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Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Beverly watched the team leave, her stomach doing cartwheels. Something just wasn't sitting right with her. She would have to do everything she could from up here to try and assist the away team.
"Kristina, are your sensors picking up any life signs on that planet?"

Keying her console for a moment Kristina shook her head slowly. A chill rippled down her spine recalling the distress signal.

This puzzled Beverly. Seven hundred people didn't just vanish.
She had two of her greatest re-sources available, Podi, the wiz kid engineer and her security chief, Kristina. What could they do?
"Podi, can you take ops and see if you can raise the resolution on our sensor pallets, Krissy watch those sensors for anything".

Podi left his seat and made his way over to ops. He could sense the emotions of his fellow officers on the Bridge and tried not to let that fact show. He had half a mind to privately tell the crew he could sense their emotions and knows what they are going through. The other half said let it be and get on with what you're supposed to be doing.

"Yes," Kris nodded bring up the sensor readings that Podi was working to enhance. She felt a little bitter about missing out on the opportunity on going down to the surface having been, muscled out some would say. Personally she thought it was simply sexist. Shunting the thought aside she watching the senses keenly.

"Can either of you tell me anything more about this planet?", she left the question open to the bridge. She still hadn't adapted to being left behind on away missions yet, and she felt uncomfortable, something else she would have to get used too.

"The atmosphere is a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen," Kristina announced. "There is no indication of inhabited areas, the only signs of civilization the sensors have discovered have long since been abandoned. Judging for the decay I'd say the ruin have been abandoned of at least two hundred years." She paused adjusting the sensors slightly. "There are deserts, oceans everything you expect on an M class planet, but with no inhabitants. Even on the other continents the results are the same as if the population was wiped out, but I can't find any evidence of warfare." she looked up from the console.

Beverly turned back to her engineer, now seated at the Operations console. "Podi, any indication of technology down there, other than the colony ship?"
It was a redundant question, she knew that his answer would be no.

Podi began his scan of the are for technology, and was surprised by his result. "Oh, ooh, that's odd. Commander, I think there's a storm front down on the planet or something similar, it's moving towards the landing site. I think we should at the very least try to warn them while we attempt to uncover more information."

"They should be fine for a few hours yet, but keep an eye on it". Just then Krissy interrupted.

"I'm receiving a message from the surface," she injected. "It's a little scrambled but clear enough to hear."

The com sprung to life with a crackle and Commander Lorran's voice filtered over.
=/"Away team to Genesis, we've found the colony ship. There are no immediate signs of life, but we'll investigate further."=

"Acknowledged Commander, Keep us informed", this mystery was just getting darker and darker.
She tapped her com badge, "Bridge to sickbay, Doctor Ulonova please join us on the bridge". It never hurt to get more minds working on the same problem.

"On my way". Leanne punched up the directions to the bridge on the sickbay computer and headed down the corridor to the turbo lifts. She wasn't sure exactly what was currently going on, she had started to read some of the duty logs and mission briefs that where in the computer but didn't know what she would be walking in on when she got to the bridge.

The doors slid open to reveal the bridge, Leanne smiled to everyone as she stepped out of the turbolift and walked over to middle of the bridge. "How can I help out up here?"

"Nice to meet you Doctor", Beverly smiled at the younger women. "If you could take the science station and see if you could pick up any sign's of life other than the away team and local indigenous forms of life".
She hated to put the Doctor to work so soon after arriving, and with no formal meeting between her and the medical officer, but needs must.

"I'll get right on it." Ulonova walked over to the science ops station and started running scans. Leanne started with the traditional bio trace, running through catalogs of known biochemical signatures, flaura/fauna, carbon emssisions. The computer processed the request and came back with no traces of anything. She ran it again, adjusted the gain and returned the same results.

"Commander, initial scans are not coming up with anything, I'm going to try a calcium deposit scan, it should hopefully pull up bone structures from anything down there if they are dead. It will be less specific since it will only be looking for bone masses, but if there is anything down there it should catch it."

Leanne keyed in the specifications for the scan and let it run. She looked around at the other people on the bridge. This was her first meeting with anyone else on the ship, and was mostly senior staff. She thought about trying to make small talk but decided it was better to just keep her eyes on the scan.

The scan ran normally and returned no results. Leanne tilted her head slightly in puzzlement and turned back to Commander DeVour.

"Commander, it doesn't look like there is anything down there... none of my scans have returned anything. I... I can't explain."

With the news Beverly was on her feet and moving around the long wooden effect tactical station and circled most of the bridge. "Have you checked for errors, it should at least be picking up on the away team?".

Leanne watched as the Commander came up to her station. She looked through the sensor data again to verify and pulled up the log to make sure that she hadn't messed anything up.

"I ran the first sensor sweep twice, just to be sure, and I can run the second one again but I'm not pulling anything." She tapped a few more pieces of information into the console to try and verify what she had ran. "I'll admit, I'm a little unfamiliar with these systems but it doesn't look like anything is down there."

"Can I help?" Podi chimed in from ops with a questioning face, inquisitive to see if he could be useful. He tapped some information into his screen and looked back at his superiors.

Kristina looked up at the remaining crew. Her eyes studded the Doctor for a moment before the registered the ease the three of them worked together. She remained silent for the moment unable to shake off the heavy sense of foreboding that had settled upon her shoulders.

Leanne tapped in some more information into the console, then looked up at the Engineer. Her mind raced as to his name, she had tried to remember names and faces from the crew manifest that had been given to her before she left Jupiter. Poki? Povi.... Podi.. Podi Wesdon..

"Mr. Wesdon, can you boost the the sensor array at all? I'm having trouble cutting through and we aren't picking up anything, and I've double checked the settings, we should be picking up something".

"Ok, I'll get right on that.' Podi's fingers raced along the screen as he worked to achieve the required results. "Ooh, oh...k, I...might be wrong, but, ah...I think there's some kind of bio-genic energy field or something. Check this out!" If it weren't for the deep seriousness of the situation, Podi would have been impressed by his readings.

Beverly had assumed the seat and console next to the science one, and was running her own scans, but using the more sophisticated sensor scans and apparatus available to the crew of the Genesis. Being an ex-science officer and the fact they still had to replace her in that role, she jumped in. Running scan after scan, using all the different bandwidths and spectrum. The only thing that was showing was an unusual bio-genic energy field. It surrounded the planet like a cocoon, shielding the surface from anything that might be looking in on it.

"I've found the problem", she routed the scan data to ops as well as tactical and science for the other officers to look at. "A high energy bio-genic field is shrouding the planet. It doesn't matter how high you boost the sensors Podi, it won't cut through that much interference, its probably the reason behind the trouble with the com-system".

Leanne tried to make herself look small in the science chair while she looked over the information that was displaying on her console. It still didn't make sense how something could mask that much Biomass. She made a mental note to meet up with the commander and go over some of the different equipment they have on board and scanning procedures. Leanne felt a little out of her league, missing something as big as a biofield on her first day in the job.

Beverly rose from the chair and patted the Doctor on the shoulder as she went. "Don't worry Doctor, I don't expect anyone to have picked that up. I probably wouldn't have the first time around".

"It does take some time to get used to new equipment, particularly Mike's station, it's got so much...junk stored in it.' Podi tapped heavily and slowly on the screen as it made some clunking noises of various length and pitch. 'Plus the refit updated the equipment, and it's a job I'm not used to. I guess I'm just trying to say we all make mistakes. It happens. It's how we learn from them that matters." Podi chuckled at how much of a primary school teacher he thought he sounded and continued to try and clean up Mike's operations panel, with more 'clunk' sounds following.

Kristina drummed her fingers on the display. She didn't like this one bit. There simply wasn't another evidence to suggest what was caused the bio-genic field. It was extremely unlikely it naturally occurred. Some one or something must be generating it.
"What do you suggest we do?" she asked carefully.

"All we can do now is wait for the away team to return, and we can plan our next move".
Beverly was now settling back down in her command chair, the sense of foreboding increasing. What was generating that field, and from where?


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