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Posted on Fri Oct 2nd, 2009 @ 2:42pm by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Lieutenant Commander Vloc Can & Lieutenant Katherine Clarke & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Science Lab 2

Jrez outlined the problem afflicting the computer systems while he and Lieutenant Commander Can awaited Lieutenant Clarke's presence.

“Sorry Lieutenant D'Ras isn't present. She must be off-shift.” As he spoke, he pulled open a drawer. “Here are the cortical nodes and the neural processors, as promised. I hope you can make good use of them. PO zh’Simal and Nurse Vrell went to a lot of trouble to get them.”

Vloc picked up each and examined them quickly. Some he replaced in the draw but he took three of each. "Thank you, Chief. It is good that we do not need to expose more crew to danger to retrieve these items."

Jrez was quickly coming to like the Vulcan. After the incident with Captain DuVuor, Can was a welcome relief. Jrez was sure that if this was a more direct officer/enlisted personnel situation, Can would be more by-the-book but Can had requested Jrez's assistance and seemed to be going out of his way to be nice. That is to say, for a Vulcan he was going out of his way. On the surface, he maintained that cool Vulcan demeanour but with the experience of four hosts behind him, Jrez could tell when an effort was being made on his behalf.

Vloc looked up at the sound of running feet, "No doubt this will be my Science officer, keen to play with your toys."

Kath raced into the Labs, annoyed at herself for taking an early wrong turn and getting lost. She was not used to navigating her way around Star bases. She glanced quickly around the labs, there were bits and pieces everywhere and suddenly Kath did not feel so bad about the state of the labs on the Tomcat, but her eyes lingered on equipment and other oddments that she would dearly like to get her hands on.

Her eyes finally came to rest on the two men talking at the far end of the labs. Her eyes narrowed as she came closer to them – Was Vloc excited? She shook her head. She had to stop reading to much into his actions.

“Vloc, I’m here. What’s up?” Kath’s eyes moved curiously to the man standing with her XO.

"Lt Clarke, Senior Chief Petty Officer Jrez here is having some issues with his system. Seems they are suffering asystem wide series of faults. I have informed him that the Tomcat is due to leave space dock in a few hours and that the Science team is rushing to get organised. However, if you are able to assit them in any manner it would be appreciated. Perhaps a download of some logs to study while we are in transit?"

“It’s nice to meet you Jrez.” Kath held out her hand for the Trill to shake.

Jrez found that an unusual gesture from an officer but went with the flow and accepted the hand. Clarke's grip was good and firm. He responded in like fashion.

“What exactly are the faults occurring in the system?” Clarke was saying. “Can you show me?” She tried to keep the eagerness out of her voice, but given the choice between being a claytons’ maintenance crew or playing with computer systems, she would take computer systems every time.

Kath looked up at the Vulcan and spoke quickly before he could say anything about ‘time constraints’. “Logs are all very well Mr Can but it does help to see the symptoms with your own eyes.” She then noticed the devices in her XO’s hands. Her eyes widened. “Are those what I think they are?”

Vloc merely nodded, "It seems I will have the opportunity to explore some of my own tactical projects after all. The Borg may well be a serious threat in this sector, so it is bes to be prepared."

"Do what you can for their systems, Lieutenant, but do not neglect the Tomcat's preparedness."

Katherine bristled a little at the Vulcan’s words. “Commander, my Science division has finally made an appearance and are now fully devoted to bringing both Astronomy and Astrophysics up to spec along with Snowden’s Ops specialists. The Tomcat will not be neglected.”

Vloc was getting used to Clarke's temper. He knew she would flash boil and then be cool as ice the next moment. He decided to stay and observe. He had been a tactical Engineer for 5 years so thought he might be of some assistance.

Jrez let this little bit of by-play pass. They could sort it out in their own good time, for now he had more important matters to attend to. He couldn’t help but notice Clarke’s enthusiasm though.

“Lieutenant D'Ras has run extensive diagnostics but so far we’ve come up blank,” he told the Science Officer. “All are giving the same result – they haven’t detected any problems. I’m only new here but Lieutenant T’Arjia assured me that when she first arrived on the station the consoles were all running faster than they currently are. Problems are also manifesting as intermittent system errors and failures. Unfortunately, I can’t actually demonstrate but comms messages get re-routed, replicators give unordered food and…well, I mentioned the console lags.”

He turned his head slightly to include Can in his next statement.

“Her conclusion is that the problem probably lies somewhere in the main computer core but so far she’s been unable to locate it.”

"Let's go take a look shall we?" Kath immediately turned to lead the way but then remembered that she really had no idea where the Computer core was located. She stopped and gave Jrez a sheepish grin. "Sorry, I'm getting a little ahead of myself aren't I..."

“That’s fine.” He walked towards the door. “Commander...?” he said politely to Can.

Vloc followed behind the group, "Have you considered, since the problem is systemic, That is may also affect teh diagnostics? A level one diagnostic, which requires manual inspection of each section, would seem warranted. I realise it is time consuming. Perhapse if you focused on a position that you know has been affected, such as Communications?"

Jrez considered the suggestion. Yes, that was reasonable. It was what he’d do on one of his freighters but then, they didn’t have the sophisticated technologies of a starbase. He hadn’t thought to do it here. Still and all, it might just do the trick.

“We’ll check the main core but....” =/\= Jrez to Ops.=/\=

=/\= Engineering here, Chief.=/\=

“Damn! What was that about not being able to provide a demonstration,” he said to Can and Clarke.

=/\= Jrez to Ops. =/\=

=/\= Ops here. =/\=

=/\= Can you organise a Level 1 diagnostic on a functioning console for me, please? =/\=

=/\= I’ll see to it straight away. What are we looking for? =/\=

=/\= Still working on the system malfunctions in the computers. =/\=

=/\= Leave it with us. Ops out. =/\=

Jrez didn’t recognise the voice but that didn’t matter. The job would be done, no matter who took the request.

“Now, about your cryptological problem.... I was able to decipher some Borg codes from the nodes and processors. They were sending transmissions back to the Delta Quadrant....” Jrez filled Can and Clarke in on his and D’Ras’ findings as they made their way down to the main core.

Vloc listened with a keen ear he made mental notes on a PADD of all the pertinant information.

As they neared the core Kath pulled out her tricorder and after pawing through its pouch pulled out a small peripheral unit and attached it to the instrument and then checked to ensure that the device initiated cleanly.

“Any preliminary findings?” Jrez asked, more in hope than expectation.

“Give me a moment…I’ll be able to find out more by accessing the systems monitoring station. Jrez, I’ll need you to get me access through the security controls so I can have a decent look around. I take it that the Core’s bio–neural network has been investigated for damage or -” As she spoke, Kath made another adjustment to her tricorder and frowned. “This can’t be right…” she stopped in her tracks and began the scans again, making some more adjustments to the peripheral device.

She got the same result. This can’t be right – she was seeing a –1.6 variation on the usual reading given from healthy bio-neural activity in a systems core.

Kath looked about her and sighted a nearby access point. Burrowing in the pouch again, Kath pulled out another device and activated it as she removed the access panel to reveal a cavity filled with glowing blue Gel Packs. “Before I was assigned to operational duty, I was with Starfleet R&D working on AI technology,” Kath explained herself as she reached into the cavity and held the device up to one of the gel packs. “We were also as trying to develop a more robust bio-neutral network that will be able to stand up better to variable environments, disease and major trauma.” The device made gave a quick ‘beep’ and Kath ducked back out and headed for the nearest console.

“How far did the Borg infiltrate? Did they have access to any of the Stations core systems?” Kath transferred the information she had gathered to the desk console and made room for Jrez and Vloc to see the results. "because it looks like you have a nanite infestation."

Jrez thought for a moment, trying to recall what he'd seen and D'Ras had told him. “To be honest, I don’t know how far they got. It’s entirely possible they didn’t get far but, if it is a nanite infection, it’s continued spreading. That would explain why we only have intermittent problems. So far....” he added curtly.

"If you have an isolinear redundant core you could switch operations to that until this primary core has been certified clear."

The door to the core slid open, and T'Arjia stepped in wearing a traditional long Vulcan gown. She hesitated for a moment as she noticed the three other people in the room. "Have you found something?"

Vloc spoke quickly, "Excuse us but we need to be getting back to the Tomcat before it leaves without us. We will contact you if we find anything more, Chief. Lt Clarke? The Captain will be expecting a status update."


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