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Posted on Wed Jan 28th, 2009 @ 10:47am by Commander Lorran Vos & Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Beverly had settled back into her command chair, feeling the comfort beneath her, and the power surrounding her, not only in her ship, but from her crew she finally felt comfortable in her new role. She watched as each and every member of her crew was going about there business.
Mister Lake at Ops, busy doing what ever he was doing. She had great faith in his ability and could see the young man going far in Starfleet. Next was her Marine CO. She had so far only had one conversation with him, as well as lunch, but he seemed a well rounded and pleasant person. Behind her she could sense Kristina, her long time friend. Beyond her was Podi, a little on the excentric side, but one off the best engineers she had ever worked with.
The one she couldn't get a handle on was the new wild card, K'Tan. The mission advisor sent in by the Klingon High Council. He was stalking around the bridge, watching everything. He made her nervious.
All that was left to complete her team was her XO, and she knew he wasn't far away.

The low, chiming whine of the transporter died away as the newest arrival to the Genesis stepped purposefully off of the pad with only a small bag of his belongings over one shoulder. Lieutenant Commander Lorran Vos nodded to the transporter chief in thanks for not scattering his molecules throughout the sector and shifted his dark blue eyes to the nervous-looking ensign who had come to meet him. He was barely more than a child to the thirty-five year old Bajoran's eyes. Even the transporter chief looked to be no more than his early twenties. It gave Vos pause for a moment as he wondered when experienced officers like himself had become old men.

"Uh, Commander, sir? I've been sent to escort you to the bridge, sir. Commander DeVuor said that you should make your way there at your earliest convenience." the ensign stumbled over his words, reaching out to help Vos with his bag.

"Fine, ensign, but I can make my way from here. Would you see that my belongings find their way to my quarters? I have a trunk coming over from the runabout in a moment." he replied, his voice calm and strong in comparison to the young man's. He unshouldered his bag and handed it over, keeping only the padd bearing his transfer orders. "Carry on, ensign." he nodded, gifting the flustered ensign with a tight smile as he walked past him and out of the room. He'd never been on a ship the sheer size of a Nebula class, but he'd studied the deck layout religiously during his trip from the USS Leyte Gulf. It didn't take him long to find the nearest turbo lift and allow it to conduct him to deck 1, where the CO and her bridge officers were waiting.

Vos stepped out of the turbolift and immediately took stock of his surroundings. The first thing he noticed, of course, was the rather large Klingon stalking about like he was hunting targ. He gave the warrior a level look, meeting his eyes calmly before finding Commander DeVuor at her command chair. As he closed the distance between them he noted the young man at ops, the slightly singed looking engineer, the serene marine captain, and the severe-looking woman at the tactical station. "Lieutenant Commander Lorran Vos, reporting for duty as Executive Officer, Commander." he announced respectfully, offering DeVuor the padd he'd been carrying.

She climbed out of her chair, and found she was almost a head shorter than the well defined and wisened Bajoran.
"Welcome aboard Commander", she extended her hand to shake his. "And for the love of god, at ease. As most of my senior officers will atest, I am not one for formality".
She smiled, taking an instant liking to the man.

Vos returned the smile as well as the handshake offered to him by his new CO and gave her a brief, acknowledging nod. "Thank you, Commander. I realize I'm a bit late. Would it be possible to discuss the specifics of our mission before I go about settling in? I'd like to get right to work." he replied. He also wanted to find the time to talk with and get to know each member of the senior staff as well as take a tour of the ship, but it seemed in this instance he would have to hit the ground running. He preferred it that way, actually.

She indicated the spare seat to her right as she assumed her chair again.
"We are currently en route to the Latanna star system", she leaned in closer to him, "It was supposed to be the site of the new Carolina Colony, but Starfleet lost contact with the ship three weeks ago", she smiled again, "We have been selected to investigate. Starfleet seems to think it would be an easy assignment for a ship and crew still recovering from a loss".
Her words became very hollow with the last statement, and she could feel Kristina tense up behind the tactical console which was situated just behind and above the command area.
The commander was in for a hard time, she was with the crew for many years and has the blessing of them all, but he was someone new, she would have to make him feel welcome. She herself was grateful to finally have someone she could turn to for help.

From her post Kristina had slowly risen her eyes from her work and guided them upon the newly arrived officer. She had made herself familiar with his file, but like with all officer she had worked with not everything was on the file. Height for instance was only a figure on paper to her, but in the flesh six foot one was towering over Beverly casting a shadow across her face. Kristina could her Beverly filling him in, and involuntary she felt her muscles tense at the mention of the tragedy that had fallen upon the ship. Resuming her work she continued to keep one eye on the Commander and the other on the pacing Klingon that too was beginning to press her patience.

Vos sat when invited to do so and listened intently during the concise mission briefing. "I'm assuming the ship made it to Latanna, then. Do we know if they made planet fall?" he asked, immediately going into pure business mode and attempting to soak up as much information as possible. He began tapping at the interface on the right arm of his chair, going over ship status reports, crew reports, mission briefings, and anything available about the New Carolina Colony. Vos noticed the tensing of the tactical officer behind them at the mention of the recent loss and logged it away as well. He'd have to step carefully when the subject of the tragedy was brought up. For now, he let it lie, however, and kept it strictly business. He'd have time to talk to the Captain and the rest of the bridge crew about that later on.

She shook her head, "We don't know if the ship made planet fall, all we do know is geographical information about the landing site. A small gathering of ruins less than two kilometers away, estimated at over two thousand years old", she relaxed into her chair, trying to shed the tension in her shoulders from the mention of Captain Jennings.
"The took the standard complement of equipment for colonization, and there was over seven hundred colonists. In theory this shuld be just a simple matter of find and report".

"I see. I'd like to go over the colony ship's crew manifest, learn about her captain so we have a better idea what he might have done if they found themselves under attack. Otherwise, there's not much to do about it until we get there and can have a look for ourselves." Vos nodded. "In the meantime, I'd like to address the crew if you don't mind, Commander." he continued, getting up again and taking a moment to straighten his uniform.

"Feel free", she smiled again. He was very business like, and to the point. He was exactly what this crew needed now.

"Thankyou." he replied before stepping out in front of the viewscreen so that the bridge crew had an easy view of him.

"Bridge crew, I'm Lt. Commander Lorran Vos. Now, I know all of you might be feeling a little like your inertial dampers are being cut back to half power and you're getting thrown all over the place lately." he smiled in an almost sad way, since they would no doubt immediately think of their loss when they heard it. "However, I like to run a tight ship. I expect your utmost from each and every one of you. I'm here to make things run smoothly, just the way things should on a Starfleet vessel. I know a lot of you might feel that you weren't ready for being thrust in the spotlight," he paused, laying a hand on top of the console in front of him, "but I've gone over your personnel files and I believe you're the perfect people for these jobs. I wouldn't ask any more of you than I thought you could handle, and I'll never give someone a job I wouldn't be willing to do myself. Problems, questions, comments, gripes, observations, bring them to me. My door is always open, day or night."

The speech wasn't a long one, but it was to the point, very much like the Bajoran himself. He nodded to Beverly once more before taking a seat on her right. "Never was good at speeches." he said in a low voice that only she could hear with a small, almost smirking smile playing upon his lips.

Beverly stifled a chuckle and turned to her new XO. "Welcome to the Genesis Commander". She looked to her left, and realised that her Marine Co had been sat there the whole time. "Commander, let me introduce Marine Captain Jorvin".

She turned all business now, it was time to get this show on the road.
"Lieutenant K'Tan, can you give us any information on this region, and anything the High Council neglected to inform us off?"

K'Tan responded quietly "It's a high pleateau on the surface of the planet, mostly surrounded by forest like vegeration as you can see on scan results. Otherwise I have no further intelligence save the existance of the outpost"

"Mister Lake, what is our ETA on the Latanna system?"
She glanced over at her Ops officer, smiling warmly at the young officer, who so far had put in a sterling job since his promotion.

Mike looked up, glancing quickly at a small frame on his console "Half an hour, ma'am."

She nodded at the younger man, "Good work Mister Lake. Keep an eye on those sensors for anything out off the ordinary, I don't like surprises".
"Podi, are you ready for mass transportation off the colonists? Where looking at over seven hundred", she had no doubt in her mind that the Chief Engineer would be ready, but she needed it on the record.

Podi gave a nod to his superior and turned back to his console, where his fingers tapped along the screen, prepping for the mass transport. "We are ago in...just a few moments." Podi smiled as he finished tapping and waited until the screen beeped, indicating readiness.

Finally she addressed her security chief. "You all ready for this Krissy?"

Nodding Kristina rose to her full height. This was too important for Beverly and Vos to go wrong on their first mission together. "Yes, I think so."

She straightened herself in her chair, and stared at amazement at the planet on her view screen. It was so Earth like, it was uncanny. Crystal blue oceans, and green landmasses. It was hard to believe that a colony ship the size of the West Ridge had vanished here of all places.
"Conn, assume standard orbital approach".
The con officer tapped several controls on her panel, "Aye sir".
So this was it, they were here. This had to go well.

"Tactical," Vos spoke up, "Are you reading an subspace traffic coming from the surface? Any automated distress beacons, communicator chatter?" he asked Mason as he rubbed at his chin pensively with two fingers. It was a big planet to get lost on. Their only choice would probably just to beam down at the proposed landing site and look for clues.

Checking the console Kristina frowned. Something had appeared that wasn't there a moment ago. "There's something. A distress message of some sorts, audio only. It's very weak. I'll try and clear up the interference." Quickly she tapped on the screen, then with the speakers crackling came the sound of a petrified voice on the verge of panic and three fearful words: "They are coming"

K'Tan tapped his console, looking at Kristina "Captain, I suggest we perform an in depth scan of the surface centered on the message's location, with your permission I will lead an away team to investigate the matter", the Klingon spoke matter of factually, his warrior side showing up. He tapped the sensor display for strategic ops waiting for output.

Beverly addressed the Klingon in her most authoritative voice, not wanting to show weakness, "We will be investigating Mister K'Tan, however Commander Lorran will lead the away team, as per procedure".
Now she looked towards her first officer. "Prep your team".

"Yes, ma'am." Vos went right to work, rising from his chair with a purpose. "Lake and K'Tan, you're with me. Captain Jorvin, I want you to assemble a marine fire team and meet us in transporter room two. I didn't like the sound of that transmission so have your men prepped and ready for anything." he ordered as he headed toward the turbolift. From the look of things, he obviously expected those he had mentioned to drop what they were doing and follow him immediately, for he didn't break stride as the turbolift doors opened for him. While he waited for the others to file in behind him, he tapped his comm badge. "Bridge to sickbay. I need a field medic in transporter room two for an away mission. Bring your medkit and your sidearm."

Kristina's eyes flicked up from the distress message very briefly as Lorran gave out his orders. She had been expected to be summoned, but when her name did not come she relaxed a little.
Although she wouldn't say it out loud she was a touch disappointing that her male colleagues had been chosen over herself. Perhaps Lorran felt more secure taking them with him then a woman. even if she were equally as strong as they were.

Mike looked up Vos, he was puzzled why he would need him on the team, never the less, he was more than happy to go. He looked at Beverly with a "what, did you do that?" look and then subtly looked to a somewhat frustrated looking Krissy. He then turned to his console and pressed a few buttons to engage the lock. He pushed on the top of the console and bit his lip as he volted up and stood looking to the other members of the team, putting his hands in the pockets of his non-regulation black pants "This should be... fun."

K'Tan followed Vos quickly toward the turbolift, stopping on his way to the transporter room to acquire his Bat'Leth and a phaser rifle. He checked the firearm, setting it to maximum setting and moved slowly toward transporter room two where the marines and his other away-team colleagues would gather. Happiness could be seen in the Klingon's eyes, finally he was going to have something to fight.


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