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Moving Forward

Posted on Sun Sep 20th, 2009 @ 4:09pm by Commander Lorran Vos & Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Butler & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras & Ensign Amadeus Madden & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Orion Restaurant

Nell was beginning to tease the audience that was gathered in her small café. Each note she sang was like bird song perfect in every way. She had chosen her dress, as with most Orion women, to accentuate the contours of her body. It was a purple silk that clung to her curves perfectly.

The final few bars of her song drew to an end and the onlookers erupted into a round of applause. It had only been a few days since she had opened the café, literally after the Borg attack. She had been on the first transport to come to the station after the invasion had been averted.

She bowed down to the rapture of the audience and as she came up she caught sight of a slender blonde women wearing the Command Dress Uniform of a Starfleet Captain. 'This must be the Station Captain!'

She hoped down from the small stage area and walked over to her. "Captain...", her voice was soft yet carried enough weight to be heard over the din of the crowd. "I'm Nell Varesh. I'll assume you were the one that decided to use my small café as a location for your party?"

"That would be me", Beverly looked drawn and pale. Each contour of her face shrouded with shadow. Nell just assumed it was due to what had happened in recent days. "Are the rest of the crew here?"

"They are Captain... or at least most of them. Over in the back".
Nell's slender arm pointed over to a corner of the room. It was segregated from the rest of the room and she could see several people in Starfleet Dress Uniform already milling about. Some with small plates of food, others with drinks deep in conversation. These people would be comprising the key personnel on the station, the senior officers and a few of the more notable officers under their command.

She nodded a thank you to Nell and slowly weaved her way through the crowd. She picked a plate up and started to fill it with some of the delicious food that was present, she intended to collect some over due food for her system before mingling with her crew.

Henk was laying on his back working on an fighter. His uniform was almost black. He was totally forgot the time.

"Sir, we are going to the party," A voice said.

Henk wanted to rise up but hit his head hard against the steel bottom. A few words split his mouth as he rolled away from the fighter. He began to run to his quarters on the Genesis. He quickly changed into his dress uniform. After a few minutes and out of breath he entered the bar. He saw Beverly in the back and walked towards it.

"Hope I'm not too late."

"No Lieutenant. Your just on time", she offered a weak smile before moving over to one of the windows and staring off into space, watching the slowly swirling clouds of the different gases that comprised the atmosphere of the planet that Starbase 611 was in orbit off.

Mike walked in moments after Henk did. He passed the Captain and gave her a nod. And when Henk made his remark Mike slid up past him and quietly said. "You're earlier than me."

When he saw Jasmine and Leanne talking he nodded and headed over. "Hey guys."

"Mikey!" She smiled. "How are you?"

"Jas, can I," he pointed across the room.

"You have a problem talking about romance in front of a Doctor?" She asked.

Leanne smiled at Mike, it had been a while since she had seen him, well it seemed like a long time at least. "I don't think that anything you could say would make me blush" She winked at Mike.

Mike laughed, and turned to Jasmine. "You know what, we can talk about this later, Jasmine. Lets just go and get social, meet some of these new people."

Jasmine nodded. "Uh huh. OK, fine, fine. Lets go. Hey, Leanne, Mike, have you met Tom Jenkins?"

"Not yet I haven't gotten around to meeting everyone yet. I really even shouldn't be up and around yet." Leanne grabbed a drink off one of the trays that were moving around. Taking a sip, her face scrunched up.

Ever watchful Annabelle Brenari frowned with criticism at the glass in Ulonova's hand. Although Leanne outranked her in several directions she was still a patient under Brenari's care. She doubted the Doctor would take heed if she tired to persuade Leanne to leave to return to bed, Doctors really did make the worst patients.

Jorvin was in his quarters struggling to get into his dress uniform. He hated the cursed thing, but still had to wear it. He finally got the shirt on straight and headed over to the party. He walked in and headed to the back to mingle with the other senior officers. He saw Commander Vos and went over to say hi. "Hey Commander. Hows it going?"

As opposed to most of the others, Commander Lorran seemed perfectly at ease in his white dress uniform. Then again, Vos never really seemed to be anxious or out of his element whatever the situation. He was like a social Borg, adapting to every new situation with admirable efficiency. He'd just arrived and was in the process of greeting the first people to turn a smile his way when Captain Jorvin caught him. "Hello, Jorvin." he replied as he snagged a passing glass of something light green, glowing, and bubbly. He wasn't quite sure what it was, but he gave it a try anyway, finding it delightfully tart. "Enjoying yourself?"

"Like most Klingons, or part Klingons, I have never enjoyed dress uniforms. They never seem to fit quite right. But other than that I am having fun. Just look at all the old faces mixed in with all the new ones."

Jrez was very pleased indeed that Thalal had made him wear dress uniform. He felt out of place enough among all these officers he didn’t know but turning up in ordinary uniform would have been a faux pas of the first order. He walked over to a small group and waited for a break in the conversation.

“Good evening,” he said politely. “I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced. I am Senior Chief Petty Officer Akina Jrez. I’m the new Command Chief. I’m sorry but I don’t know any of you. I’m only new here. I transferred in off the USS Explorer in the midst of the Borg attack.”

Clutching a plate in a death like grip Kathy Edkins stared around the restaurant both with anger and sadness. She had heard that her beloved crew had been assigned the Station to be their home until further notice and that the Genesis was to be nothing more the a support ship.

Not spending time upon the ship meant no business for her as the crew would be on the station every hour of the day. She was envious and if it hadn't been for the company of Beverly and her Senior staff she was certain she would have explored with rage at the owner of the restaurant.

Still she stomped around angrily until she could feel better.

Wishing now she had drunken less at Toka's bar and considering having those deep bruises on her fingers lightened after her run in with Zeek Kristina sat in a secluded corner sloughed over the table with a throbbing headache. She had almost not attended the party but redundantly agreed with her conciseness that Beverly' wrath would be worse then her own. Maybe if she sneaked off early no one would notice...

Staying near the back of the assembled party goers, T'Arjia stood quietly, simply observing all the events taking place in the small cafe. She had forgone the synthales and wines that most of the other crew had taken up, instead holding a simple glass of water, which had barely been touched.

She wasn't the only one. A young ensign was leaning against the wall hands in his pockets, collar loose and unzipped, his eyes keenly studying the crew as if trying to deduce something. He was one of the new crew, human, dark hair, dark eyes, intelligence department according to his collar. He clearly hadn't taken part in repelling the Borg attack, his face lacking the signs of physical exhaustion, mental fatigue, or emotional duress of the other crew.

After turning down a drink offered by a passing waitress, he looked over at the Vulcan and her almost untouched glass. "Why order water if you have no intention of drinking it?" he asked.

T'Arjia looked across at the Human who had just spoken. "I intend to drink it when I am thirsty." she replied, matter-of-factly

Beverly pulled herself out of her own thoughts as a shot of pain racketed through her head. She tried to hide it, but wasn't entirely sure if she had managed it. Her condition was worsening, something had to be done about it but at this moment something more important needed to happen. Her crew needed to unwind and celebrate, new and old meeting and getting to know each other.

As she brought her eyes up she noticed that all of the senior officers and the invited key officers were all gathered.

Gently she tapped a glass with a utensil. "Ladies and gentleman... If I can have your attention please". The gaggle of voices cleared and dimmed and she allowed the final few whispers to vanish before she spoke again. "In recent days and weeks the crew of the USS Genesis has been through more than some crews go through in a tour of duty and we have barely begun. We have lost friends", her mind fluttered back to the ruins and the Alien creatures. "We have fought a war", again another memory floated through her mind, that of the Ops center in the high of the battle with the Borg. "We have fallen in love", her gaze fluttered over to Vos and Leanne were Vos had his arms laced around Leanne. "But through all of this we have become something more than just a crew. We are friends. Starfleet has also seen fit to keep this crew together as we assume command of the very station we all risked our lives to save. Also on that note, to reward those for Exemplary service I would like to congratulate Lieutenant JG's O'Brien, Jenkins and T'Arjia as well as Lieutenant Ulonova who have received promotions for their service", she started to applaud along with the collected audience and as it subsided she continued. "I would also like to welcome Lieutenant Commander Aerelon to the fold and extend an invitation to Lieutenant Butler to remain on the station as our Chief Engineer... That is if you accept Lieutenant?"

Once again, just mentioning the name caused her thoughts that should not be in the mind of a Commanding Officer. Through sheer force of will she fought them down.

As the focus shifted to her, she flicked her head across to Mike, trying to get some kind of advice from him. She got on her tippy toes and shifted her head across, getting in close to him. "What do I say?" She said out the side of her mouth.

"Yes, Jasmine, yes. Just accept." Mike whispered.

"I accept, Captain." Jasmine said with a gleeful smile.

"Good". Beverly raised her glass, "Now we sing, drink and be merry, for tomorrow is the start of a new chapter". The toast we voiced and she downed what remained in her champagne flute.

Henk looked at Bev as she talked. He raised his glass as she toasted. He looked around to try and find Mason. But so far he didn't see her. a bit disappointed he walked around and grabbed another glass of champagne. He looked out the window just to clear his mind.

Jack had tactically positioned himself earlier to avoid drawing attention, he held in one hand a practically untouched glass of champagne. And with the other he was constantly adjusting the collar of his dress uniform I should have asked for extra duties, I hate wearing these things.

Mike spotted Leanne across the room with Vos. He started heading over there, before Jasmine grabbed his arm. "Just a sec, I need to talk with Leanne." Once she gave a nod, he continued over there.
He gave the couple a smile. "Hey, Vos. Could I borrow Leanne for a minute?"

"Sure, Mike. I can't monopolize her all night, now can I?" Commander Lorran replied, giving Lake a comradely slap on the shoulder.

"I'm going to go talk to the Captain." he announced, squeezing Lee's hand briefly in parting as he found her eyes. "Congratulations, Lieutenant." he smiled before moving off in Beverly's direction.

"Thanks Commander" she looked at Mike. "Do you want to go outside so we can actually talk?"

Mike looked around him, all the people seemed a little intimidating. "Might be best." He followed her outside.

Groups of people shifted and changed following DuVour's little speech. Jrez found himself next to D'Ras. "Evening Lieutenant. Congratulations."

T'Arjia bowed her head slightly. "Thank you, Chief. I didn't expect to receive my first rank promotion so soon"

"Well deserved from what I've seen. Mind you, you've got a reputation to live up to now. That was good work on the cortical nodes; now we've got the computer malfunctions to solve. Don't get too smart though." Jrez gave the lieutenant his most winsome smile. "Remember the 79th Rule of Acquisition."

"I never did get round to learning about Ferengi culture" T'Arjia stated flatly. "Although, I must admit that my recent work has been quite a bit more substantial than in the past. However, I will endeavor to be not 'too smart', as you put it"

Jrez heard the downbeat tone in D'Ras' voice. "My apologies, Lieutenant, I didn't meant to offend. I forget sometimes to make sure my foot is nowhere near my mouth when I open it."

He saw Kathy Edkins walking past. "A moment please, Ms Edkins. If you'll excuse me, Lieutenant...."

A quick nod of her head acknowledged Jrez' request, and T'Arjia went back to observing the events going on, taking the odd sip of water every now and then

Surprised at the sound of her name being called Kathy turned so quickly the contents of her glass sloshed threatening to spill over the top. "Yes," she said.

"Excuse me but.... I promised...that is...." This wasn't going well. "My name is Akina Jrez. I'm from the Explorer. One of the crew who came across with me is a chef. I...well, I agreed to.... Damn it Akina, just spit it out! "Do you have a vacancy?"

"Well Mister Jrez, considering the announcement that the Genesis will had used only as a support vehicle I don't know if I will continue running my lounge." Kathy answered somehow keeping herself in check. "I might have to relocate to the station. If you wish I can keep you informed."

"Thank you. I'll let Wath Pirell know."
He turned to resume the conversation with Lieutenant D'Ras but she'd moved on. Not surprising, I suppose, after that insensitive comment. Oh, well, I'll just have to work that much harder on the computer problems to make up for it.

From the table in the far corner Kristina had barley looked up from her folded arms to applaud unenthusiastically at the announcements. Not out of dishonor for all of those mentioned deserved their promotions for their dedication but because the sound made her headache even more. Once the speech has ended she returned back to her previous lull leaning over the table with her head in her arms wondering if she really could drag her aching self to bed or not.

Henk saw Kristina in the corner of his eye. He put down his glass of champagne on the nearest table and walked towards her. He only had a few sips of champagne, but he felt the alcohol had effect no him. When he reached Kristina's table he looked at down at her with concern.
"Shall I help you to your quarters?" He asked.

Slowly drawing up she eyed him suspiciously. "I can manage thank you," her tone was cold as ever, but her eyes were heavy and tired looking. Slowly she massaged her temples to ease the ache that resided there and closed her eyes to block out the glare.

Henk was still standing close when she reopened them looking even more concerned then before. She sighed wearily,

"Alright," she rose to her feet slapping her hands upon the table. "If it will make you feel better you can walk with me."

"That's only what I wanted." Henk said with a weak smile. "After I drop you off, I will go to bed."

Jasmine watched Mike leave with Leanne, then turned around and looked for Tom. She squinted and spotted him. She crept across the room, trying to avoid anyone stopping her for a chat. When she approached Thomas she smiled. "Congratulations, Thomas."

Wearing a dress uniform for the first time, Thomas looked up from his coffee to see a familiar face smiling. Normally he'd be drinking up a storm and stumbling from person to person, chatting up a storm by now, but given the days events following his extended shuttle trip to the Genesis, Thomas was beat. Having stuck to raktajino over drinks tonight, he'd been hoping to avoid chatter - but in this case, he'd make an exception. "Thanks Jas." He smiled back. "I'll be seeing more of you, I hear? Sounds like I'm having a pretty lucky night."

Jasmine chuckled. "I'll probably be seeing more of you." She smiled "You are a charmer, Tom, aren't you."

"Well, now that depends.." He took a sip of the harsh coffee-like beverage in his hand. "Is it working?" He smiled his half-grin smile, playfully.

Jasmine chuckled. "I honestly don't know." She sought for a new topic. "This cafe is certainly nice."

Thomas nodded and took another quick look around. The cafe for whatever reason had been spared in the Borg conquest and was quite glamorous. "Too bad the rest of the station isn't this nice. You have your work cut out for you." Without speaking out loud, he made a mental note to have the Lieutenant back to the cafe for coffee another day.

Jasmine nodded. "I sure do." She sighed, desperately wondering what Mike was doing with Leanne. She then returned to her usual cheer. "So, what is on the Strategic Ops' agenda for the while?"

Jrez saw a man with lieutenant's pips tugging at the collar of his uniform. He wandered over, helping himself to a flute of champagne on the way.
"You look about as comfortable as I feel," he said casually. "It was with much difficulty that I was persuaded to put this uniform on. I'm glad I did, but...."

"You never feel comfortable" giving a short laugh "Tell me about it. I'm Daniels by the way" Jack extended out his hand to shake.

Beverly had exchanged her words, but now her head was pounding. She avoided Leanne completely as she discreetly exited the room and made her way back to her quarters that had now been assigned to her on the station. 'One good nights sleep, that's all I need', she told herself, desperately hoping that was true.

From the entrance to the bar, Commander Vos watched her go as he finished off his drink. He looked deep in thought as he savored the last of the green, fizzy concoction.



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