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Posted on Fri Sep 11th, 2009 @ 12:35pm by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Promenade

Like everyone else on the starbase, Pari Mor had suffered over the past few days. He’d helped out as best he could – mainly fetching and carrying. He didn’t have the skills for the repair work that was being carried out so he was content to help out where he could.
While it was just a matter of ‘hand over a spanner’ or ‘take a hold of this’ he was fine. Then clamp this became ‘plug a leak in ...’ He didn’t have clue what a ‘...’ was.
What he needed was a Temple. He had visited a counsellor but the words were hollow. She talked of hope and courage and fortitude but not once had she mentioned faith. She might not believe in the Prophets but surely she believed in something....
He considered visiting Toka’s bar as others were doing but alcohol did not offer a solution. In fact, it posed a problem in its own right. Too many people drinking at the same time inevitably meant some of them ended up in his domain. He was a brig officer. He much preferred to have no-one in the brig, thank you very much.
He was walking briskly along the promenade when a sign jumped up in front of him. This base had its own springball court!
Paris was an avid follower of the Bajoran Springball Championship. He knew the statistics of all the best players: their strengths and weaknesses, their win/loss record, season averages, points won and lost on serve, points won and lost against serve – everything. He was always ready to discuss springball with anyone. In fact, if there was one thing Pari was even more prepared to discuss than religion, it was the relative merits of racquet springball versus handball. Many were the people who, having been nailed to a chair by Pari’s enthusiasm, declared that it was springball that was his religion, not the Prophets.
In that they were wrong. Pari held to a deep and abiding faith in the Prophets but springball, for him, was a gift from Them and he treated it with an obsession bordering on reverence.
He was himsef a reasonable player. He’d be the first to admit he wasn’t Championship material but he played a hard, canny game. If there was a Starfleet league he liked to think he he’d hold his own. Unfortunately, with few Bajorans in Starfleet, he hadn’t found many people to play against. Maybe if he contacted Dr. Julian Bashir and asked him for some contacts..... Or Chief O’Brien.... Or.... He hadn’t done so. Who was he to contact such illustrious Starfleet personnel?
He went on a run with Chief Jrez in the Chief’s holoprogram on the Explorer on the understanding that the Chief would play a game. It was a disaster on both sides. Both of them were fit – there was no denying that – but.... It wasn’t a question of being fit as what you’re fit for.
That left Pari with a dilemma. Here was an opportunity too good to miss – a real springball court, not a holographic recreation – and he had no-one to share it with.
Then it occurred to him. Surely no-one would put a court in a starbase if there was no call for it. Jupiter stations were huge but space for recreational facilities was limited. He decided, then and there, to place an ad with the station’s news service calling for fellow players.
Pari continued on his journey with a new spring in his step.


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