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Future Tense

Posted on Fri Sep 4th, 2009 @ 7:22am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Toka

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Toka's Lounge


As Zeek waited for his date, he took in the sights of the new lounge he would be spending a lot of time in. The Ferengi that operated the only non Starfleet establishment on the station knew how to run a lounge. Billiards, darts, gambling, and alcohol, every man’s dream. Well most men anyways. The lounge was truly state of the art, but poorly built. From where he was sitting, he could pick out about ten different discrepancies that the Starfleet corps of engineers didn’t catch, and could lead to big headaches in the future. Although Engineering was no longer his main responsibility, he decided that he would lend his assistance to the Ferengi…for a price.

Toka sat back in his big easy chair as he watched the traffic flow through his lounge. He never had a chance to open it before the Borg arrived, but now that they were gone, he was glad to be in business. The poor Starfleeters haven’t seen any sort of downtime in a while, and he was glad to provide them with their relaxation, as well as take their latinum. He noticed the curly haired officer looking up, down, and around at his bar, an officer wearing red. This made him a little nervous, so he decided to check up on this curious stranger.

“So, I see you like me establishment Commander.” Toka said as he walked behind the bar.

Zeek nodded “Indeed I do, very nice. Poorly constructed, but nice nonetheless.”

Toka hissed “My lounge isn’t even open for three hours and its already being criticized. You think you could do any better?”

“Maybe” He said, putting on his cocky smile “Aside from organizing the tri-strength duranium wiring that’s running through the ceiling, and using a double coating polymer mix on the support beams over the pool tables, I probably wouldn’t have wired the EPS conduits from the holo-suits into the main power grid for the station. You’ll be lucky if the Captain doesn’t shut this place down over that.”

Toka began to sweat “So, you know your way around some Engineering terms huh?”

Zeek’s smile widened “Before I put this Red uniform on I was an Engineer on a special ops vessel. Now I just advise Engineers until they find another role for me.”

Toka was sweating even more now. He moved closer to the educated stranger, lowering his voice “If I give you free drinks for your duration on the station, will you fix these issues for me?”

Zeek smiled “I’ll do one better. I’ll fix your large holo-suit, if you give me free access to those as well.

Toka growled “That’s my big money maker!”

“Well right now its broken, and I’m sure fixing one of your holo-suits is not very high on the Engineering teams priority list.” Zeek replied

Toka sighed “Very well. I’ll give you the code to enter after hours, but I better not regret this!”

Zeek smiled “Trust me, you won’t. Now if you’ll excuse me, my date should be here any minute.” He said as he took a sip of the Tarkarian Ale the Ferengi had poured for him earlier.

Toka slumped back to his office, where Christine was working on programming new programs into the holo-suits. “I’m going to have one of the Humon Starfleet officers come in and do some work on the lounge tonight. Stop by and keep an eye on him…I’m not sure if I trust him yet or not.”

Christine nodded “Ok I will.”



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