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New Home Coming

Posted on Fri Sep 11th, 2009 @ 6:34am by Commander Lorran Vos & Lieutenant Michael Lake & Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant JG Diego Echevarria & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.

Beverly had finished her meeting with Jenkins, but she didn't want him to leave just yet.
"Lieutenant", once again she smiled. "Please wait a moment longer please".

Thomas did just as the Captain said without hesitation. The woman was offering him probably the biggest promotion of his career to date, after the shortest assignment he was sure anyone had ever had - he wasn't about to disagree!

She waited for the new Strategic Operations Officer to take a seat once more in front of her desk before she tapped her com badge. "DeVuor to all Genesis Senior Officers, please report to the Station Commander's Office", she closed the link, and then called down to sickbay. "DeVuor to Medical. Is Doctor Ulonova in any condition to report to the Commander's Office?"

"I wouldn't recommend it, but I don't that will stop her from trying," the voice of Brenari came through sounding a little tinny. "I will allow her to attend only if she is escorted by a member of the medical staff and is able to leave at a moments notice."

"Very well, Doctor, please accompany her." Again she closed yet another link and then it was a waiting game. It was time she informed her crew about their new assignment.

Having been on the way to update the Captain on the new roster he'd begun working out for the station's battered crew, combining the old station crew with some of those from the Genesis, 611's support ships, and many new transfers, Commander Lorran was the first to arrive. He nodded to Beverly and set the padd he'd been carrying down on her desk. "Captain."

Walking the damaged promenade with a sense of sadness Mason blinked at the call from Beverly and altered her pace to return her back to the Operations centre.

Mike was still working away with Jack Bronson on the power systems, the time had escaped Mike's entire engineering team, especially after they all met with Jasmine. He slid out from a rectangular hole in the wall when the call came through, then stood up by the time DeVour had finished speaking. "Jack, take over down here." A nod was indication for Mike to get moving, just hoping that everyone on his team was able to handle the workload he had set out.

Jorvin was in the Marine barracks of the station helping the other Marines put away their gear and clean up, checking wounds and such, as well as taking a death toll. When he heard the Captain's address to the crew he left his XO in charge and headed out. Later he would head over to sickbay to check on his injured.

Leanne had argued with most of the medical staff that she was fit to return to duty, even if her body told her that she wasn't. She had some final work to do on the cure for Bev, and she wanted to complete it before time ran out. She heard the call come in over the comm system and made her way over to to a supply closet and grabbed a new uniform. It felt good to put on something other then a medical gown even if the uniform was a bit too big for her. She looked around for Brenari.

"There you are," the small voice of Brenari came around the closet. "I was beginning to wonder if you had wandered off on your own. Are you ready?"

"I'm ready to go, the medical staff has been good to not let me wander off." Leanne smiled at Brenari. "I just wanted to tell you thank you, you did an excellent job, and I can't wait to work with you in the future." Leanne adjusted the uniform a bit. "We should probably get going."

Henk slowly walked off the Genesis. The tension was still running through his body, and it made him just walk. Walking over the promenade he looked around and saw a bar.
~When this is all over I'm going to get drunk.~ he thought to himself as he through the crowds pausing for a second at the interaction between Ensigns Shire and Donkervoort with an interesting glare.

Slowly he walked towards an turbolift and just leaned against the wall.
"Computer fighter bay." Henk said. The lift came into motion and after an few seconds it stopped. Henk walked out and made his way towards the bay, with some muscle power he opened the door and saw total devastation. The fighters where either disabled or heavily damaged.
"This is not good." Henk said to himself.

Suddenly he heard the voice of Beverly over the intercom. He sighed and left the bay behind him moving towards the command centre. In the lift he just saw the fighters. As the door opened he saw Beverley already standing.
"Captain, you have no idea what I.."Henk said as he finally saw Beverly's face. "Are you ok, Captain?"

"Yes Ensign, I'm fine", she evoided the question and indicated a chair. "Please take a seat.

Diego came perhaps the quietest out of everyone, barely making anyone take notice of his arrival. It was his way- he was silent and unintrusive, letting passive observations guide his overall judgment of any situation. Granted, it took a great amount of observation to paint an accurate portrait with which to begin whatever healing methods were most recommended, but Diego was nothing if not patient.

That and he had perhaps the quietest job of the whole bunch. He took his place more or less in the back and just listened in.

Having not left the science station since the destruction of the Borg sphere, T'Arjia had been hard at work running diagnostics and systems checks of the stations. Some systems were still acting sluggishly, and she felt it was her duty to investigate exactly why. It seemed that ever since her signing on with the USS Genesis, she had repeatedly been working beyond her normal threshold of experience and knowledge but, somehow, she had managed to pull through. As soon as the call came in, she left her station to finish the diagnostics by itsself and made a short detour around Ops, checking each station quickly before heading to the meeting.

Her detour had taken longer that she had thaught, though, as once she stepped into the office, she noticed others had already assembled. "Captain"

Finally the officers had all arrived and taken up places within the office, which in turn could house all of her officers as it was twice the size of her Ready Room on the Genesis. Now that they were all sat in front of her, each one wondering why they had been called she found she didn't really know what she was going to say.
"As you all know, this station has been left without an experienced command crew," she started. She might as well cut right to the chase. "Major General Livia Harrison has just asked me to assume command of the station and I have agreed."

She paused a moment to allow the news to sink in with her officers and she watched the different responses fall across each face.

"I was just learning my way around Genesis, at least I have a clue about how to navigate a Jupiter class station." Leanne smile at Beverly, a station was a bit more sturdy then a starship. "This will give me a chance to do some real medical research."

"I have just seen an fighter bay. If I'm right there are 3 or 4 bays around here. I should have an good time flying around here." Henk interjected.

"The station will be much more convenient for combat training and troop housing than the Genesis was." Jorvin said.

"They've got the Operations Department Area too, which is pretty cool. I'm jealous." Mike stated with a smile.

Standing behind the knot of her colleagues all eager to voice their comments Mason simply nodded feeling a touch of pride for her friend and commanding officer. She had been utterly terrified of commanding the Genesis after the death of Jennings but in a short while she had overcome that and now attacked each challenge with a new hunger of strength and courage.

Commander Lorran just grinned, inwardly cringing at the amount of work he was going to have to do on that crew roster now that he was staying permanently, but happy for the captain as well as the Genesis crew. To command a starbase and her support ships was a privilege.

Thomas remained in his seat, quietly listening to the comments of those around him. The optimistic replies and obvious dedication to their Captain made Thomas even more sure that he'd made the right decision to stay aboard. With a quick look around he took mental notes of some of the faces he'd yet to meet, he'd be buying drinks left and right over the next little while.

Beverly beamed at the response from her staff, her pride in their versatility swelling with every word they said. "I'll assume that you would all still like to serve under me on the station?"

"I would be proud to, Captain." Vos nodded. As if any other answer could have left his mouth.

"As long as I can breathe I will serve by your side Ma'am" Came Jorvin's response.

"I have no where else to go, so count me in." Henk said.

"The story is just begining. You've got me." Mike said.

Mason could feel her lips tug into a smirk. Trust Beverly to pose that question: the Genesis crew were loyal to her to which ever end, of course they would remain with her and that included Kristina Mason too.

"It would be illogical to leave at this time" T'Arjia piped up from the rear of the room

Again Beverly smiled, still swelling with pride at the response from her crew. Each one had become a part of her life in a more fundamental way than she had realized and she was over joyed with the fact that each wanted to remain with her.
"Very well. I am organizing a gathering of the senior officers and the new additions. It will be at the Orion Restaurant this evening. Dismissed".
She nodded at her officer's, but then remembered she had some other business with some of her officer's.
"Doctor Ulonova, Ensign O'Brien and Ensign T'Arjia please remain for a moment".



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