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Why Do I Always End Up In Engineering?

Posted on Sun Jan 25th, 2009 @ 10:03am by Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

As Mike walked into Engineering he ignored the demonic decor of darkness "Podi! Where are you, man?" he asked searching for the Chief Engineer. He could hear a welder but couldn't pinpoint its location. As he approached the Warpcore, he saw sparks flying from the lower level of engineering, automatically knowing it was Podi from his humorous ramblings. "Podi?!?" he yelled, leaning on the rail looking down covering his eyes so he didn't go blind from the welding flame. As Podi stopped and lifted his helmet, Mike smiled.

"Top o' the mornin' to ya." Podi said humorously in an Irish voice.

"Need help?" Mike asked simply in a plain and dull tone.

"Erm, yeah, could you please...pass me that piece, that sheet of metal...with the-ba...the grill, thats it. Can you please pass me that grill sheet?"

Mike picked up the sheet and threw it down to the lower level. He then proceeded to the ladder and went to the bottom of engineering.

"Thanks,' Podi said as he received the piece he was after, 'So, what brings you down here?"

Mike smiled "The same old 'nothing to do on the bridge', you know the drill."

"Speaking of drill,' Podi pointed to a drill placed on a shelf behind Mike, 'could you, please?" Podi smiled.

Mike grabbed it and handed it to Podi "What are you even doing?"

" bit-er..." Podi made a waving gesture over his head to symbolise it would be beyond Mike's understanding. Podi looked back to his work and chuckled to himself.
"I'm sorry, no, I'm just doing as you suggested and trying to increase the warp level on this thing. You know commander DeVour was only just in here, you just missed her. Or she was here a while ago and the isolation and endless noise have made me lose track of time."
Podi crouched down and fumbled around his box of drill bits in search of the head he needed. "By the way, I saw the way you looked at Mason, whats going on there?" Podi gave Mike the ''you old dog'' wink.

Mike shook his head "Nothing... I just don't know what to make of her, man. Thats... what... I do when I am not sure of someone."

A loud wirring suddenly cut the silence as Podi had found his required drill bit, fastened it in place at the front of the drill and began work with it. "Sorry! Don't mind me! I'll be done in a minute!"

Mike chuckled, but he was a little nervous, Podi might have just found out his feelings for Krissy.

Podi started laughing. "You do know I'm part betazoid, right?" Podi continued laughing.

Mike's eyes darted around for a second "Uh... yeah."

Podi's laughing slowly stopped after a couple of seconds. "Hehe, just checking. Nah, it's nothing, I can just tell you're...embarrassed, or...nervous. Thats it, your nervous. Just a little, but enough to be noticeable."

Mike raised an eyebrow and then smiled "You're not the one who has to work with her, its a little intimidating... shes pretty good at what she does... apart from the weapon checking."

"Oh, so it's Kristina, oh, I just new you were nervous, but...Oh, I get it now, right" Podi touched the side of his finger to his mouth to stop himself from giggling. "Well, good for you?"

Mike gave a sheepish smile and sarcastically raised a fist and said in an incredibly stupid voice "I will, I will!"

Podi raised his hands and showed Mike the array of tools that could quickly be fashioned into a weapon. "Don't take me on, I'm uber Engine Chief." He quickly span the tools in his hand in circles like a pistol. "Whoooaaahhh!" Podi accidentally flung his tools across the room. "I'll just... go and get those." Podi crawled across the room to get his tools.

Mike assumed a satirical grasshopper martial arts position and hopped over to him with one leg "Hoyah!" he then play-fight kicked Podi in the ribs and smiled.

"Whoph!" Podi tripped over his box of tools. "Shiza! Oooh, my knees are now the new definition of shot to buggery." Podi rolled on the ground trying to get up, 'Hoho, that'll smart in the mornin'."

Mike laughed and grabbed the man's arm, pulling him up "Good acting on you, sonny."

"No, I am serious, my knee is just...' Podi slapped his knee and he yelled quickly and deeply, as a cracking sound could be heard, '...just!" Podi smashed his two hands either side of his knee and he grunted in pain. "Oh, thats much better." Podi cracked his neck and shook his arms to loosen them up.
"I tell ya, I am worn out, I could go for a drink at the bar?"

Mike raised his eyebrow "You're on duty you oaf."

"Well, I don't mean now, later, know, a certain someone might be there?" Podi gave sly winks and elbowed Mike.

Mike looked up and laughed and then yelled "Podi you are a idiot!"

Podi laughed even harder. "It's screaming out to be said, but I...hahaha!' Podi pulled up a chair and sat down, 'haha...HA!"

"I'm gonna go up to the bridge... pfft, I might find something to do on the bridge... wanna meet up in the ten a bit later?"

Podi struggled to stop laughing. "Yeah, yep, sure. I'll see you there." Podi saluted him off and pulled his welding helmet down, ready to return to work.

Mike waved his hands around like a crazy dipper to gain his attention "Whoa! Whoa! What time?"

"Erm, say...2000 hours?" Podi shaped his lip in a suggestive questioning manner.

Mike nodded and smiled "See you there," he chuckled "You idiot."

"I'll be sure to slip the bartender some credits to exchange your drink for engine fluid!" Podi yelled as Mike left his line of vision. "If I'm an idiot', Podi wondered to himself quietly as he resumed very noisy work,' then what does that make him!" Podi had a little chuckle to himself, wondering about their future encounter tonight.


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