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Renewed Comitment

Posted on Fri Sep 18th, 2009 @ 12:37pm by Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Butler

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Directly After 'One Drink'

Mike gave himself a few minutes to sober up after his one drink with the team from Linta, he best decided not to give in to the temptation of having another drink, knowing he had to go back on duty and do several daring little engineering feats that would require concentration and a cool head.
When he stepped back in, he noticed that Bronson was being told what to do by that woman he met earlier, the one who caught him off guard. He was slightly displeased that she had taken over, when he had clearly established who was in charge while he was gone.
Mike gave Bronson a fairly annoyed frown, then proceeded over to Jasmine. "Jas."

"Oh, Sir." She spun around on her heel and glared at him. "If I may ask, what were you doing at Toka's?"

"Ah... a small replicator malfunction, you know how those things work, more ups and downs than a teenager." Mike told her.

"You were drinking, weren't you?" Jasmine replied quickly, with a slightly aggro tone of voice.

Mike gave her a small nod. "Just one for the success of the Linta mission. What are you doing playing 20 questions with me for anyway, you hardly have the right."

Jasmine shook her head. "When it comes to the safety of the station and its crew, the ranks drop, its my right. As long as you aren't tripping over yourself, I guess its safe enough."

"My point exactly." He took the hyperspanner from her hands gently. "You don't have to hang around."

Jasmine gave Mike a mischievious smile. "I wouldn't mind staying around."

"Whats that supposed to mean?" Mike asked, slightly taken back by her expression.

"I've been working here, crossing things off your tasks on the to do list for 20 minutes, I wouldn't mind getting my hands dirty for a change." She said.

"Fair enough." Mike grabbed a PADD of a table next to him, reviewing the tasks on it. "Well, you can work on getting the power back to the replicators on Level 7."

She nodded and gave him a smile, she scanned over the task report brief, then realising that her work would need to be done in the jeffries tubes. "Mike?"

Mike turned around. "Yes, Jasmine."

"I might need another task, Mike. I have a bit of a tube phobia since my ordeal." She said it very embarrassed, hoping desperately that Mike would understand.

"Uh, ok, sure." He looked over his task sheet again. "Would it be easier if I went with you?"

She smiled and nodded. "Thanks. That would make it a lot easier." She took on another tool kit and headed over to the access door, in toe with Mike. She kept looking at him, he was cute enough, and a nice guy, her respect for him suddenly came back once he assured her that he wasn't drinking heavily for the sake of it.
The two crawled through the cramped tubes. Every now and then, she would accidentally put her hand on Mike's and force down, nearly breaking his bones, much to his peril and her amusement to see his reaction, it always ended with Mike laughing as well once the pain stopped, which was only a few seconds afterwards.
After they had gotten to their destination, the two worked for about ten minutes, when Jasmine finished her first job.

"Finished, Mike." She said.

Although he did trust her and knew she was capable, he wanted to make sure she hadn't made a total hash of his work. He slid across the tube and looked over her work, everything was in order, it looked ok, it was up to spec, but there was one problem. "Jas."

She quickly pulled away from a small trance she was in while she was watching Mike. "Yes, Mike."

"What is up with this?" Mike asked her with a fairly serious face.

"A correctly ordered circuit, I hope its ok." She ran her fingers through her hair, sort of nervous.

"Its ok, just that if you..." He started pulling things apart and rearranging them inside the box. "If you do it like that its about 30% more efficient."

"But that's not how you do it, according to the book." She told him.

"Oh, no. You aren't a conservative? Are you!" He asked with a chuckle.

She nodded. "Yeah, I know."

"That's dismal... Oh well." He smiled. "It's cute though."

"Do you think so?" She asked him.

"Yeah. Look, when I was at the Academy, I was always by the book. I had every tech manual almost burned into my brain, I lived by every law, I ignored theories; Until third year engine theory came along."


"And, we had a guest lecturer, the guy who wrote the book on everything to do with modern ship design and maintenance. He told me that it was just a guide, not to live by, but to live within its lines and make up stuff as you went. It was his way. Unfortunately, its not so common these days. But I advocate it."

"I can see." She smiled. "I'll keep that in mind."

"Ok, well. We'll need to go up a level to get the power back, the job will have to be done at junction 565."

"Ok, lets get going." She put the panel back on the wall and started crawling with Mike.

In the five minutes it had taken them to get up to junction 565, and the half hour it took them to repair the damaged power relays, they had struck up quite a conversation, about their work, their assignments, interests and even what their favourite places to holiday were.

Mike tapped his combadge. "Level 7 management, this is Lieutenant Lake, are the replicators online down there?"

=^= Yes sir, they are, thank you. =^= An officer replied.

"Mission accomplished." Jasmine said. "We make a great team, don't we?"

"Yeah, we do." He packed up his gear and then stood up. "Hey, Jasmine, do you have a boyfriend?"

"Why do you ask?" She smiled. "You want to know, right?"

"Not really. I just wanted to know if I was on the clear to shout you a few rounds of drinks after work, or at the promotion presentation."

"You're asking me out?" She smiled. "You sound like a teenager, that's cuter than by the book engineering."

"I'm not asking you out, I swear." Mike shook his head. "Now you sound like a teenager, any random advancement is just me asking you out."

"Well, I had a boyfriend. Up until a few days ago." She put her head in her hands.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Just you didn't show any signs that you had lost anyone." Mike cautiously put his arm around her shoulder and let her collapse on him. It was the second time within days that a woman had started crying and breaking down all over him, they hadn't even known each other for a whole day and they were getting intimate.

"I'm sorry, this isn't appropriate, what am I doing... augh... crying... sorry, Mike, it's hard to hide."

"I know all too well. It'll get easier." Mike almost whispered.

"How do you know?" She asked.

"Because I lost my girlfriend, very recently."

"How did she die?"

Mike sighed. "She hit her head on the ground when the Genesis was hit by an energy pulse from some weird planet. She died instantly, its no consolation that she felt no pain and that she didn't die alone; she is still dead, she will stay dead. And you know what- drinking mass loads of concentrated caffeine, getting smashed off your face and spar fighting people will only make it harder. But I had people who were willing to support me. I will support you, Jasmine, you won't suffer in silence, not on my watch."

Jasmine looked up to him and half smiled, several tears still running down her face. She moved her head near his and hesitated, but then pushed her lips against his. When she pulled away, she half smiled again and whispered, "Jim and Cola, right?"

Mike nodded. "20 points to the hot girl in the jeffries tubes."

Jas gave a mousy shrug, before almost jumping on top of his and kissing his more passionately than before, then she started unzipping Mike's top.

Mike broke away. "Jas, wait."

She stopped and rested her head against his chest. "What?"

"Do you really want to do this? Its a bit sudden."

She shook her head and kissed him again, continuing what she started.

Mike broke off the kiss again, now down to his singlet "Ok, Jasmine. I don't think that I'm quite ready to down on you in the jeffries tubes. Lets just go back, ok."

Jasmine was feeling very embarrassed. "Sorry, I just..."

Mike put his hands on her shoulders. "Its ok, just... don't try that again, if we got caught--"

"Yes, I know, we'd probably both lose our commissions or get a demotion. Sorry."

"Now that we have that sorted, uh, I'll just put my clothes back on and you can pack up your stuff."

She put all her gear back into her case. "Are you still game to buy me a few rounds of drinks?"

Mike threw his overcoat on, leaving it unzipped. "Yeah, why not."

She smiled. "And after that?"

"We'll wait and see what happens." They said almost in perfect unison.



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