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Posted on Sun Feb 1st, 2009 @ 11:24pm by

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: west ridge colony

Henk walked around the corridors of the West Ridge They just landed and began to build there settlement. A woman and child left to go to an obelisk.
“So Henk” Mo said. “How do you like this planet so far?”
Henk turned around and looked at his new friend.
“It’s beautiful.” henk said. “Better than sitting in that piece of junk for a couple of moths.”

Mo started to laugh as he picked up another crate.
“I still don’t believe you quiet starfleet just to be here” Mo said.
“After my job of piloting a admiral all day long, this is heaven” Henk said with a smile.
He picked up another crate and walked out. After a shot walk he set in down with the rest. He looked out over the new settlement. A few make shift homes ware already up.
“So where do you sleep?” Mo asked
“In the ship.“ Henk said “first the family’s need to get a home.”
“Yes they do.” Mo said.
So the day went on. They carried stuff from the ship to the settlement. Around nightfall Henk walked with Mo back to the ship.
“What’s that?” Mo asked while pointing at some shadows.
“What? ”henk said after looking at the point.
“I saw something move.” Mo said.
“If you start seeing things, leave me out of to will you.” Henk said laughing.

30 minutes later henk was lying in his bed. He was almost sound asleep when he heard a loud scream. He sat upright like a gunshot.
~What the..~ he thought.
He jumped into his clothes an ran to the cargo bay.
“What?” Mo asked
“A scream. I think it came from the village” Henk said.
Henk and Mo looked at each other.
“We need a gun.” they both said.
They ran to the settlement. On there way they suddenly stopped.
“Do you think what I’m thinking” Mo said.
“Where are being watched” Henk said.
Henk was with his back to his friend watching the tree line. Suddenly he turned around and Mo was gone. He started to run in fear to the nearest crate with phasers. He picked up a rifle and some supply’s and started to run.


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