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One Drink

Posted on Fri Sep 18th, 2009 @ 12:23pm by Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Commander Lorran Vos & Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant JG Diego Echevarria & Toka

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Starbase 611 Bar.

Daniels waited outside the entrance to the bar on Starbase 611, an old tradition of his demanded fulfillment. It had started shortly after his first assignment on Vulcan for desert training, the group had been broken down into teams and given tasks to complete before any of them could return to civilization.

During a particular difficult time he'd made a joke about buying drinks for everyone if they made it back with out killing each other. You can guess his surprise when the team woke him up to hit the local Starfleet bar, it had been an expensive night but a good one for the team.

After that he'd made sure every time he worked with a new team after they made it back he'd by them all a drink, Linta had been their first mission but the arrival of the Borg had delayed the completion of the ritual till tonight. So now he waited to see who would answer his invite.

Mike had again pulled himself away from the strenuous work in Engineering and several other places around the station, again leaving the Station's work to Ensign Bronson.
He had used a tricorder and several station maps to make it to Toka's, but eventually, after finding himself in several... odd places, he made it there; to see Jack standing out the front. "Hey, Jack."

Hearing his name being called Jack looked up to see Mike heading towards him, as he got closer Jack put out his hand to welcome him. "Glad to see you, I was starting to wonder if anyone was going to turn up"

Next around the corner was Commander Lorran, who didn't even seem to realize that he'd arrived just yet because he had his nose buried in a padd. He nearly walked into the door frame before looking up and discovering that he'd made it to his destination. A small grin spread itself over his face and he looked over to spot Daniels and Lake by the bar. Vos let the padd, more new crew assignments, fall to his side and approached them. He shrugged off his uniform overcoat and laid it on one of the high-backed bar stools. "Jack, Mike," he nodded amiably, using their given names to communicate that he was off-duty and they didn't have to follow protocol. "Remember, one drink! I've got a date later and I don't want to show up plastered." he chuckled.

Waving his hand to get the Ferengi's attention, once Toka had gotten close enough to hear Jack over the noise he gave his order "One drink for my good friends Vos and Lake here, what ever they wants just put it on my tab and I'll take a Vulcan Brandy."

"Jeeze, you're game." Mike said with a chuckle. He turned to Toka "I'll have a Jim and Cola."

"Just an Andorian Ale for me, Mr. Toka." Vos said, leaning against the bar. He had plans for champagne and dinner later and didn't want to ruin his palette. Then again, he might need a little liquid courage in preparation, he thought sheepishly. He'd haggled out the price of aforementioned dinner as well as use of the bar's only functional holosuite with the Ferengi bartender earlier in the day.

"I don't suppose," Diego ventured as he almost literally materialized out of thin air (In reality he had approached the group with such an uncanny silence that maybe only Daniels and perhaps Vos could've noticed) and took a seat, "that there is anything in stock which is more akin to wine than 'beer'?"

Mason left Zeek Aerelon in the infirmary where the nurses cooed over him and his sticky sweet charm. She felt deeply unsettled how uncomfortable about he was able to make her feel, it was unnerving. Feeling exposed, and saddened by their past experiences was a strange experience one that she wasn't ready to share yet so for this evening she needed to replace that tough exterior again.

So with the outward appearance of anger she joined her colleagues propping up the bar draining the last of the Andorian Ale she had been drinking, slammed it onto the bar top with a thud. Clearly it appeared she was in a foul mood.

"You alright?" Mike asked her, with slight concern in his voice.

"Nothing another drink and some bunk time can't fix." She responded taking up the freshly filled glass and threw in back.

Mike smiled. "That's the attitude."

Vos looked over at Krissy and decided not to comment. She'd been through a little more hell then anyone else on this station recently, what with what he was hearing about the new Commander...Aeron? Aerolon? Something like that. He had the name on his roster. It was Commander Lorran's job to keep an eye on the crew, so he hadn't missed that something was happening there. He wasn't about to offer to take care of it for her if she was being harassed, since Krissy was more than capable of breaking the guy's clavicles if he so much as touched her. There was a reason that she was head of security, he thought with a grin. "If you're trying to drown yourself there are more efficient ways to do it, Krissy." Vos commented as he moved down the bar and hopped up onto a barstool next to his friend.

She chuckled dryly turning in her seat. "Spoken by experience I think there sir,"

Mike turned around, a sudden need to stay out of the conversation arose. "So, Jack, Diego, Vos... Krissy, how have your days been so far?"

Looking over Vos' shoulder Mason threw Mike a dirty look and held her tongue. What a ridiculous question to ask.

"OK, then. I'll take that as a 'crap'. Forget it." Toka handed Mike his drink. "Cheers." He took a sip, watching Mason.

"Would we as a group be better off telling stories about how we got to where we are today?" Diego ventured, anything to salvage the grouping.

Mike took another sip, then rested the glass on the bar. "Who wants to go first? I sure as hell am not."

Mason snorted into her drink. Typical she thought.

Jack looked around the group seeing the strained look on everyones faces. "Well I guess as this was my idea I should start". Taking a generous mouth full of Vulcan brandy to build up some Dutch courage he started. "Basically Starfleet was my last resort, after my parents divorced I stayed with my Dad on New Berlin. He was a good guy but you know he was a career guy spent most of his time at work, I naturally got into a lot of fights to grab attention".

Jack took another small sip of brandy, "I guess it worked a little to well cause I got expelled before graduation. My Dad by then had decided he'd had enough and basically dropped me outside the Starfleet recruitment office".

"My Dad told me that if I screwed up school that I'd be going nowhere near the recruitment office, anywhere near Starfleet, you know these parent Admirals, all held high and expecting you to be an officer; But I wanted to, it wasn't pressure from my family that lead me to Starfleet, it was that drive to be better than I am, I was more of a mess in my teenage years than I am now, so I've done OK. 8 years later... well... here I am." Mike told them.

With that Jack raised his glass "To Dads, love 'em or hate 'em."

Mike smiled and nodded, then raising his glass. "To Dads."

Beside them Mason continued to stare with daggers, then at their toast she slammed her glass back down, swiftly and stood finding their simple words stinging an exposed nerve.
Her history was a topic she went out of her way to avoid discussing and knew it best to keep those dark, violent secrets to herself.
She felt the eyes of her colleague turn as if they were expecting an answer or explanation but she as ever remained stubborn lipped and left them exchanging looks.

Vos watched Krissy go, then turned toward the others. "I joined the Federation after the Occupation. It was either that or be a farmer." he chuckled. If one was good at reading people, like Diego, it was noticeable that there was probably a lot more to that story, but Vos' childhood was obviously a bit of a sore subject.

Mike gave him a nod. "Starfleet any day, I presume?"

Vos just smiled and tipped his drink back again.

Mike nodded, then slammed the rest of his drink down. "You know what, I need to get back to my repairs before someone decides to take over. Thanks for the drink Jack, I owe you one, mate, I'll shout you one sometime." He put the glass on the bar. "Vos, Diego, try and have a good day. Just try." And with that, Mike was gone.

"Likewise, I have things I need to get done before I'm off duty. Thanks for the drink, Jack." Vos said, slapping the Lieutenant on the shoulder as he left. Despite the apparent sour mood of the others, Vos seemed just fine. Maybe he'd just seen more violence than the others and had learned to move on more efficiently, or maybe he just kept it all to himself. Either way, he seemed as nonplussed as usual.

That was pretty much the sign for everyone to finish up, drinks where downed and people slowly disappeared. The last one left behind was Daniels Well that worked, in a way letting out a short breath he pulled himself out of the bar seat and made his way to bar entrance.

Best get back to my quarters and see if I've still got my dress uniform.


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