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Truely A Member of the Family

Posted on Fri Oct 2nd, 2009 @ 7:48am by Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.

He made his first step off the shuttle, breathing in the Starbase air, his new home. For Joe DeVour, to be aboard a Starbase to report on it's goings on was truly a once in a life time chance, but it wasn't just for the opportunities for his career in journalism that he was there for; being aboard gave him an excellent chance to catch up with his sister and somewhat his role model, Beverly.
The non-com who had piloted the shuttle extended his arm to give Joe his suitcases and bags, considering he was moving aboard for an unknown amount of time, he had packed very lightly, but he knew anything he needed he could just get as he needed it in the shops in the promenade or replicated.
Joe took the bags, and swung the lighter duffel bag over his shoulder, carrying his two suitcases.
He gave the pilot a nod. "Thank you, Chief."

The Zaldan Pilot, who was easily about 6'8" looked down at Joe, dwarfing him by about a foot. Accepting that this small man was just a human, and probably didn't know about Zaldan customs regarding interaction, he avoided getting up tight about it. "Mr DeVour." He replied plainly and dryly, The man's deep voice rang through the shuttle and the shuttle bay itself.

As Joe walked away from the shuttle's closing door, he was at odds to explain why the man was acting as strange as he was, but disregarded it.

Once he had cleared the 'caution zone' that was painted on with yellow, he pulled out his PADD and looked up the Station Map; he knew he was instantly lost. "Darn map, harder to follow than a Starfleet career." He muttered to himself, exiting the Shuttle bay.
Knowing he would get somewhere just following a corridor, he continued on. Joe was officially now lost, he had admitted it; a turbolift seemed something on a distant thing now.

While reviewing the weeks roster for the Ops department, Mike had subtly followed the man who left the shuttle bay to make sure he didn't get up to any mischief. Mike finally decided that the man was simply lost; and didn't honestly blame him.
Once he had stopped, Mike zeroed in and tapped him on the shoulder. "Excuse me, Sir, are you alright?"

Joe was slightly startled. "Whoa! Um... Yes, yes, sorry, I was looking for a turbolift."

Mike pointed to a door across the hall. "Over there."

Joe smiled. "Oh, thankyou." Joe stumbled about for a moment with his bags. "And you'd be? Lieutenant...?"

"Lake, Mike Lake. And you are?" Mike asked.

"Joe DeVour." He responded.

Mike was a little shocked. "Husband? Brother? Son?"

"The brother. Please to meet you, Mike."

Mike nodded. "Do you need some help with your bags?"

"That would be terrific." Joe lifted one bag and handed it to Mike.

"So, do you want to visit your sister first?" Mike asked, but then he remembered what a sorry sight she was, the concern about that was still eating killing him. "You know what, how about I get you set up before we visit her. She is a very busy woman."

Joe smiled. "I bet. Alright, well, lets lay some foundations here."

"So, what brings you to the Starbase?" Mike asked. "Obviously the Captain is one reason."

"Well, I am here because I am on assignment." Joe responded.

"You're with Starfleet?" Mike asked.

Joe shook his head. "No, I'm a journalist. Don't worry, I'm not one of those 'up in your face, ramming a recorder down your throat.' types."

"That is good to hear." Mike chuckled "I was about to drop your bags and walk off."

"I'm actually here to cover the issue with the Gorn, and report about the Borg attack here yesterday; visiting Beverly was a bonus."

Mike nodded. "Fair enough. If my sister was serving on the Starbase I'd fly a shuttle into the nearest planet."

"You and your sister have issues?" Joe asked.

"No, I just have an issue with having family members aboard. My sister was actually going to get assigned to the Genesis as a member of the medical staff about a month ago, lucky I nipped that in the bud. You can't rely on your family to help you get a hang of living in space, you know?"

"Totally understandable." Joe replied.

Once the two men had made it to the Operations Wing of the Starbase, they went to the Chief Operations Officer's office. Where Mike went behind his new desk and started typing away. "Ok, we have a free guest suite on level 6."

"Guest suite?" Joe scratched his head and ran his fingers through the medium sized mop on his head. "Do you have anything more permanent?"

Mike typed some more into his console. "We have a vacant civilian quarters on level 5. They are single rooms, but they are a little cramped."

"That'll do, that's more than ok." Joe said with a smile.

"Alright, they're yours." Mike said. "Cabin 42 on level 5, Joe."

Joe nodded. "Much appreciated, Mike."

"Do you need some assistance getting there?" Mike asked.

Joe itched just above his right eyebrow. "That would be brilliant, Lieutenant."

Mike picked up the large suitcase that he had just bought into the office for Joe.

::2 Minutes Later, Level Five- Residential Quarters 042::
"Well, here we are." Mike stated, pointing at the sign on the door, then pushing the button beside it. "After you."

Joe walked inside and had a small look from the doorway. "Cosy." He took a step forward into his room and placed his bags down. "As long as it has a desk and a bed, I'm happy."

"You know how everything works?" Mike asked.

"Yes; I spent half a year on the USS Finland writing a weekly article on life aboard the ship while it was patrolling the Romulan Border, I eventually ended up starting to learn how to pilot a shuttle before I was pulled to cover a Starfleet trial on Earth."

Mike put the suitcase next to the ones Joe had put down. "Sure. Do you want me to get someone to bring you an access terminal for your work?"

"That would be wonderful." Joe replied with a nod.

"Well, I'll let you settle in. Someone will bring you a Terminal." Mike said.

"Thanks, Mike, it's greatly appreciated."

"No problem, it is just my job after all, Joe. I'll check in later to see how you are going." Mike said heading the door.

"Alright." Once the door closed, Joe turned around and headed for the bedroom to get some sleep.



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