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The Cobourg

Posted on Mon Sep 28th, 2009 @ 6:09pm by Captain Jorvin

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.

Jorvin and his XO, Sargent Bailey, were headed over to the Cobourg, the Miranda class vessel that had been station at SB 611 for the Marines to use. The Miranda class is an older yet very reliable class vessel. Jorvin and Sargent Bailey were going over to inspect the ship. They made it to the docking port, entered their pass codes and boarded the vessel.

"Computer lights" Jorvin said upon entering the dark ship. The lights came on and he and Sargent Bailey began to look around. "Alright lets split up and do a quick run through to see what kind of shape shes in" Jorvin said.

"Aye sir." came Bailey's reply.

Jorvin headed to the Bridge while Sargent Bailey headed to Main Engineering.

Along the way to the Bridge Jorvin noticed several areas in disrepair, he made note to have them fixed. Once on the Bridge he walked around a bit and then took a seat in the big chair. He brought up the view screen and looked at the ships systems.

Sargent Bailey went to engineering and took a look at the disrepair. The whole warp drive would have to be replaced as well as a lot of the other components. After a few minutes he headed back to meet Jorvin.

When Jorvin and Sargent Bailey met up the Sargent gave a report to Jorvin about the status of the engine room and the parts of the ship he had seen.

"Sounds like a project for the engineers we have with us." Jorvin said. "We can do a partial renovation as well. Take out the enlisted quarters and replace them with barracks, we'll need to leave the officers quarters in case of diplomatic missions. We will scale back the gym and combine the holodecks into one large one, to be used for training purposes. And the shuttles can be replaced with puller class transports. Oh and I want the Marine Insignia on the bow."

Sargent Bailey had been taking notes on all of this "When shall we start sir?"

"After tomorrow mornings briefing." replied Jorvin. "I will see you then." Jorvin headed off to the promenade to get something to eat.

Sargent Bailey said "Aye sir." and headed off to his quarters.


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