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Cover them

Posted on Sun Aug 30th, 2009 @ 3:18am by

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.
Location: USS Kerch

Commander Blye had ordered the ship to a stand off position when it seemed like all hell would break loose. Remaining cloaked away from the the other ships afforded him a tacticle position that allowed him to see how things would unfold. As the sphere popped out of it's conduit his suspicions were correct, the telltale sign of the borg's green energy weapons lit up the space around the station.

"Link in with the Hoods computer and enable attack pattern Theta 5, Computer access Blye music file "The Flower Duet" Blye sat back in the captains chair and sipped on his tea as the Kerch entered into combat with the other ships, opera blaring over the internal comm system almost in time with the pulse phasers as they opened up on a recently exposed position of the sphere. With the grace of a ballet dancer, the defiant class ship weaved in and out of the phaser fire, dodging the Liberator, and the other two larger ships as it laid into anything and everything that the sensors could lock onto, It was his hope that his ship could distract the sensors long enough for the other ships to open up on the cube. So far, they had been lucky in they hadn't taken very much damage until one the Borg finally paid attention to the small ship that was harassing it, suddenly a bolt of green fire flew out from the sphere and impacted directly into the aft section of the ship.

"Captain! Aft shields down to 25%! Injury reports coming in!" The ops officer yelled across the bridge as the helm officer continued to move in and out of the battle trying to avoid as much fire as possible and making themselves as small of a target as possible.

"Redirect power from life support in the lower decks to reinforce the shields, switch to shield modulation delta." Blye took another sip of his tea and watched as his officers went about their duties and carrying out his orders. On the view screen a torrent of phaser fire impacted directly on the Kerch's sister ship, the Liberator.

"Captain Liberator has taken heavy damage! Reporting several casualties, hull breaches and loss of shields." The comm officer looked over at Blye with pleading eyes.

"Helm move us into a covering position for the liberator, I want us to be on them like their shadow, redirect all auxillary power to the shields and prepare for hell ladies and gentleman." Blye watched on the screen as a plasma explosion from their sister ship erupted out into space, lighting up the vicinity with a bright blue plume. The Kerch quickly moved into place above the Liberator just as another Volley of Phaser fire exploded from the sphere and impacted directly into the front of the Kerch. The ship was violently tossed with most of the bridge crew being thrown out of their seats, several of the panels on the bridge exploded in a hale of shrapnel and sparks.

"REPORT!" Blye yelled as he pulled himself off the floor.

"Frontal shields gone, aft shield at 12 percent, Armor is holding at 87%. Injures are coming in from all over the ship." The ops officer looked down at the helmsman who was still on the floor, he reached down and felt the mans neck. "He's dead sir." The ops officer lept into the helm seat and made sure that the Liberator was still there. "Good thing we took that, judging by damage reports from the Liberator, I don't think they could have taken that."

The Flower Duet had at this point ceased playing since the internal comm system was gone at this point. "Fire everything, everything we got, but for god sake stay on the Liberator"


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