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Meeting the Warrior

Posted on Sun Jan 25th, 2009 @ 10:04am by Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

After Mike had bothered Podi in engineering, he felt compelled to meet K'tan. He seemed nice enough for a Klingon. When he arrived on the bridge and took two steps off the turbolift he saw K'Tan at an aft station. In a split second decision to cower away and look busy at ops or chat with K'Tan, he chose the latter and slowly walked towards him. As he neared the large muscular man, Mike took in a deep breath
"Mr K'Tan, a belated welcome to the Genesis, I'm the ops manager, Mike Lake."

K'Tan stood up, and extended a hand toward Mike, studying the operations officer, with curiosity in his eyes "I am honoured to be here Mr. Lake, thank you for the warm welcome, yet you need not be shy eh. I don't bite". He tried to keep the atmosphere casual, hoping to gain some trust among the crew"

Mike shook the man's hand with a smile and gave a small laugh and jokingly said "It's very good to meet you. So... how is the Genesis so far?"

The Klingon shook back firmly and spoke "Lavish, perhaps far too lavish compared to a Klingon ship but I like it so far. I was allowed to refurbish my quarters to my taste and that is always good. I've served on a Federation Battleship before"

Mike nodded "I just got promoted, and as ops manager, I don't have to share my room with our... well... now Chief Engineer, so far its been quiet and my room is quite spacious, my old room would be way less lavish than a Klingon ship's quarters... no offense if you took any."

"None taken Mr. Lake. How long have you been with Starfleet?", the Klingon inquiered, patting the man assuringly on the shoulder as he sat back into his chair.

Mike was a little afraid to say it... but he was talking to a Warrior that would honor the truth above all else "3 years... it's been an interesting ride to say the least."

K'Tan nodded a little "Well it seems they're happy with you so far. I am looking forward to work with you if needed. I am sure the captain is also pleased with your work"

Mike smiled "Yeah... I guess, she's a big motivator, someone to look up to since I joined the crew of the Genesis."

"What other ships have you served on, Mr. Lake if I may ask?", the Klingon inquired offering a gruff smile back, relaxing into his chair.

Mike smiled back "I've also served on the USS Wales, that's it only two ships... I haven't exactly made a nuisance of myself to my COs... I was kind of... forced to leave the Wales, there was a few problems."

"I won't inquire why that happened. It is not my business. After all I am just a Mission Advisor and still an officer with the Klingon Defense Forces. Well I look forward to working with you, Mr. Lake. ", the Klingon stood up, patting him on the shoulder in a friendly way.

Mike smiled "Sure... if you become a member of this crew, and I hope very much you do, we should trade stories some time."

The Klingon nodded and spoke "If you'll excuse me I must take these reports to the Captain, but we can meet sometime and trade stories as well."

Mike nodded "I look forward to it, Mr K'Tan."

The Klingon moved away slowly with a nod "Have a wonderful day Mr. Lake", he headed out of the bridge with his stack of PADDS in his hand.

Mike crossed his arms and headed over to the ops console and took his position. Before he started stuffing around looking busy, he paused and smiled "Not exactly what I expected." he gave a slight chuckle and went on with his business, hoping that his "looking busy" would get him though to the arrival to the planet


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