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Comradely in the face of Death (Backpost)

Posted on Tue Sep 1st, 2009 @ 9:50pm by

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.
Location: USS Liberator/ USS Kerch

Upon the scared Liberator Lieutenant Nary acting commanding officer was willing her crew to work some magic. She wanted revenge, had lived through years of hardship brutal war the Borg were another foe that stood in her path to release.
With the ship barley able to support itself she intended to do what every commanding officer swore to do. She would fight to the bitter end and if needed go down with the ship.

"Transfer power from life support of propulsion and weapons. I want to give those Borg another round before we loose everything we have!" The Bajorn woman commanded snapping at the hagged crew that slaved to follow her words.

"Sir, the Kerch is staying with us drawing the fire from the Borg,"

"Open a channel." The view screen only partly worked but through the haze she could see that Kerch wasn't doing much better then herself. "Commander Blye my thanks for your help but I wouldn't waste too much on us. We'll barley holding together."

Blye looked at the battered bridge of the Liberator. "Anything for you my dear, I can't have our sister ship blown to bits when I'm on the job." he gave Nary a giant grin just as another round of fire from the sphere rocked the ship and almost knocked him out of his chair. His teacup fell to the floor smashing to a billion pieces. "RETURN FIRE" he yelled at someone off the viewscreen. "We are doing slightly better then you captain, we'll cover you as long as we can, this old girl has a lot of fight in her. When you are ready focus fire on grid 7a of that thing. I think if we focus there we have a chance of disabling it."

"Don't worry I intent to as soon as we have some juice to be underway. I want to give the Borg a piece of my mind on behalf of Water's crew that have already fallen, herself included. Just hold off the heat for now"

"Will do, just hopefully they don't focus everything on us or we might have share an escape pod." Blye smiled at her, "Blye out" the commander looked at the ops officer, "Patch in the liberators status into our computer and keep tabs on them, if it looks like they are going to take a rough beating, lock on to the remaining crew and beam them over here, granted they might not last much longer here.

Nary's wrinkled nose creased a little further at the humor of Blye. Thank goodness for comradely especially on a day like this.
"We've managed to route the power ma'am but we won't be able to go any faster then thrusters."

"That will have to do - weapons status?" Nary swiveled to eye T'Ingar since their tactical officer had been among the wounded he had moved across from operations where he was begging to sweat. "No forward weapons of any nature but all over ports showing ready sir."

"Dare I ask how the shield and plating is?"

"Pretty much gone sir, so may I recommend we avoid being struck sir?"

She chuckled dryly: "I'll try Keane but I can't make any promises just do your part having those weapons locked onto that grid. Helm do what you can bring us around. I want to show the Borg how we resist."

Slowly inch by inch the resistant shell of the Liberator moved back into the war zone with the Kerch staying close by. The giant sphere ahead was howdying the remaining ships and was still able to extend its fingers toward the station who in return was firing hard with the armaments they had. The Sphere was sandwiched between the combined force of the station and ship, pounding them both hard:

"All ships, open fire with everything you have. Starbase 611 is vulnerable to attack, our weapons and shields are down. Take that thing out of my flight space!" The voice of DeVuor came over the comm crackled and barley audible.

"You heard the lady fire at will!" Nary cried instantly feeling the Liberator begging to shake as they neared the crossfire. They crew held their breath as they weapons made contact with the joined efforts of the circling ships they were at last making progress as the hull began to rupture and the Sphere shape began to break down.
Sensing an victory they floundering Liberator crawling in closer a move which they regretted for with the Sphere's dying breath she unleashed a devastating blow.

Instantly sirens blared and reports came pouring in: main power was offline, shield, amour failed, fires burning throughout the ship and the previous hull breach had widened causing several section of the amour to peel away like the layers of an onion venting precious atmosphere.

End of the line.

Lieutenant Nary knew it too. "All hands this is Nary," she shouted over the comm. "Abandon ship, abandon ship!"
The bridge staff did not argue any further filing out quickly to their respectable escape pods. Briefly Nary checked the air space and true to their word the Kerch was hovering close by with a little luck Blye would scoop them up to return them to safe. It felt incredibly exposed as she bundled into her pod and smacked the release so hard it made her palm ache.

Blye watched as the Liberator took the final pounding and the escape pods ejecting from the sides of the ship. He signaled down to the engineering department. "Beam the survivors of the Liberator to the ship, we can't let them hang out there forever. When you find Lieutenant Nary beam her to the bridge"

=Aye sir we'll begin immediately.= The Kerch limped slowly around beaming the survivors over to the Kerch and avoiding the wreckage from the ships as well as the Borg sphere. After a few moments, Blye watched as Nary materialized on the bridge. "Welcome aboard Lieutenant, good work out there."

A little aware and breilfy bewildered of her location Nary put on a brave face. "Thank you sir, I tried to do the rest with what I had, And you thank you for your assistance otherwise we would have been floating around in escape pods much sooner."

"My pleasure my dear, let's get you back to the Starbase with your crew, helm make heading for Starbase 611, best possible speed." Blye stood up and offered his chair, to Nary. "Please take my seat, it is one of the only ones still here and I prefer to go into dock standing." He smiled at the lieutenant as the Starbase started to come into view.

Pausing Nary hesitated deciding if she should argue but Blye's tone and eyes were a welcome relief. The seat felt incredibly warm and over sized in her opinion but that could have been just the fact that she was sitting on the bridge of someone else's ship.
Slowly the massive station came into view signaling the end of their struggle at a high price. Leaning back Nary could feel the adrenaline beginning to fade allowing the agony of her wounds to come to light as was as the realism of losing her commanding officer, her friend and the chilling prospect that the Liberator was only scrap.

On the bright side her crew were accounted for and the combined forces had won out.


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