spot fires all over the place. We're doing what we can to contain them.”
One look at the panel in front of him told Jrez that he'd need more than a screwdriver to open it. The shock from one of the salvoes had buckled it and wedged it into the opening. He banged on it, hoping to free it but no such luck.
He had to get access. He shot a look across Ops. Vartog had an extinguisher in his hands and was trying to put out a fire in the wall near Tactical while keeping out of everyone's way. The second task was proving difficult for one of his size.
He'd just have to cope without Vartog's brute strength.
He stood and took a couple of steps away from the console to give himself room. He launched a side kick at the panel, making contact with a sharp crash. The panel shivered then settled back where it was. Jrez tried again then a third time. A tiny section came free of the mounting. He got a long screwdriver into the gap and, using the tool as a lever, worked away at the panel, easing his way around its perimeter. Finally it came free with a tearing screech and fell to the floor with a dull thud.
A familiar sounding voice caught his attention as he worked to repair the damage. A quick glance around the console told him a second pair of boots had joined Ensign T'Arija's but beyond the fact that they were probably female from their size, that told him nothing.
He went back to work but the voice, when it spoke again, demanded his attention. It was Thalal and she was saying something about cortical nodes. From the sound of it she'd successfully managed to remove some. He felt a surge of pride for her. He also caught something about neural processors.

T'Arjia nodded at Thalal as she recived the borg implants. "Excellent. Those nodes will come in very useful, but I could use some neural processors as well. Could you retrieve some of them for me?"

Thalal moved away. Jrez put questions about what that was all about out of his mind. He had more important things to concentrate on. He applied himself with a will, spurred by that pride in Thalal's achievment. If she can do that, I can get a few wretched consoles working properly again!

Finally she went to T'Arjia as Ensign Jenkins was occupied trying to pick the Sphere off. "How can we use that knowledge to our advantage Ensign. We need to find some way of stopping that ship and soon".

T'Arjia turned from holding onto her console for stability. "That is the problem, Captain. Without knowing exactly what system the Borg are using, it would prove extremely difficult effectively neutralising it" T'Arjia noted to look of disapointment on Beverly's face, quickly making another point. "However. In theory, if we we're able to fire a concentrated stream of antitachyons directly at the sphere, it should cause a reaction similar to when antimatter hits matter and destroy the device." She turned back round to her console "Well. Either that, or absolutly nothing"

"Its better than nothing. Jrez, T'Arjia, make the needed alterations, you have less than two minuets". Her next move took her to the communications board. "DeVuor to fleet. Take the heat off the station. We're attempting to lower the Sphere's defenses, but it may have a secondairy effect on our shields. Stand by".

Jrez lifted his head from the board he was working on. "What do you want me to do?" he asked T'Arjia.

"We need to reconfigure that station's deflection array to emit an antitachyon burst. If you can rig it for the particle change, I can direct the stream from my station," she replied curtly.

"I'm on it. It'll take me a few seconds. First, I have to undo a workaround I put in place earlier." He worked feverishly; unwiring here, re-wiring there. "Done!" he called.

With the pent up frustration at the situation she eyeballed the screen, willing all her anger at the Borg into that gaze. "Fire", she ordered and a deadly silence dropped over the station.

The station fell silent, a low thrum building over the silence to an almost deafening level. The lights in Ops and no doubt across the station dimmed and flickered as such a large amount of energy was routed to the different types of emitters that were peppered across the hull of the station. Each one being utilized to defeat the Borg.

The emergency lights came on, running of the emergency batteries casting a red hue across operations and the faces that were now all looking intently at the screen, each one hoping in their own fashion that this would work.

The deep thrumming stopped, and for a second Beverly thought something had gone wrong. She was about to voice her concerns when an electrical hissing noise could be heard, the screen came alive with one of the most colorful and terrifying things she had ever seen. From the stillness came a pulsating electrical charge that peeled across space impacting on the Sphere.

To all intent and purposes it did no external damage to the ship, but from the readings that were now returning to her Ops table, the sphere was now vulnerable.
"All ships, open fire with everything you have. Starbase 611 is vulnerable to attack, our weapons and shields are down. Take that thing out of my flight space!"

Her voice was raised, almost shouting down the com channel, but she knew that given even a fraction more time and the Borg would adapt and their attack would be meaningless. The time and place was upon them. The fate of each sentient species in Federation space fell to four ships. The USS Hood, USS Genesis, USS Kerch and the crippled USS Liberator.


"Mr. O'Brien, bring us around and put us between the sphere and the station." Vos said, then pressed a control on his chair. "Transporter room 2, prepare to beam the Liberator survivors aboard and send medical and engineering teams to the Kerch." He stood up, his tall frame dominating the middle of the bridge, his hands falling to his belt. He spoke to his tactical officer while his gaze remained fixed on the suddenly vulnerable target on the screen.

"Lieutenant heard the lady." he said, his voice grim and determined.

Henk quickly brought the Genesis between the sphere and the starbase. Only seconds after the ship came to an stop it shaked violantly.
"engines taking an beating." Henk yelled. " Warp drive is off-line."
A few sparks erupted from the panel next to him. Henk quickly became overwlmed with the information that his console started to display.

*SB 611*
Jrez watched the display in wrapt awe. As the beam struck out at the Sphere, he waited for something to happen. When nothing did, he swore in Trill - a single nasty, hissing word that carried all his anger at the Borg.

Beverly watched in awe as the four ships swarmed around the Sphere. The liberator taking heavy damage. Beverly found it hard to believe that anyone would survive over there, but still the small power house of a starship carried on pummeling the Sphere.
The hood, like a graceful swan circled around opening up with her massive arsenal of weapons, while the Genesis hung back unleashing ranged attacks, like a medieval siege tower firring arrow's into the battlements of an enemy castle.
Finally the Kerch sweeping around picking at the Sphere with her heavy weapons, rupturing the hull.

Each of the ships was pounding the hull, crushing sections that started to vent into space until finally the hull collapsed.
In one final revenge ridden assault the Sphere opened up on the nearest target. The Liberator took such a powerful shot that the ship was visibly shaken, the hull peeling away from section of the space frame. Seconds later, the escape pods started to fire away from the husk of the dead ship.

Under the final sustained attack from the two capital ships the Sphere finally erupted in a fire ball. The flames turning green due to something that was in the Borg Ship. Finally it was over.


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