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Posted on Sun Feb 1st, 2009 @ 9:50pm by

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Timeline: Before the Genesis left for the Latanna sector

OOC: Hi everyone, just throwing in a quick back post so I can jump in and join you all.


"SOMEONE GET THAT CAT" The con officer on the shuttle yelled as Raymond jumped out of his carrier and ran underneath the control panel.

"Ohh.. I'll get him" Leanne dropped her things, reached under the control panel and produced a skiddish yellow cat who was not happy to be taken out of his normal habitat. "He's fine, Warp just scares him I'll make sure that his carrier is locked better this time."

"You better be glad that I'm such a good pilot or we could have just been flung into a star just then..." The warrant officer went back to his piloting mumbling under his breath about throwing the cat out of the shuttle door.

"I'm sorry." Leanne put Raymond back in his case and leaned back into her chair. It was only a few days ago that she was lounging in her room, watching the latest updates from FNS when the message arrived on her computer.

To: Dr. Leanne Ulonova
From: Starfleet Medical
Re: Transfer

Dr. Ulonova, your transfer to the U.S.S. Genesis has been accepted. You are to report immediately to the shuttle bay to disembark.


Leanne couldn't believe it, she didn't think that her transfer would be accepted. She quickly grabbed a few of her belongings and packed them into a bag, and grabbed her cat Raymond and put him into his carrier. Taking a quick look around for what she actually needed she remembered to run to her office and grab the items in her bottom drawer, if those got left or lost in the transport she would never forgive herself. The Doctor, quickly ran down to the medical bay and rooted through her drawer. Leanne produced a small black case that she immediately tucked away into her bag. This has been her home for the last few years but now it never felt like she belonged here. Leanne went back to her room, grabbed Raymond and a her bag and headed towards the shuttle bay.

That was three days and 5 shuttle transfers ago. The Genesis was headed out on a mission and they needed a Chief Medical Officer. They told her to only bring what she needed and the rest would be sent the next time they where at a star base. Leanne reached down and pet Raymond, the drone of the warp engines scared him to the point that he was curled up in the back of his cage. She felt miserable, pre-made replicator food didn't settle well in her stomach and her head felt like it was 3 sizes larger then what it was. Ulonova started to drift off in her thoughts when the shuttle dropped out of warp.

"Lieutenant, we have arrived." The Genesis loomed large in the front windows of the shuttle, she knew that the ships where big, she had seen them plenty of times from the windows of Jupiter Station but it looked huge from this vantage point. Leanne grabbed her things and stepped onto the transporter pad. The crackle of the transporter chief let the con officer know that they where ready to receive her.

"Energize" The shuttle disappeared and the transporter room of the Genesis came into focus, Raymond was crying loudly, being sent across the emptiness of space was another thing that the cat wasn't used to.

"Hello, Dr. Leanne Ulonova and Raymond, permission to come aboard."
The chief nodded to her "Welcome aboard Doctor, we are about to get underway, you should probably stow your things and get to sickbay."

Leanne stepped off the transporter pad and walked over to the chief. "Thank you" She left the transporter room and headed down the corridors, through the turbo lifts for about 5 minutes before she got lost. "Computer, directions to Chief Medical Officers quarters please." The computer displayed directions on the nearest LCARS screen she followed the directions.

Pushing the chime, the door slid open to the room, it was bare except for the standard Starfleet decor. Leanne let Raymond out and he immediately ran under one of the chairs. She set out some food and water for him and threw the rest of her belongings in the corner. The doctor pulled up instructions on how to get to sickbay on her terminal and headed to her post. As Leanne walked down the corridors, she contemplated her new found post... Genesis.. hopefully this would a great new start start for her.


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