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Reminants of Horror

Posted on Wed Sep 30th, 2009 @ 6:21pm by Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Lt Lake's Quarters
Timeline: 0800 hours- 4 Hours After "Waking From a Dream"

"Mikey." A teasing voice called from the darkness, echoing through his mind.

He turned around and pointed his phaser to the door on the far side of the room; a very brief visual inspection proved that no one was there. He slowly took a step forward, following the voice from where it came from, step by step made him grip the phaser tighter and tighter.

"Oh, Mikey." The voice said again in the same, annoyingly teasing tone. The door slowly slid apart, followed by footsteps and a giggle of a young girl. He caught the sight of a leg from the corner of his eye; it only appeared for a moment before it disappeared along with the laugh that faded as the small amount of time progressed.

Mike ran out of the room he was in and followed in the direction the laugh headed, which slowly got more audible as he sped up.

He chased the giggle to a T-Junction in the corridor, he immediately turned to the passage that split off and saw a small girl at the end. She waved him to follow, then ran off again.

Mike sprinted after her, and against the flow of proper time, he was suddenly in engineering, standing at the large pool table console, looking towards the engine core, lit in dark orange light, the girl sat on the large metal hulk that sat between the two tubes.

She dangled her legs over the edge and started to sing an eerie, slow paced song in a language he didn't understand, but the tune held some kind of vague familiarity to it.

Mike stepped forward, suddenly knowing her name. "Lauren, get down from there." He said in a calm way, almost talking down to her.

"No Mikey, I won't." She said in a very stubborn tone.

"If you don't come down from there, you will-" He was cut off by a computer beep.

"Core ejection system online." The computer stated plainly as a large metallic clunk rang through engineering, followed by an alert klaxon and the hiss of gas. The room suddenly was blanketed by a blue light.

"No! No!" Mike started running forwards; his arm extended “Lauren!" The core then fell into the pit it rose from, along with the little girl. Mike grabbed a hold of the rail and pushed his torso over, only to see the core fall into space in a freefall.
After a moment he regained his composure and pulled himself back over the rail and turned around, then he suddenly tripped over and hit the floor.

He winced for a moment before pushing himself back up and finding himself on the bridge, he lifted himself off the ground from his prone position and looked around, and saw Tory and Lovak and... "Eline." His eyes suddenly brightened. He extended his arm and touched her shoulder, but she didn't notice, breaking Mike's heard all over again.

Someone walked up right beside him. "It's so pretty." She said to herself, at only a volume Mike could hear, he instantly recognised it as Tory's voice.

"It’s also heading right for us at high speed, twenty seconds to impact!" Stadi replied.

Mike looked towards the viewscreen, seeing a large blue pulse hurdling towards the ship from the planet.

In the moments that followed, everything played out in fast motion, until Stadi was knocked out of her chair, where everything was scaled to a slow pace, and Mike was forced to watch his own personal horror unfold before him.

He looked down at her lifeless body while Tory darted across the bridge to help make an attempt at aiding her dead friend. When she stopped, Tory leaned over her body and took her pulse, which had faded to a dim memory.
When Tory pulled away, and let her self fall apart, Mike kept staring at Stadi. Suddenly her eyes sprung open.

"Go back, take the path less travelled, you have time to go back." She whispered.

Mike could only frown and shake his head in confusion, he had no idea what she was talking about, and had quickly figured that he couldn't talk to her.
Suddenly he felt a terrible pain inside him, it wasn't the reignited heart ache, it was something else, something physical.

He was sudden woken up by Jasmine who had been hitting him to bring him back to the awake world.

::30 Minutes Later ((OOC: Before reading on, please read the JP "Angry Breakfast"::
Once Jasmine left, Mike finished his breakfast, and hers. He was in a strange mood, he went as far as to wash his bed linen and replace it, clean all the white powder that coated his quarters; it was one of those things that Mike did when he was disturbed.
He checked the clock, he had only wasted half an hour, and his quarters were as clean as the time he first entered the room a few months ago.

"Coffee, black." He ordered on his way to the replicator on the far side of the room. The computer gave a beep and produced his beverage; it was only a matter of him swiping it out of the replicator as he walked past the slot.
He put the mug down on his desk and looked for a PADD that he wasn't using. He searched for a moment until he found one at the bottom of the pile.

Mike picked the coffee back up and headed over to his couch, and resting his coffee on the solid arm rest. Once he got comfortable, he started listing things off he saw and heard in the dream, just to make sense of what it all meant.
The first thing he listed was, of course, the freshest memory he had; Stadi. He only partially remembered what she said, and what he did remember made no sense. 'Wrong road' he jotted down on the PADD.

"What the hell does a 'wrong road' have to do with anything?" He muttered to himself. He tried sorting through his memories, but nothing really fit what she was talking about.

"I think I'll have a mull about that one later." He said.

He then remembered that engineering was featured in his dream as well, he then jotted down 'engineering', it was the place he was most comfortable working, where Podi had worked, where Jasmine worked as well, but then the memory of the girl's death came back to him.

"Now, that girl, she was...Lauren..." Mike suddenly went back about 20 years, and remembered this Lauren girl died when she hit her head and broke her spine after falling off the playground, he didn't even remember it like it was a memory; it was more like a memory of something that hadn't happened.
He got off the couch and went back over to his desk and activated his access terminal.

"Computer, access Federation death records, access code; Lake-611-Alpha-7789." He instructed. The computer authorized his access and showed the Federation coroner's logo.

He rubbed his hands together. "Right, hmm, access death records for Australia, Earth; search years 2363 to... uh... 2366. Search name, Lauren; restrict to Humans, aged 5 to 8."
The screen displayed a fading 'searching' several times, until it had completed its search.

"2 results listed" The computer said.

Mike opened the first mortuary record, he knew straight away that it wasn't the person looking for, the photo was an instant give away.
"Computer, open the second record."

The other profile opened and the girl's photo was immediately displayed. Mike shot back on his chair, there was an overwhelming feeling of acquaintanceship, but he didn't know where it was coming from; but he knew someone who might.

"Computer, establish a comlink with Admiral Graham Lake, USS Schuto, NCC..." He sighed "...Good on you, Mike, forget your own father's ship's registry number. Oh!" He smiled, "NCC-42522."

The computer accepted the order and patched him through.

::USS Schuto::
"Admiral, we have a message coming through from Lieutenant Michael Lake, USS Genesis." The communications officer reported.

"Are you sure?" He asked, standing up from the Captain's chair.

"Yes, sir." He replied.

"That kid never calls." Admiral Lake muttered, looking back to his XO, with a small smile on his face. The other man chuckled. "Patch him through to my ready room."

"Aye." The Coms officer responded.

"Commander Callan, you have the bridge." Lake said, walking towards his ready room.

Once he was there, he rounded his desk and pushed a button upon it, making a screen slide up from the marble table top. He sat in his chair and got comfortable, and waited for his son's face to appear on the screen. Graham pulled at his moustache for a moment before his son finally popped up on the screen.

"My communications officer told me that someone with my last name wanted to get a hold of me." Graham said with a straight face.

"Hey, Dad." Mike said with a smile.

"I have a son?" Graham chuckled to himself. "I haven't heard from you for months, what have you been doing?"

"I've had a lot on my hands." Mike replied.

He nodded, going to a quieter, darker tone. "I heard about Stadi. I'm sorry, Mike."

The memory of the dream stabbed back into Mike's brain. "Yeah. Thanks." He sat up in his chair, trying to block out the pain that still was killing him. "So, Dad, how has life been on the Schuto? You swapped over the class finally?"

"When they gave me command of 8th Fleet's TF 61, they offered the upgrade." He leaned forward. "They gave me an Intimidator."

"You finally let go of that New Orleans, then." Mike said with a grin.

"It was a tough sale to give away the Quinlan, I married your mother in the mess hall, and she gave birth to you and your sister on in its sickbay. Your uncle and godfather died on its bridge. It served in several Dominion War engagements; it is a special ship to me. It was my first command; I held it for 20 years." He stated.

Mike raised both hands. "Alright, it is special ship, you made your point." He chuckled. "So, how is G.I. Joke?"

"Your first crush?" Graham raised an eyebrow. "She's doing fine. Made it to Brigadier General last month, she is overseeing the Marine Ops of the Fleet. You never forgave Jan for drop kicking you across the bridge when she was a 1st Lieutenant, did you?"

He shook his head. "No."

"So, anyway, Mike, what have you called for, whenever kids call they always want something." Graham muttered.

Mike coughed. "Dad, do you remember a child called Lauren that I once knew?"

Graham sighed. "The memories have started to resurface, huh?"

Mike frowned. "Resurfaced? What? Dad..."

"We should have told you a long time ago, we just never got around to it." Graham said.

"Told me what? What didn't you get around to?" Mike almost shouted.

"Mike, that girl, Lauren; She died almost exactly 20 years ago. You were in such a state in the following months when she died we had to seek help, for god sakes, Mike, the Doctor and the Psychiatrist said that you would end up a totally silent child, and eventually suicidal wreck, we had to do something."

"I don't see where you are going with this, Dad." Mike interrupted.

Graham raised a finger. "Just wait." He continued. "We seeked for a medical cure from several different races, they only had limited ones that would delete days or new memories; there was another option. A Vulcan mind meld."

"So the person who performed it just plucked the memory of a person from me? That's way ethical... Mind you, Dad, I understand why you did it." Mike admitted.

"I didn't expect you to take it well, you've proved me wrong. I realise how immoral it is." Graham said.

"Well, I appreciate it." Mike stated. "The argument can be saved for later. Its good to know what is going on though." He looked at his Dad is silence. "So, how is Mum?"

"She is doing well adjusting to the new ship. Mind you, she is the only civilian aboard aside from my Chief of Security's wife. They get along like a house on fire."

Mike laughed. "That's great. Have you heard from Sheridan?"

"Last I heard, she was transferring across to the Genesis." Graham informed him. "Is she there yet?"

"Actually, you'll find she is on the Lennox." Mike said.

"Really?" Graham asked.

"Dad, I've told you time and time again that I can't have her here watching me, telling people what I did when I was a kid and all in all, I just don't like having close family on a Starship with me." Mike stated to his father.

"I forgot about that." His Graham replied.

A beep came through on Schuto end. "Admiral, the Dragon has arrived to do the Cargo Exchange."

"I'll be right there." Graham replied. "Well, Mike, I was good to chat to you, despite the circumstances."

Mike nodded. "Likewise. Well, I'll let you keep on with your day. I'll talk to you later"

"Thanks. Look, do me a favor and try contacting me once a fortnight or something. Your bunch have some sort of love for getting into trouble, I worry."

"Ok, fine." Mike tried to hurry him up. "I have to go anyway, I need to sort some stuff out on the Starbase."

"Starbase?" Graham raised an eyebrow, and then noticed Mike's expression. "Fill me in later. Right. Ok, Lake, out."

His face disappeared from the screen and Mike swung around on his chair; he realised his dream now was just his brain's way of sorting itself out, retrieving the lost bits of his life.

He stood up and grabbed his coffee and skulled it down. "Ah, WHY!!" Mike shouted as his mouth suddenly burned at the hands of the scolding the coffee had given him. He threw the cup on the floor and left his room to go to the Ops wing; and then to sickbay, perhaps.

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