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Calling in the Troops (Backpost)

Posted on Sat Oct 3rd, 2009 @ 9:09pm by Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Sogh Lhaerrh tr'Terik & Captain Jorvin

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Security Office

It was reassuring that the crew were able to respond her to request quickly. The station's security office was filling with her personnel and the cutting figures of the Marines too. Considering the sheer size of the station every hand would be needed, and having interviewed Doctor Menze Kristina knew only those skilled in combat would do. Advanced training.

Whatever it was pulling at Beverly's strings it wasn't the real woman they knew. There was too much anger, animal like instincts and thirst for lust in her now. Menze had baffled Krissy with a load of medical jargon but as far as Mason was concerned Beverly was unwell and needed to treated as quickly as possible, naturally Beverly was resisting all the normal polite requests.

Now with her wondering freely around the station plagued but whatever impulses she was feeling Mason had made it her responsibility to confined the Captain until her illness had been treated. However the station was still in state of disrepair and the internal sensors had been malfunctioning most of the morning giving Mason the run around as she tried single handily to find Beverly.
Now she had called the security together to aid in the search.

"As I expect you have all heard by rumor mostly that Captain DeVuor is behaving strangely, her actions include assaults medical staff and Commander Areton. The medical department are trying to find the root of her condition." Mason started leaving out the fact that she too had been stunned by Beverly in her current state. "The medical team have indulged me with information that the illness that Beverly has grows more violent with passing time, therefore it is crucial that we find and contain her until her treatment has been completed."

From among the crowd of Security and marines "Sounds like a tag and bag job" this caused most in the office to laugh.

"However," Mason spoke over. "She is still our Captain whom we must still respect. This operation of search and detain must be done with that in mind. Understood?"

"Search and detain. Is the Captain armed? Or prone to violence?" Jorvin asked.

"Neither as far as we can tell," Krissy replied. "She is more likely to be extremely hostile and violent to you all in return. I trust you all to use a little discretion and tact with both the situation had her position."

"Commander how will this affliction affect Captain DeVuor's reaction to stun settings?" Daniels asked from just off to the right side of Mason.

Turning her head slightly she gave the assistant a level look glad that someone was listening. "Its uncertain at the moment but heavy stun should buy you time."

Nodding his head he went on to ask "Will we be using the standard two man search pattern?"

"Yes team of two, and approach with caution. I can tell you all first hand how painful it is to be on the receiving end of her fist." Mason responded darkly, "Aright, none of you are to out alone or unarmed and for goodness sake complete this effectively and without causing a panic. Understood?"

The room nodded in response.

"Good. Jorvin organize your men as you see fit, Daniels pair them up. Shire you're with me. Let's move it!"


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