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The Man in Charge

Posted on Wed Sep 30th, 2009 @ 7:48am by Commander Lorran Vos & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Prominade
Timeline: 14:20

=^=Commander, this is Ops. The new Klingon ambassador is here and...well, I don't know if she's drunk or just being a Klingon, but she hasn't spoken to a command officer yet so she decided that none were available and that the best course of action was to take command of the station up here. Could you...?=^=

Vos pinched the bridge of his nose and leaned against the nearest bulkhead. Klingons...just what he needed now. He tapped his comm badge to answer the transmission. "On my way, Ops. Just leave her be until I get there."

=^=Ah, actually, sir. Lieutenant Lake just sent her on her way. I don't exactly want to call her back.=^=

Chuckling, Vos ended the transmission. "Understood, Ops. I'll find her myself." he tapped out.

Moving to the nearest (operational) computer terminal, Vos brought up the internal sensors. "Computer," he announced, getting an attentive beep in response, "Has the Klingon Ambassador been issued a communicator yet?"


"Of course not. Alright, then scan for Klingon life signs and give me her location."

The screen before him lit up with the Ambassador's life signs, moving at a brisk walk through the station. Vos memorized her walking path and then moved to intercept her. It didn't take long, but eventually Haqtaj would spot the Commander walking toward her from the opposite end of a hallway. He didn't force a smile, but held out a hand in greeting.

"Ambassador, I'm Commander Lorran, the XO. I hear that you've been prowling around looking for command officers. Before we get you outfitted with a comm badge, is there something I can help you with?"

Haqtaj broke into a smile, "Commander Vos. I was told you were inexplicably detained. I assumed one of the broken doors had sealed you in. So kind of you to find the time for me in your busy schedule."

Haqtaj waved a hand around the station, "It seems I have come at a bad time. Perhaps there is something I can do to help? I understand that engineers and supplies are in short stock at the moment. On behalf of the Klingon Empire I would be glad to offer our assistance, should it be required."

"If you would like to assist with repairs, talk to Lieutenant Butler. She'll add you to the rotation or tell you to stay out of the way. If you would like to negotiate more supplies by way of the Klingons, then by all means check the list of equipment we need with the quartermaster and get negotiating. Either way, I can't have you stomping around here like you're on the warpath, Ambassador." Vos crossed his arms over his chest.

Haqtaj smiled honestly. Warpath? If Haqtaj had wanted to cause trouble then there would be a lot more injuries around. Still teh Commander was responding with strength and making his position clear. She liked that.

"I was just giving myself a tour of the facility. Most enlightening I must say. Would you care to join me?"

"It will have to wait. I'm needed in Ops. Perhaps some other time." he replied politely.

Haqtaj gave her slight bow again, "Then I will bid you a good day. I will need to see your quartermaster about one of your shiny com-pins, and what supplies I can aid you with."

She began to move off then stopped, "Tell me, Commander, the records on Captain DeVour suggest she is new to command. Looking around me I can't help but wonder if the task is not beyond her. Of course, when I meet her I am sure it will all become clear. When will that be, exactly?"

Commander Lorran frowned disapprovingly, but didn't rise to the bait. "Ambassador, the Captain is a very busy woman and to be honest, your arrival was a bit unexpected. I would suggest that you make an appointment with the captain's yeoman and Captain DeVuor will see you at her earliest convenience. In the meantime, I suggest you find other ways to amuse yourself outside of starting fights with the Chief of Security and hijacking Ops?"

Now Haqtaj did laugh, "I assure you, Commander, that is I had wanted to fight with your chief of security it would have lasted more than a single punch. I was merely educating her on the appropriate method of settling disputes amongst Klingons. It is important for her to show that kind of strength. Others of my kind may not be as generous."

Suddenly the smile vanished and Haqtaj stepped in close to the Commander, "As for Hijacking Ops I want it understood very clearly what happened. I found your command centre without any duty officers, no one to answer my questions, let alone those of other visiting captains and crew. What would have happened in an emergency? If the turbo lifts had stuck and fire broken out? I have been a fleet commander for many years and know how easily these things happen. It seems to me that having SOMEONE with command experience on your Bridge would be better than having no one. If I am mistaken, if you prefer to let your underlings do whatever they feel is best without guidance, I will no longer impose my cultural expectations."

Vos didn't back down an inch when the Klingon woman stepped in close. Klingons were like animals in that they could smell fear. They usually attacked if you tried to run. Vos had dealt with them before during the Dominion War. "And I assure *you*, Ambassador, this station is not so fragile that the lack of the captain or executive officer in Ops will cripple us. There is more than one section from where we may take command. If all hell had broken loose and we had fires, broken turbolifts, AND downed communications, the Starfleet crew know how to perform their duties without someone constantly looking over their shoulders." he said calmly.

"Now, I won't insult you by offering you an escort to the quartermaster. I'm sure you can find him yourself or with the computer's assistance. Once you have your communicator you may bother any and all command officers at your convenience. We will be happy to answer whatever questions you may have." he smiled.

Haqtaj smiled again, "I see you have dealt with Klingon's before, Commander. Good. Good. I had been told the Bajoran's were a strong people, and I see their reputation was not exaggerated. I will confine my 'bothering' to your junior staff for now and wait the Captain's convenience."

"If I might make one small request," Haqtaj adds, "It seems you have the Libraries copy of the Illiad. I wonder if I might read it once you are done. I have never had the privilege of reading the Terran War Epics in their own language."

"Your knowledge of xenoliterature is impressive, Ambassador. You're correct, I do have it. Unfortunately, that particular title is too ancient for me to have procured a first edition fact, it wasn't originally even bound into a book, nor even written, but the library's copy is a physical book with actual pages, so it suits me. I'm almost finished with it, though. So I'll leave you a note when I return it." he gave her anod and another smile. "Along the same vein, if you happen to have access to a copy of 'Hamlet' in the original tlhIngan, I would appreciate it. I'm in the process of learning your language and the classics tend to make it easier."

"Indeed I have, but not a bound copy. Space is limited on Klingon ships. I also have a copy of Khaless and Malor. It seems an exchange of cultures is already underway."

With that Haqtaj slaps the commander smartly on the shoulder and moves off to continue her tour.


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