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Waking From a Dream

Posted on Mon Sep 28th, 2009 @ 11:23am by Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Butler

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: 3 Hours After "Admitting Feelings"

They laid there almost lifeless, both out of breath, both were perspiring like crazy. After a few hours of rather 'steamy interaction', Mike and Jasmine could hardly move.

Mike forced out a breath of air, cooling down with the aid of some soft quiet music and the slightly lower temperature of the room. He closed his eyes and relaxed.

"Mike?" She whispered, looking up after having her head buried in his chest for a few minutes.

He opened his eyes and looked down at her. "Yeah."

"I really enjoyed tonight." She pulled herself up towards his face and kissed him softly. "Wanna go again?"

Mike laughed. "You are pretty lively, aren't you."

Jasmine rolled her eyes, then slapped Mike on the chest. "Yes or no. Stop killing the vibe."

"Alright." Mike rolled her onto her back, but the door bell rang before they got started. Mike threw himself off the bed and whipped on some shorts.

"Don't worry about it. Come back." She stated, realising that if they were caught by someone who would report their being together to the Captain, they would be on report.

Mike looked for his singlet, which he quickly found and put on, which was quickly followed by a fairly hefty spray of deodorant.

Mike pressed the button that would open the door. He was kind of panicked, because he only knew that this guy was Thomas Jenkins and was acquainted with Jasmine in some way. But Mike had no idea what he would be doing visiting his quarters, the only thing he could think of was him coming to start a fight because he had just spent 3 hours in bed with his girlfriend.

Tom blinked a few times, caught off guard by Mike's appearance. At least he had some idea of how Emily had felt the night before - thankfully, Lieutenant Lake was at least partially clothed, and there were no flowers. Thinking he may have had the wrong room, he glanced down towards the small interface next to the door. This was definitely the room he'd been looking for - but that definitely wasn't Lieutenant Butler's name next to it. Thomas tried to hold back a huge grin. "I'm sorry, Lieutenant, I was looking for Lieutenant Butler. The computer led me here; I must have the wrong room."

Mike's eyes darted around for a second. "You know, I bet she dropped her combadge in my pocket or something, maybe there was a computer malfunction. I'll look into it-"

"Did I hear my name called?" Jasmine said, coming out of the bedroom with only her jumpsuit on, clearly put on in a massive hurry, because she was still zipping it up, and only to the point where the zip was sitting above her breasts.

Thomas couldn't hold back his grin anymore. He managed to suppress his laugh, but gave the Lieutenant in front of him a 'congratulatory' raised eyebrow. "I'm willing to go with computer malfunction." He joked, thinking she was relatively tiny but wouldn't fit in his pocket. "I can be brief, if necessary." It made sense now why she hadn't answered the comm, earlier.

"Sure, uh... come in... just wait a second first." He waved Jasmine over and when they crossed paths he whispered, "Keep him busy for a minute." Before rushing into the bedroom and getting that can of air freshener that he had stashed away.

Jasmine could hear the hiss of the can and bent back to see what was going on, and then realised what Mike was doing. "So, Tom, what's up?" She asked with a bright smile.

Thomas chuckled a bit, thinking he could hear an aerosol can in the other room. Still standing in the door, he pulled a padd out from under his arm. "We had an ..issue, with a console up in Ops. I rerouted the controls, but the Ensign in the pit can't for the life of him find where this model is stored." He leaned in a little so she could see, before tapping two buttons and bringing up a visual of the console. "I thought with your knowledge of the station, you might be able to help."

Jasmine nodded and smiled. "That's a," She paused for a moment, "O-Y-125, if memory serves, we would have one or two in the cargobay. If it needs replacing, I'll add it to the list of jobs for the engineering crew."

Thomas recalled something his mother had said; 'your face is going to stick like that!' He still couldn't stop grinning. "We'd hailed you over the comm, but.." He paused. "Like the Lieutenant had said, I'm sure it was an issue with the computer." He went along with the man's blatant lie; he wasn't about to bury these two for an act that he'd been over an hour late for work doing. He'd searched for a name when referencing him, but had honestly never met him and came up with something.

"An issue with the comm system?" She heard the hissing of the can get closer and closer, and shifted her eyes to see Mike waving the can around in the air, making a haze of white.
"If there was we'd... probably know about it... coms down or not." She suddenly realised that Mike bent the truth to cover themselves, but it was obvious what had gone on, anyone would be smart enough to see through that. "Well, I apologise for our attire, the," She winked "Com system, might have had something to do with it."

"It's safe to come in." Mike's voice called from inside the cloud, followed by some coughing and spluttering.

Following behind Jasmine, Thomas made his way into the room. He had a slight idea of what to expect, having ..'breakfast' often left a residual smell to the room. He imagined the other two were horrified, having been caught in the act. Given his own actions, Thomas was hardly the person to go running off telling the Captain. On duty? Hell, he wanted to pat this mystery Lieutenant on the back! "Actually, I--"

As he inhaled, Thomas caught wind of the thick air in the room. The smell that was there in the first place remained, not covered up but instead mixed with the air freshener and the Lieutenant's deodorant. He had intended to be discreet, but his lungs were revolted. Covering his mouth with his arm he launched into a coughing fit, struggling to breathe the thick soup of air. He tried to breathe through his nose, hoping it would filter some of it out - but smelling it only made it worse. Still following Jasmine, he doubled over, choking. When she turned around, he waved the other arm out in front of him, gesturing that he'd be okay. After a moment of two he stood back up, wiping a tear from his eye and clearing his through. "I was hoping to talk to you about a proposal I'd like to make to the Captain regarding the Strategic Operations display in Ops." He covered his mouth and coughed a single, short cough. "I'd like to make some pretty drastic changes, but wanted to make sure it was plausible from the engineering standpoint first." Turning to the Lieutenant he'd not yet met, he joked: "I, uhh.. Like what you've done with the place."

Mike could just see Jasmine in the fog. "It seems everyone has the same taste as you."

Jas chuckled. "Its foggier than a Klingon Battle Cruiser, but, when he hasn't emptied a can of bugshot in here, it is actually quite pleasant."

"Thank you, Jasmine." Mike smiled as the haze slowly cleared and left the room covered in a very fine, almost non-existent white dust coating, leaving Mike still smiling as it fell.

"Damn, it still stinks, I wonder what he is thinking right now." Mike thought to himself.

On a different topic than Lt Lake was no doubt thinking, Thomas' mind actually kicked him at the mention of the Klingon Battle Cruiser - he couldn't stay much longer; needed to get back to the Klingon Ambassador's room. Extending a hand, he decided to clear the mystery as to who this Lieutenant was that had already managed to sleep with Jasmine - not that he'd been actively trying, but she was a definite catch. "I don't think we've met." He extended a hand "Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins, recently appointed Chief Strat Ops on the station." Although innocent, Thomas got a kick out of playing the introduction up with a ..'protective' edge.

Mike was reluctant to extend his hand- for both their sake. "Hey, I have to do something, sorry." Mike quickly ran to his bathroom and washed his hands, and could be heard cursing under his breath... from the other room.
Mike ran back in and extended his hand. "Lieutenant Mike Lake. Pleased to meet you."

Thomas gave an honest smile as he recognized Mister Lake from the ceremony the night before and shook his hand - realizing how little thought he'd put into the handshake. Apparently the man was a gentleman, having washed his hands. "I remember seeing you last night, now that I think of it." He also recalled the name on the crew roster he'd been trying to suffer through. "Chief of Operations, I think I remember reading somewhere. I guess we'll be seeing a lot of each other."

Looking around at the two guilty officers, one of which was half naked, Thomas couldn't resist getting a comment in. "..though you two have seen plenty, by the looks of things.."

Mike gave Tom a dangerous glare. "Whatever that means."

Jasmine frowned. "Tom, that isn't called for."

Thomas put a hand out, afraid he'd put some serious fear into the two. "I was only kidding, guys. I spent seven years as an Ensign, and not because of lack of ability. I'd probably be a Commander by now if I could manage good behavior!" He laughed, nervously; his sister had told him that. "That didn't sound very good on my part." He paused to rephrase. "What I mean to say is, we're all mature adults here. I don't see why anyone else needs to be made aware of what goes on behind closed doors."

Mike breathed a sigh of relief. "Right. Good."

Jasmine smiled. "Thanks, Tom." She looked at Mike. "See, he is a good guy."

"I didn't say he wasn't, Jasmine. I appreciate your confidentiality on this, Tom." He smiled. "You'd surely know about two people getting a little carried away."

"I'm still sorry about your back." Jasmine mumbled.

Thomas held back a laugh at Jasmine's comment; Mike was likely less than pleased that it had slipped out. Though he didn't know why, Thomas would see it as a public compliment. He chose not to comment on the 'getting carried away' bit either; the less people that knew he'd been nearly an hour and a half late for his first alpha shift, the better. "You could say that." He simplified. He was likely the least 'mature' of the adults in the room. In fact, he saw himself teasing the two officers about their run-in relentlessly in the future. "I should probably leave you be, though. I was supposed to be on my way to what I hope by now is an Ambassador's Quarters when I made the detour here - I should be getting back."

"Are you sure you don't want to go straight onto work?" Jasmine asked.

Thomas shook his head. "The changes can wait, Ops isn't going anywhere." He smiled at Jasmine through the clearing fog. "You owe me a lunch anyway, we can discuss the potential changes to the Strat Ops Station then."

Jasmine nodded. "Alright, you've got it."

With a farewell and slightly apologetic nod to each of the officers, Thomas headed out the door. Rather than taking the left back to the turbolift, he took a right to his own quarters - that shave wouldn't take too long, he thought. Before the doors closed, he could be heard requesting a model O-Y-125 console for Ops through his commbadge.

Once Jasmine had notified the Cargobay of a new console's need, she turned to Mike. "So, we both have a few hours."

Mike stepped in front of Jas and let her wrap her arms around him. "We do."

Jasmine got on her toes and kissed Mike, slowly zipping her jumpsuit down. "Back to bed."



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