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Dark dreams

Posted on Sun Aug 30th, 2009 @ 5:46am by

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.

All around her, the snow was falling very lightly, the kind of big fluffy snow that was fun to walk through, the kind that looked like the paper cutouts that you made in grade school, or in the idyllic winter scenes found in paintings of the Russian country side or in a snow globe that you got for Christmas. Leanne slowly walked down this path through the woods in total silence, the only sound that could be heard was the occasional wind blowing through the barren trees and the snowflakes landing on the ground.

What is going on here? It seems like just a minute ago, I was somewhere else... somewhere dark. The doctor stood still for a moment taking in her surroundings; she currently stood in the middle of a path in what appeared to be the deep woods by her hometown. As far as she could see there was nothing but woods, ancient trees that had stood for centuries, the kind of trees that during the summer block out the sky and shroud the entire forest floor in darkness. Looking down was an instant shock, she was wearing a long wool coat that almost touched the beaten path, underneath the coat, she wore a Russian peasant outfit with a long skirt and a hood covered her hair. She immediately reached down into her pocket to grab her tricorder and try to scan the area, but when she clasped onto the contents of the pocket, the only thing that she produced was a handful of blue rose petals.

"HELLO? CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?" Leanne yelled out, listening for any response, from anything, anyone, and was greeted with nothing, just the empty sound of the blowing wind. "Alright, I'm on a path, a path has to go somewhere or else they wouldn't put a path here." She looked up at the sky and through the overcast, greyness, she could faintly make out the sun and quickly fixed her barrings. "Lets go West." As Leanne walked down the path, the crunch of the newly fallen snow echoed through the stillness of the forest. What was she doing here? How did she get here? Pulling the coat a little tighter against her body she trudged forward going over what she recalled, the last thing that she clearly remembered was seeing Vos in the medical lab before going down to engineering, then standing outside the door and the Marines blasting their way in. "But how did I get here, to the middle of the Russian forest."

"Perhaps, young lady, you aren't asking the proper questions." Leanne nearly fell over from freight, before her stood a man, dressed all in white, riding a large white horse. "So I will tell you what you should ask, but sometimes asking isn't the correct and proper way of going about things. Or at least if one should ask a question, asking themself the question doesn't help because if one knew the answer they wouldn't be asking the question now would they my good Doctor" He smiled at her then quickly dismounted from the horse, and walked up to her.

"Who.." she paused for a moment trying to wrap her mind around the events of the moment. "Can you tell me sir where it is we are headed?"

"The end of the road is a certainty, the path in which one takes is the real fun" The man smiled at her, he had a young, prideful air to him. "Where are my manners, I know who you are but you do not have the distinct knowledge of my name. I am Day, I travel this path from beginning to end." The man kneeled down on the path and took her hand and kissed it, his white duster flared out on the ground around him. "Now, Leanne Ulonova, what brings you to my woods."

Day, day.... she thought for a moment. Does this guy really think he is the day? "I was hoping you might be able to tell me." She smiled at him, "Perhaps you could take me to the beginning so that I can leave." She slowly pulled her hand away,

"Leave? But you can only leave when you've reached then end, besides, you are almost at the there... my other two associates should be right behind me, they can't pass me but we should hurry. I'll walk with you." Day stood up and grabbed the reins of his horse and began to walk along the path, when he saw Leanne standing there still trying to digest all that was going on, he looked at her. "Are you coming or are you goin to let the rest of the Day pass you by. You'll never get to her house before nightfall arrives."

"Nightfall? Her house? What are you carrying on about." She was just about to yell at the man when it hit her, something in her head clicked and it came rushing back. The man grinned at her again as Leanne began to piece everything together. She had heard stories, from patients that her parents treated, that when you bordered on life and death, you where taken to meet the old woman in the woods, and depending on your reactions to her questions and requests, she decided your fate. The old woman could pull the strings of fate and reverse the predetermined nature of ones life, for a price. She assumed that all of these stories where nothing but that, stories, made up by the weak minded to explain away the bad things in there life. The color in the doctors face melted away, she walked over to the man. Looking up at him, Leanne whispered to the man, a name, a name that struck terror in people back in the old country, someone whom you never wanted dealings with and if you did seek her out, had better be for a good reason.

"Baba Yaga"

"That is right my dear, and you have an appointment, and we should get you there, before my two compatriots arrive, for then it is too late." He swung back up on top of the horse and offered his hand down to her. "Normally the rules dictate that you make it on your own, but I'm feeling generous today, and especially for a beautiful young woman such as yourself."

Leanne reached up and took his hand, pulling herself onto the back of the horse, she wrapped her arms around the man and held him tight. "Well, then, let us continue to the old ones hut." The rider clicked his heals into the horse and they sped off west down the path towards the hut of Baba Yaga.



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