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Everyday duties (Backpost)

Posted on Mon Oct 5th, 2009 @ 8:53am by Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: 10 Minutes Before "Moral Mistake"

Gabriel stood in front of the Chief Operations Officers office, holding in his hand the data padd containing the list of items that weren't delivered from the station to the Taurus. Mostly engineering stuff, but still - Kwasniewski needed to be in order before taurus was headin out on the mission - beisdes, he had to pick up few new crewmembers - so walking few meters and finding quatermaster was not a trouble. At least that what Gabriel thought. Quatermaster was nowhere to be found, so Kwasniewski decided to hit the main man in charge of the department. He was now standing in front of Chef of Operations, and ringing his doorbell.

"Come in." Mike said from his desk, still reviewing countless work schedules from both engineering and operations, which he didn't appreciate much. He often found himself watching live reports flow in, and he had no idea why. "Finally a distraction." He thought to himself.

Kwasniewski walked in, he carefully meseaured a lieutenant sittinig behing the desk. He looked a bit stresed. It was unfortunate thath Kwasniewski came with so trivial business, and remembered the times when he was thrown to fill three spots at once - frankly speaking not so long ago... Bot now, certain things had to be made, and despite Kwasniewski felt bad about it, he was damn certain that his superior wouldn't like the answer... Honestly, Gabriel didn't feel good as an XO, but that's where he was. "Good day lieutenant. I hope I'm not interupting" - said Kwasniewski with calm and comforting voice.

Mike stood up, noticing the man's pips. "No, no, you're not." He smiled "Actually I appreciate the interruption. What can I help you with, Commander?" Mike dropped his PADD on the desk to not appear rude.

"Well it won't be much more interesting than that. I'm Gabriel Kwasniewski, of the USS Taurus" - said Gabriel reaching hand toward gold section lieutenant - "Some of the equipment that we were supposed to pick up, didn't arrive in our cargo bays. I tried to clear things up, with your quartermaster, but he was nowhere to be found".

He sighed and muttered. "Flemming..." He looked over the PADD. "Sorry about that. He must have been doing repairs. I'll sort it out."

Kwasniewski smilled. "Thank you, I honestly wouldn't go all the way here and bother you, but God knows when Starfleet will decide to send us in to space, and I wouldn't like the Taurus crew to be caught without necesary equipment" - said Gabriel - "but as I see you have a lot of work yourself".

Mike shook his head. "Nah, it's just some light stuff." He went around his desk. "If you'll follow me, I'll get the equipment from the cargobay."

Kwasniewski smilled. "That would be great, I'll mark them and order to transport them to the ship" - said Kwasniewski, as he stood from the chair.

::1 minute later::
Mike looked across to Kwasniewski, still amazed at how large the cargobay was. "Ok, so where do we start?"

Kwasniewski looked at the data padd. "Well it begins with bio-neural gel packs - I gues there should be a container with the markings of Taurus, since most sequences are unique and there should be one with our name on it. Than there is a shipment of positronic matrix brain implants for our medical bay... There is also a request for lexorin, since we have Vulcan onboard, our doctor decied that it would be good to have some, as well as other drugs like arithrazine and polyadrenailne and some tricodazine... To keep eveyrthing clear, and in order there are official requsition forms signed by our doctor and the captain... There are also other requsitions from our engineering department, but I don't whant to bre you with the small talk" - siad Kwasniewski, and gave Lake the requisition forms.

"A lot of the Taurus's cargo would be grouped, I would think, but you can never be too sure around here." He walked over to a cargo container to get the tricorder that laid upon it. When he activated it and scanned for the Taurus's biopack signature. He pointed. "Over there." He followed the tricorder and sure enough, there was half of the Taurus's cargo list. "Well, I'll have this bunch sent over to the Taurus, when we either find the rest, or it comes in we'll send that over. I'll get my cargo chief to get straight onto that."

"Thank you lieutenant... That would be most kind of you" - said Kwasniewski. He judged mans looks. He looked tired and overworked, and Kwasniewski knew the cure for that - "Lieutenant, I think your up for a drink" - sugested Gabriel.

Mike turned to him and nodded. "I do need to finish my day but if you are still going to be around in a few hours, it would be my pleasure."

Kwasniewski smilled. "I will... I have certain things to deal on the station. So when you're free give a notice on the comm. See you soon lieutenant". Kwasniewski noded, and left the cargo bay.

Mike noticed the young man across the bay. "Crewman Gleeson, get that pile of cargo to the Taurus on the double."

The young man stood up. "Aye sir!" He scooted across the room and started putting transporter markers on the boxes.

When Mike turned to leave he took in a breath of contempt. "This life might turn out to be better than I thought." He said to himself.



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