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In The Shadows

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Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

S.S. West Ridge
The Site Off 'New Carolina Colony'


Touch down was soft and light. The colony ship had hit what would become home turf. The site of the new Federation Colony. The S.S. West Ridge would be taken apart, and components would be used in constructing what would become the home for over three hundred colonists.
Ceana rushed through the cargobay, she wanted to be the first to set foot on the planet, as any child of ten would on the biggest adventure of her life.

Chasing after the little girl sprinting to catch her before she ran into trouble Megan caught her around the waist and lifted her from her feet only inches away from the opening.
Sunlight was streaming through basking the both of them in it's warmth. The little girl struggled a little in her mothers arms but Megan was stern with her.
"How many times must I tell you? Don't wonder off on your own! Especially out there, we need to wait until it's been given the go ahead before we can go outside." She lowed Ceana back down smoothing down her little dress and straightening the bow in her hair. "We'll go and explore in a minuet together, alright?"

"But mummy, the Captain said we were ok to go outside".
At the mention of the Captain, a wisened older man walked into the cargobay. "She's right ma'am, the planets ready for you to set up your colony".
"See!" Ceana squealed excitingly.

Looking up at the Captain for a second Megan straightened. "I still don't want you to wonder off on your own. Stay where I can see you."

She nodded then pointed at the open doorway, a cheeky grin crossing her face, "Can we Mummy?"

Meagan could only smile at her daughter: "Alright we can go." She hovered a couple of paces behind her as Ceana lead her out through the doors and into the sunlight of a new and strange world.

It was beautiful. A large mountain range dusted with snow tops, a tropical jungle all around with every shade of green possible. Light grass underfoot and the sweet scent of flowers in the air.
The sun was radiant as well, and was warming to the body and soul. It was a glorious place.
"Mummy, whats that?"
Ceana was pointing at a large structure just behind the nearest tree line.

Following the pointing finger Megan traced the tree line seeing instantly the man made object she spoke about.
"I'm not sure sweetie but I think it's an obelisk. They look like giant fingers with a point at the top. They are very, very old and are not seen often anymore"

"But I thought the planet didn't have people living here?"

"It doesn't anymore," Megan paused thinking. "It must be a ruin left from the people that use to live here. Do you want go and look?"

She nodded, excitement ebbing inside her, she felt like a real explorer. She bounded off ahead and them remembered what her mother had told her. She stopped dead and turned to her, waiting for her mother to catch up.

Chuckling lightly Megan closed the gap quickly she waved Ceana on not wishing to dampen her daughters enthusiasm.


They found the Obelisk to be only a small portion of the ruins. All around there was fallen crumbling walls where homes had once stood, vines covering what looked to be a monument, the large obelisk, which she now noticed was even more massive that first thought. But most impressive was the pyramid like structure a short distance behind the Obelisk, and there looked to be a light shining from inside the small temple structure at the tip.
"Mummy, can we go look?"

Megan's eyes traveled around the ruins carefully. Everything looked innocent enough but she still felt weary. The light that shone from the tip of the temple puzzled her, and intrigued her at the same time.
She unslung the pack from her back and pulled out a torch, handing it Ceana she gave her a wink. "We can have a quick look then we should go back and tell the Captain what we found"

Ceana followed her mother up the steps to to yaw of the temple.
It was impressive. Large columns supported the intricate stone work that was the roof, and an impressive amount of vines now clung to the columns.
Ceana looked around, she could just see the top of the colony ship over that top of the treeline.
She followed her mother inside.

The dark pressed around them both, the bare walls enhanced their footfalls loudly. Flashing her torch around the dusty space inside the temple Megan's beam fell upon many ancient texts inscribed deeply into the floor, walls and tall columns. None of these she could read but interested she traced several with her fingers trying to imagine who may have written these ancient messages and what weight they carried.
They covered every inch in a jumble of shapes and angles, some she noted looked to be been carved in a hurry for they lacked the precision and beauty of others.

Ceana was just as impressed, but she wanted to find the source of the light. She walked over to a small stone column that stood as high as she was towards the back of the room. It seemed to glow from the inside with a slight blue tint.
She was raising her hand to touch it when something caught her eye. Movement in the darkness.
She shone her torch into the corner but nothing could be seen. Then she heard something from behind her. Breathing, deep and heavy, almost like a growl.
She spun so fast she lost her footing, but someone... something with a powerful hand and sharp claws caught her. She couldn't see, everything went dark.

Something made Megan jump. She snapped her head up certain something had stirred somewhere in the shadows. She raised her torch flashing into the darkness. "Ceana?" She called out. "Ceana what did I say?"
Directing the mean of her torch all around Megan began to panic. Where had she gone?
Her eyes glossed over the short column which appeared to be emitting a strange blue hue that she had not noticed before. Normally she would have found this every fascinating but right now all she wanted to do was to find her daughter.
Walking past the column with her eyes following the beam of light she didn't see it until she kicked it with her dusty boots. Crouching down Megan gripped the fallen torch with her stomach knotting with dread. Something was wrong something terrible had happened.
In the corner of her eye she could have sworn something moved just on the edge of her vision staying just outside the beam of light.
Her heart was racing, thumping in her ears: "Ceana!" she shouted hearing her own voice echo back to her.

Then somewhere deep in the thickest shadows of the temples heart came the piercing and chilling scream of a frightened child. Abandoning reason Megan shouted into the darkness: "I'm coming!" and sprinted into the depths not knowing what lay before her nor the dangers she had put herself and others in.

A post by: Lieutenant Commander Beverly DeVuor & Lieutenant Kristina Mason


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