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Breaking Ground

Posted on Thu Oct 1st, 2009 @ 8:01pm by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant JG Fiona Saunders

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.


After his recent date, Zeek was on the rebound, looking for any female that would give him the time of day. His injury was healed, but his pride was not. He opened himself up to a complete stranger, and let her into some of his darkest secrets. His ladies man facade was broken, and he would have to try a different approach. Strolling the promenade, he noticed a young officer looking very lost. "Afternoon Lieutenant. Need help finding something?"

"Do I really look that lost?" She asked, a bit of venom in her voice "You see the gray on my collar? The first thing I did when I got off that God awful shuttle was hack into the starbase's deck layout and have the computer plot a way to my quarters. Trust me I think I'll be fine." She said as she continued to walk by him.

Zeek skipped a couple steps to catch up "Following a map is one thing, but a computer can't tell you which areas of the starbase to avoid at certain time, where high traffic areas will be, things like that."

She stopped and turned to face him. He was cute, but trying a bit too hard with whatever he was trying to do. "Look, I appreciate your help, really I do. I just got off an eight hour shuttle ride, and I'm exhausted. I've got briefing with my Intel staff in about six hours so I would really like to get to my quarters and get some sleep."

Zeek saw an opportunity "Well since you are in a hurry, let me help you with your bags at least."

Fiona was carrying four large duffel bags, and to be honest they were growing quite heavy. She decided to give up for now and let this man have his fun. She dropped two of the bags and smiled. "Fine you win, but please lets hurry"

Zeek smiled and picked up two of the bags she dropped. "I'm Zeek by the way, Zeek Aerelon."

"Fiona Saunders" She replied.

As the two entered the turbolift, an awkward silence fell over them. "So, where are you transferring from?" Zeek asked

"I'm from the USS Fissure. Captain felt my talents could be used elsewhere, so now I'm here as Chief Intel Officer." She said, remembering the heated conversation that got her off that bloody ship.

Zeek smiled again "So I'll be seeing alot of you then. Gotta love Senior Officers briefings."

Fiona sighed but she should have seen that coming. She was hoping Zeek wasn't a senior officer, but the red collar and Lt.Commanders rank should have given that away. "Yeah I guess so." The turbolift doors opened and Fiona darted out, trying to remember the map that she brought up earlier.

"So what do you do for fun?" He asked, trying to make small talk as they walked down the long hall.

"Break people's faces" she said with a chuckle "That and pool, darts, poker. Stuff like that."

"Maybe I'll have to take you down to Toka's place and put your skills to the test." He said with a grin

"We'll see." She said, stopping at the door to her quarters. "Well Commander, thanks for the escort, but It time for me to get some rest. I'll see you around." She said as she grabbed the bags from Zeek and walked into her quarters.

The doors hissed shut before Zeek could respond "Nice to meet you too." He said in a rather unexcited voice. Defeated yet again, he gathered his pride and made his way back to the promenade.



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