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The Grand (BACKPOST)

Posted on Tue Feb 16th, 2010 @ 2:22am by Commander Lorran Vos

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Ulonova's Quarters / Holosuite 1 - Toka's Bar
Timeline: Backpost - Before the Time Travel Incident

Vos adjusted his collar, so used to wearing a uniform that he was feeling a bit uncomfortable in the nice, civilian clothes that he'd replicated for himself. He'd kept it simple and to Earth standards circa 2000, just a pair of black slacks and a black suit jacket over a sort of off-lavender collared shirt with no tie. He'd combed his hair, but hadn't done anything about the ever-present stubble that lined his jaw after a hard few days at work. (He felt it gave him a sort of rakish air.) Vos felt he looked as good as he was going to get, and just hoped that Leanne wouldn't shut the door on the bum that had come to pick her up, he thought with a grin as he pressed the door chime to her quarters.

Leanne was still running around trying to get ready. She still hadn't decided what she was going to wear when the door chime rang. She turned with a panicked look at the door, was it time for Vos to be here already? She had just gotten out of the sonic shower and was still in her bathrobe and her hair was wrapped up in a towel. I can't let him see me like this she limped over to her bedroom and took the towel off her her head. When the chime rang again, Leanne yelled from her closet "Come in, I'll be ready in a few moments." Looking at the few clothes that she had bothered to hang up in her closet she frowned a little bit, with her being out of commission with her injuries she had forgotten to research what was appropriate for late twentieth century dining. She pulled two dresses from the closet, one was a plain black evening dress that came down to her knees, the other was a light blue floral patterned sun dress. "Is this going to be day or evening?"

The inside of the doctors quarters was still a disaster, most of her things where still in boxes scattered around the room, a few different uniforms draped across the backs of chairs. Even though she had been living in the room for a while now, it looked like she had just moved in the other day.

Vos raised a hand to his cover the amused smile that rolled over his features at his date's apparent stressing. "Evening, sunset and later; maybe six or seven then on until we decide to leave." he answered calmly, trying to be as descriptive as possible in case some crucial part of her attire hinged on the exact hour. Of course, he didn't really care how she was dressed. Men were simple creatures and focused more on what was underneath the clothing than the clothing itself. Vos would have been completely content if she had decided to come in a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. Then maybe he wouldn't have had to wear the monkey suit either.

He strode over to her replicator and entered his personal code so that the replicator rations would be charged to his weekly allotment rather than Leanne's. "1952 Dom Perignon, chilled to six-point-one degrees celsius and set in ice, and two champagne flutes. Access from replicator file Lorran-3," he said quietly to the computer. A moment later a bottle of sparkling wine in a stainless steel container of ice and two accompanying glasses appeared on the replicator pad. He transferred them to a nearby table and loudly popped the cork from the champagne. He managed to keep it from flying into the ceiling, however.

Stepping out of her room, Leanne stood in the doorway wearing the black dress, with matching earrings and heels. "What are you doing out here?" she smiled at him as she looked at the champagne bottle and glasses. "Celebrating something?" She slowly walked over to where Vos was standing still getting her balance on the heels. It had been a while since she wore them and with her leg still hurting it made for an interesting combination.

Vos finished pouring the two glasses and set the bottle back in the tub of ice. He picked the champagne flutes up by the stems and couldn't hide the appreciative look as his eyes roamed over his date. He felt his heartbeat begin to rise and his breathing subtly start to pick up. "You look amazing." he said as he handed her one of the glasses. He held up his own, and in answer to her question he said, "To new beginnings. We've had a lot of them recently."

"To new beginnings" She took the glass and drank down the liquid inside, she squinted her eyes a bit as the champagne hit her stomach. "I don't look too bad you should have seen me five minutes before you walked in that door, I was a total wreck. It feels weird to be out of my uniform in all honesty, but I figured since we were going somewhere nice that I'd dress up a bit." She moved over to the table and put the glass down. "So shall we head off to this place, or do you want to continue staring at the unpacked boxes in my quarters." She smiled as Vos as she knelt down and adjusted the strap on her shoe.

"Could be fun." Vos smiled flirtatiously over the lip of his glass. He finished it off and then set everything back in the replicator, setting the computer to transfer the bottle to the holosuite. "Shall we then?" he asked, offering her his arm. He noted the smell of the understated perfume she wore, or possibly just whatever she'd used to wash her hair, by subconsciously taking a deep breath when Lee drew close.

The walk to Toka's bar was uneventful, aside from still-working crewmen pausing for a moment to ogle one or both of the well-dressed officers as they went by. The station could still use a little sprucing up, and they had to dodge around some fallen debris every now and then, but true to form the Ferengi had made his establishment spotless and open for business. Vos merely nodded to the Ferengi, having settled the details of using the only operational holosuite for several hours earlier in the day.

When they walked in, the holosuite was already set to the program that Vos had been talking about. It was late early evening, around sunset, as they walked down the main thoroughfare in Key West, FL in around the year two-thousand. It was warm, but getting cooler as the sun dipped low on the horizon, and a breeze swept in off of the ocean to make it very comfortable. The faux-gas lamp streetlights were just starting to come on and the buildings were in the process of switching from relying on natural light to artificial, but taking their time as the sunset cast everything into brilliant orange-red relief. The city was small, but had an almost colonial feel to the building architecture, painted in light, pastel colors and a lot of white. Ancient ground vehicles hummed by every now and then, but the traffic mainly consisted of pedestrians, who graciously parted to admit the two non-photonic guests to their realm.

They turned in and up the stairs of a white restaurant with a columned front and a tasteful sign that announced "The Grand Cafe". The host seemed to recognize them immediately and met them at the door with their menus. He ushered them right upstairs and out onto the balcony overlooking the street. It was high enough that the activity down below was a bit more muted and the building was actually tall enough to see the horizon just past the next row of houses in the distance. Their table was black iron covered with a white tablecloth, with a single candle in the center beside the bucket of ice and the champagne that Vos had transferred over. Their glasses had already been refilled. Outside of the waiter ready to serve and the rapidly retreating host, they seemed to have the balcony all to themselves.

Vos chivalrously pulled out Leanne's chair for her when they reached the table. "What do you think?" he smiled.

"It is nice, I've never been to this part of back home before. When I was at the academy I was either in San Francisco or back in Moscow. I was never really adventurous enough to try anything else really. I found it comforting going with what I knew." Leanne smoothed out the bottom of her dress under the table, she tried to cross her legs but her a sharp pain shot up her calf. She looked back over at Vos who had taken his seat across from her. "This is actually a lot nicer then what I'm used to and to be honest, it has been so long since I've been on a date I'm a bit overwhelmed." She made a nervous laugh then took a sip of the champagne in her glass."

"If we're being honest, it's been some time for me as well. I think I might have overdone it a bit." Vos echoed her laughter with a self-deprecating chuckle. "I did some exploring while I was at the academy. They've repaired the coral reefs and modernized the whole place in our time, but something about the early two-thousands strikes me. It's quaint and lacks the whole sterile feel humans seem to love nowadays. Nothing has sharp edges on Earth anymore, you know? It's so...Federation. This time reminds me a little more of home on Bajor." he explained.

While they talked, the waiter stayed just out of earshot so as to be available but not obtrusive. He swept in every now and then to take orders or refill drinks, but you could hardly recognize that he was even there after awhile.

"There is something to be said for Federation design and styling, I remember the first time I saw the fleet yards and how absolutely amazed I was by them, and Jupiter Station, the sleek lines, larger then anything I've ever seen before. It was absolutely beautiful. It is a testament how how we humans have drug ourselves out of the mud, if you want to "classic" earth you should see the little town that I came from, Noginsk, it hasn't changed in five hundred years." Leanne sat back in her chair a little bit thinking about everything she just said to Vos. "If we keep looking back we'll never make it forward."

"I suppose that's true." he agreed. He reached across the small table and laced his fingers together with hers. "Let's talk about the future, then. We've certainly got a bright one ahead of us with suddenly becoming the crew of a starbase. Your sickbay must be five times as large as the one you had one Genesis. I know the office they've given me is, even if right now it's a little dusty in there. You'd get the feeling that we were moving up in the world." he smiled. "I know fortune is certainly smiling in my direction lately." he squeezed her hand, emphasizing that he wasn't merely talking about his office.

Leanne smiled at Vos and looked down, she wasn't used to someone paying attention to her like Vos was and wasn't totally sure how to take it. "Thank you Vos, that is kind of you to say." she squeezed his hand a little bit back. "Things have certainly changed quite a bit around here, with everyone and with us." She looked back up at Vos. "I just am worried about screwing everything up, because I've done it before."

"We all have. It comes with the job." he half-joked. "Now come on, let's get out of here." he said, suddenly standing up.

"Wait, we haven't even really ordered yet. and I really didn't dress for anything else Vos." Leanne carefully stood up and straightened out her dress a bit. She didn't really know what he had planned but the heels she was wearing was probably wasn't going to mesh well.

"Just changing the scenery a bit. Don't worry, I'll have the computer transfer the pie and champagne." he winked.

"Computer, activate Key West simulation part two." he ordered, and the restaurant suddenly shifted to a panoramic, white-sand beach. It was still night, and the moon hung heavy overhead. They found themselves standing on a small concrete landing so that a sudden shift to sand wouldn't affect their balance. Before them was the crashing surf and a large beach blanket set up with the champagne that they'd been enjoying. The moon made it easily bright enough to see by, but a small light illuminated the blanket as well.

"At the risk of sounding cheesy, I thought this would be a better atmosphere for dessert than a stuffy restaurant. I've always loved the beach at night, especially on this planet."

"I remember back home laying in the fields outside of my house staring up at the sky and the moon, and not being able to wait to get out there." She reached down and took off her heels off. The salty air of the ocean smelled wonderful, it was in stark comparison to the sterile corridors of the starbase and the ship. "It sure is beautiful out here, it was sweet of you to set all of this up."

Vos had kicked his own shoes off. He left them forgotten on the sand, knowing that no matter where he left them they'd remain when the program ended and the holosuite reverted to grid. He came up behind Leanne and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her gently against him. "I'm glad you like it." he said, his deep voice felt as much as heard with her back touching his chest. "Maybe next time I'll show you the moons from Bajor. There's five of them. You could look up and see three or even four on a night like this. I used to go into the forest with my dad, find a bald hill, and lay there all night. I did it again a few years back. If you're lucky, you can even see the Celestial Temple."

"Sounds beautiful, you'll have to show me sometime" She placed her hands on top of his and leaned back against him. "Vos, I want to ask you, what are you looking for out of our relationship, we've only been together for a little bit and I want to make sure we are kind of on the same page."

Vos loosened his embrace a bit so that Leanne could turn to face him before he answered. "Well, that's the question, isn't it? At this point, do I speak from my heart and risk scaring you away or do I take the conservative road and risk lying to you?" he said with a half-smile. "I think I'll start with the heart and then go from there." he decided after a moment.

"I know that this started all of a sudden back there on that planet filled with monsters and death waiting to take us at any moment, but I feel like if there's one good thing we could take from there, this would be it. I know that Starfleet isn't the best place for long-term relationships. One of us could get transferred or, Prophets forbid, never come back from a mission. But that shouldn't stop us from trying to find happiness out here." he said, reaching up to take a lock of her hair between his fingers. "I want to walk this road to the end, wherever it may lead us. I'm not asking you to share quarters with me or anything yet. I'm just curious to see what might become of the two of us, and of what the future holds. I'd like to see this through."

"I think that has been my biggest hesitation, just in the short time we've been out here there has been so much chaos. Tomorrow something could happen and destroy all of this." The doctor pulled a little bit closer to him. "I would just hate to get close and then something happen, but if you take that state of mind, we would have never of left our rock." She looked up at Vos, "I want to pursue this, but most of all, whatever happens, I still want to be friends." she smiled at him, "I just need to ease myself into this."

"I don't think you'll have to worry much about that. We've been through too much now for our friendship to disappear, whatever happens." Vos said. "We'll take it slow, don't worry. Just...not TOO slow, alright?" he grinned. "Now, I believe I promised you some pie."


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