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Into Shadow

Posted on Mon Feb 2nd, 2009 @ 5:04am by Commander Lorran Vos & Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Latanna Surface
Timeline: Current

The swirling blue-white mist of the transporter beam gave way to the lush forests of Latanna. Green grass grew underfoot and sunlight streamed into the clearing they'd chosen for their transport site. Beyond the tree tops they could see a single, black obelisk rising into the air, marking ancient ruins. Vos brought out his tricorder, flipping it open in the same motion with practiced ease as he turned a trained eye to the forest around them. His tricorder hummed and chirped at him, indicating an abundance of native flora and fauna, but no humanoids within the scan radius. There was, however, a federation energy signature somewhere to the northeast. It was faint, but there...somewhere near those ruins.

"Northeast, near the ruins. I'm picking up a faint energy signature...looks like one of ours. I'll take point. Marines, bring up the rear." Vos ordered, following his tricorder into the forest. "Everyone, keep an eye out. Let's find those colonists."

Jorvin and the two Marines, "eyes" and Kvan, he brought with him took up position at the rear of the small party. They spread out and kept their eyes peeled.

Mike watched the men fan out, he couldn't help but shake a little in a fit of tenseness, he looked across to K'tan "Lets just hope for nothing, eh."

K'Tan looked at Vos and the others, a weird fire burning in his gaze. He prepared his Klingon Disruptor Rifle, re-checked and eventually set it to maximum setting. He looked at Vos and spoke quietly "Sir, with your permission i'd like to take a Marine with me so we can scout ahead. If we find anything we'll alert you at once". Hoping to run into a worthy adversary the Klingon awaited confirmation from Vos, his eagerness more than visible on his features.

"Permission granted, Lieutenant." Vos said, eyeing the Klingon's disruptor rifle. "Scout out fifty meters ahead. However, you are not to fire that weapon unless attacked first, understood? You look a little too eager for me, K'Tan. Remember this is a Starfleet mission and we have certain rules you are required to follow." The Lieutenant Commander seemed to want to follow away mission protocol to the letter. It was his first mission as the first officer and the captain's first mission in command, so he wanted to make them both look good. It was probably his own fault that he'd invited the Klingon along, but he'd rather have K'Tan down on the planet where his aggression and strength could possibly do some good as opposed to stalking around the bridge getting in Mason's way.

He'd noticed the looks everyone on the bridge had given him when he decided not to include the Chief of Security on the away mission, but he hadn't done so out of some outdated, chauvinistic impulse. He wanted the person best capable of protecting the captain and the ship right on that bridge in case anything happened while they were on the planet. Besides, Mason's job was ship's security, not planetary expeditions. That's what the marines were for.

At the mention of a scouting mention Jorvin signaled "Eyes" over and said "Lt. K'Tan meet Jonathan "Eyes" Sturgeon. He is the best scout there is. He will serve you well."

Eyes walked up and saluted K'tan.

K'tan saluted back, patting Eyes on the shoulder, speaking quietly "Five meter spread, no sound, we must be swift and silent like hunting targs, Mr. Sturgeon." The Klingon began advancing with ease through the foliage, keeping his Disruptor rifle prepared. He would follow regulations but he was not to allow some foe to catch him unprepared. Using sign language he motioned to Eyes to advance. Once reaching 50 meters range he crouched down, raising his rifle, looking through it's scope toward their potential target.

Eyes followed the Klingon's lead and took up position 50 meters ahead of the group and 5 meters away from K'Tan. He too crouched down, not having a disruptor he pulled out his phaser rifle and scoped it out to full, scanning the area. "There appears to be something 100 meters off to the right." Eyes said indicating the location with his right hand.

"Eyes" and K'Tan were the first to come upon the colony ship's landing site. What had caught the scout's attention was the huge, black obelisk like a finger pointing accusingly at the sky. Some way away from it was a nearly equally large pyramid made from the same stone. Stairs were cut into the side of the structure to an opening about midway up. Carved hieroglyphics stood out on either side of the stairs, their slightly different angles catching the sun's light and seeming to glow. More ruins, some in better condition than others, stretched out around the obelisk and the pyramid. Strangely, the obelisk looked to be in relatively good shape as opposed to the rest of the ruins, which showed visible signs of age as well as the slow encroachment of the forest. The colony ship, large as it was, seemed dwarfed by the ancient structures as it sat lonely in the pyramid's shadow.

With the scouts waiting at the tree line, the rest of the party quickly caught up and regrouped. Vos held everyone back at what looked to have once been a defensive stone wall that had long since crumbled apart for a moment so that he could tap his communicator. "Away team to Genesis, we've found the colony ship." he said as he swept his tricorder back and forth. "There are no immediate signs of life, but we'll investigate further."


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