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Jumping Ship

Posted on Fri Sep 4th, 2009 @ 8:25pm by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Force Marshal Livia Harrison

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.


Zeek was a bit weary with the current thoughts on his mind. The icy, yet attractive woman who he was soon to go on a date with had somehow won his heart, regardless of how much she tried not to. The thought of returning to the Hood's rather well kept Engineering section. The lack of resources to finish his current projects. These were all thoughts that swirled around in his head as he approached the two high ranking officers. "Greetins Ma'ams." He said, he accent coming in a bit thinker with his current level of fatigue "Sorry to interrupt but I'm in a bit of a pickle and could use some help. I've been talkin with Captain Ascott about recent events and suggested I bring this to you. I am humbly requesting a transfer to Starbase 611." He paused a moment to let those words sink in "Don't get me wrong, I love servin aboard the Hood, but right now I'm looking for something more than constantly adjusting the warp field of a Sovereign Class ship."

"I'm sure the Engineering detail would appreciate the help in regards to repairs", Beverly was feeling somewhat more herself now that Doctor Brenari had administered the medication to ease her symptoms. "It really falls to the General to make that decision, and your Captain Ascot".

Livia nodded "If Captain Ascott sent you to me then I assume he approves already" She said "I approve of this as well. Hes all yours Beverly."

"I'll assume General that you want Genesis on hand to assist with repairs and to oversee the station until a new command crew can be assigned?"
Beverly was starting to feel fatigued now, every muscle in her body screaming for some rest.

"Actually I was going to talk to you about that. Seeing as you've fought so hard to recover this station, I was wondering if you wanted to take up command here." Livia was trying to gauge the exhausted Captain's reaction

Beverly laughed, a not to pleasant sound with how tired she actually was, or she did until she noticed that the General was being deadly serious. "Sir?"
The question was posed, even if only with a simple three letter word. 'Do you really mean it, I've really only just assumed Command of the Genesis?

"Indeed" She said with a nod "The way you've commanded the Borg invasion was a thing of beauty. This station technically falls under my authority, and since you and your crew seem to be unintentionally settling in, shes all yours." Livia was about to take her leave of the two officers when she remembered an important detail "Oh, Captain. The Genesis, and two other support vessels are yours to command as well. Have fun. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some reports to write and a sonic shower that's calling my name." She said with a wicked smile before exiting the room to her makeshift quarters. It had been years since Livia was involved in actual small arms combat, and she needed a bit of time to rest.

Despite the situation happening around her Beverly smiled. Her scientific background would be well suited to this environment and it would be more stable than constantly fly around space coming up against god knows what.
She turned her shocked gaze to the Lieutenant Commander stood next to her. "Well Commander... Welcome to Starbase 611!"

Zeek nodded "Thank you Ma'am." He said "I am a bit curious, you already have a Chief Engineer and I would hate to bump someone from their spot. What would you have me do as a member of your staff?"

"Until I understand the Station and its workings Commander, why don't you coordinate the repairs with the young Lieutenant from the original crew. Lieutenant Butler I think".
It was all a haze to her. But it was a pleasing result. Her next project would be to inspect her two other support vessels, and she could also keep Genesis around.

"Aye Cap'n." He replied with a nod "If you'll excuse me Ma'am, I'm soon to be running late for a date, and I do fear the wrath of being late."

Again she smiled. "I heard. I hope your carrying a side arm, and good luck. I would hate to have to find a new officer".
She jibed, knowing all to well what Kristina Mason could be like, and if he survived it would be a pleasant surprise.

He smiled "No matter how bleak the outcome, Zeek Aerelon does not go on dates armed. Well not with weapons anyways." He said with a chuckle and a cheeky grin. He gave the Captain a short bow, then exited the office to change into his new uniform and make his way to the lounge.

She carried on smiling as he moved away. Things were shaping up well, but her thoughts lingered on Commander Aerelon. 'He's either very brave... Or insanely stupid!"



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