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Closing The Gates Of Hell

Posted on Tue Sep 1st, 2009 @ 7:29pm by Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Commander Lorran Vos & Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Captain Jorvin

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.

**Starbase 611 - Ops**

Beverly slumped down in her seat as the fire ball burned itself out in the vacuum. With a weary sigh she spoke softly.
"Stand down from red alert. Ensign Jenkins, allow Hood and Genesis to dock and muster rescue teams for the Kerch and Liberator".

Her head sunk down to the table, her cheek resting on the table top monitor display. It was cool to the touch and was soothing given her state. The temperature had dropped, but she was still running a temperature, something to do with her condition no doubt.

Jrez watched the Sphere explode and knew a great weight had been lifted from their shoulders. He allowed himself a moment to reflect on their good fortune then got back to work. There was still so much to be done. The station wasn't anywhere near fully functional and limping would be putting the condition of the ships out there in too good a light. If another sphere came through a conduit he doubted they'd survive long enough to be concerned. Hell, even a scout ship would be enough to do them in in their current condition.

T'Arjia leaned forward on her console, regulating her breathing to let her adrenalin levels subside. Everyone had pinned their hopes of success on her, and she had delivered, finding a way to cripple the Borg sphere. Of course, she hadn't mentioned that she had calculated only a 38% chance of success. That was something that everyone else cold do without knowing

**USS Hood**

Jason leaned back in his chair as cries joy rang our from the bridge crew. Over that joy that was apparent on the bridge, Jason heard the station grant permission for his vessel to dock. "Stand down Red alert. Helm, bring us to docking port two, standard docking proceedures. Engineering and Medical, have teams ready to assist the starbase crew once we dock, theres alot of work to be done here."

Jason nodded to his XO, "You have the bridge Colonel." And with that, walked into his ready room. The Borg were a nasty lot, but they had been pushed back today. Not yet defeated, but pushed back. He decided opened up a channel to the Captain onboard SB611 "Captain DeVuor, congrats on your victory here today. After you get things settled, I owe you a drink for this."

**USS Genesis**

Daniels continued to monitor the final death of the Borg Sphere, his fingers never strayed far from the weapons fire command. The Borg where notorious difficult to destroy out right, and it never failed to be on your guard until every last power signature on the ship had died out.

"I want an active scan on that debris, Ensign MacMillan." Vos said to Hanna at the Ops console. He kept himself from slumping into the command chair with a sigh of relief by supporting himself on the back of the two chairs there, knowing he had to keep an unflappable appearance of authority for the crew's sake. "Go to yellow alert, but keep an active target lock on the biggest pieces of wreckage. Ensign O'Brien, liaise with Engineering and see how bad a beating the engines have taken. Tell them I want a damage assessment ready within the hour."

Vos lowered himself calmly into his chair. "Good job, people. Damn good job." he smiled.

"Aye sir." Henk said as he looked at the data he got from Engineering. He let out an sigh of relief. It was over; they had won. Suddenly there appeared an bleep on his console. "Commander, we are ordered to dock with the station. Docking port three is ready."

"Make it so, Ensign." Vos nodded.

Slowly the ship moved forward. Henk looked at the distance between them and the docking port. He made a few minor adjustments and took a deep breath. slowly the starship connected with the station. After a few seconds they heard the docking clamps attach themselves to the ship, thus making a perfect seal.
"Docking sequence complete. Shutting down engines and powering down non-essential systems. Done, Sir."

"Well done." Vos said, getting out of his seat again. He leaned over Hanna's shoulder and opened a channel with the starbase. "Starbase 611, this is Genesis. Captain, we've completed our docking. Do you require medical or engineering teams over there?" he communicated to the Ops center, leaving unsaid the silent question...was everyone alright?

"Yes to all of the above Commander. Now we start to pull this place back into order ready for its new command staff".

**USS Liberator**

Without a soul on board the shell of Liberator continued to drift close to the station, severely damaged but salvageable with the correct amount of time and care the resilient Defiant class would fly again but without Commander Jennifer Water. But the memory of such a heart strong woman would not be easily forgotten by those who shared her company.

**USS Kerch**

Feeling drained Lieutenant Nary one of the survivors from the Liberator watched as Captain Blye bought his ship into dock with careful precision, the exhibitive atmosphere had passed slightly dented with the death of colleagues of the Liberator coming across from Genesis.

**Communications Center Team**

As the team was traveling back to Ops, they braced themselves as the starbase shook from an explosion outside. Zeek shot a quick look to Kristina "Checkmate eh?"

Mason hated being trapped like this. They had fulfilled their role in the assult but outstide a far larger battled had raged which could have ended poorly undoing all their hard work. She bounced off a bulkhead staggering for balance for a moment before regersting that Zeek was speaking again. From their loction the team could not see the how the fire fight had ended other then feeling the waves of trember that shuffled them around.
"Who's the victor?" she asked in a low tone.

"Just... don't think about it, Mason." Mike shot a glance at her as to say 'don't say that again, you're making me tense'; it was his way of giving her a taste of her own medicine, discreetly.

Around the next bend the group hurried to the viewing area to stare at the surround space. They could see debris floating free harmlessly bouncing off the hull of the station before moving off into the unknown. The fleet of ships were limping back toward the station with the Hood and Genesis in the lead, slowly following behind the Kerch came into view.
The Borg Sphere was no where to be see save for the drifting space junk.

Expelling a great lungful of breath Mason sagged against the window frame feeling spent and greatly relieved. Slowly she slipped to the ground and allowed herself a rare smile.
"Now that gents was teamwork. Well done."

**Engineering Team**

Livia felt the station rock and as she peered out a window, she saw the remnants of the sphere floating by. She smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. She turned to Jorvin "Its over, the sphere is gone."

"Don't be too sure. it's never really over with the Borg." Jorvin replied a little pessimistically. However he did relax slightly.

**Starbase 611- Ops**

"Ma'am?" came the gentle and soothing inquiry which DeVuor could recognize and deduce had come from the still-new Counselor. "Are you okay, ma'am?"

At least Echevarria stopped calling her 'sir'.

"I will be Diego", slowly she raised herself to a standing position. "You could help me down to sickbay though. Ensign Jenkins, you have Ops".
The surprised look on the young mans face made her smile as she accepted support from her Councilor. Her strength was leaving her from the exertion of the past few hours, still, the sickbay was well equipped and should be able to aid her.

It was easy to sling one of Beverly's arms across his shoulder blades and hold onto it with his hand. His other arm was kept at the ready but unoccupied, at least for as long as she could walk under her own power. The still frantic atmosphere of OPS was soon left behind in their joint footsteps.

"The emotional fallout promises to be dire," he couldn't help but comment. "I can't imagine there will be very many personnel- even among the survivors- who will elect to remain here. Most will opt to transfer or quit Starfleet entirely."

"It wouldn't surprise me at all. My concern is who will they get to Command this place".
It was a genuine comment. Not many people would want to Command a station that has been attacked by Borg once as there would be a fair chance they might come back.
"Still, my immediate condition is my concern. I can feel my control slipping".

"My apologies ma'am," he replied sheepishly.

"Don't apologies", she offered a weak smile. "Just get me to the medical deck. Doctor Ulonova should be able to help me".



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