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Requests for assistance

Posted on Tue Oct 6th, 2009 @ 12:23pm by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras & Commander Lorran Vos

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Deck 113 - Main computer core

Jrez bid a hasty farewell and thanks to Can and Clarke.

“M’am,” he said to D’Ras. “The lieutenant’s suggestion seems a feasible one but there’s things need doing before we can implement it. I’m concerned that if we open up a new part of the system, that will only provide an opening for the nanites to infect there too. I have a couple of ideas on that score though. With your permission, I’d like to pull in some assistance.”

T'Arjia nodded. "Of course, Chief. This is a problem that affects us all, so I am sure there will not be want for volunteers to assist. Please keep me informed of your progress"

“Will do. With all that’s going on right now we mightn’t be wanting for volunteers but how many are actually available might be another matter entirely.”

With that, Jrez made his exit. He quickly made his way to the nearest turbolift. This was going to prove more difficult than he’d expected and time was of the essence. First, though, a quick report on how things stood.

=/= Jrez to Commander Lorran. =/=

=/="Go ahead."=/=

=/= Sir, we think we’ve found the source of the system problems. Lieutenant Clarke of the Tomcat has found evidence of contamination by Borg nanites. Lieutenant D’Ras is down at the main computer core working on a solution as we speak.=/=

=/=Finally, some good news. I know you only have a lead right now, but I want that situation taken care of as soon as possible.=/=

=/= On another matter, Sir, as I’ve been moving around the station, I’ve been keeping an eye on the crew. By and large, they’re coping better than could be expected with the stress of the past few days. There have been instances of over-exuberant letting off of steam and I’ll detail those in a formal report but over-all…I’d say they’re going to come through this fine. PO Yul had an extended whinge about the numbers reporting for counseling but once he was done he did admit that the number of new cases is tapering off. There might be some delayed onset ones turning up but he expects that they’ll be able to cope with those, if and when they arise. Jrez out. =/=

=/=As long as security doesn't have to step in, I'm fine with them letting off steam. Just make sure they're doing their duty to the best of their ability. I need this station running like clockwork.=/=

Now to the task at hand; he put a call through to Medical.

=/= Jrez to Lieutenant Ulanova. =/=

Leanne was looking over some department orders when she heard the chirp from the communicator, the promotion wasn't shaping up to be what she thought it would be. "This is Ulonova go ahead"

=/= Two favours if I may please, M’am. =/=

"Depends on what they are"

=/= We think we’ve found the source of the system problems - contamination by Borg nanites. Lieutenant Clarke of the Tomcat suggested we switch primary functions to an isolinear redundant core until we can clean the main system out. It’s a good short-term solution but only treats the symptom, not the cause. I’m concerned that the nanites could get in there too and then we’d really be stuffed. But if we could inoculate the redundant core first, maybe we could avoid that problem. I wonder if those nanites you tinkered with could help us here? =/=

Leanne pulled up the information she had in the computer about the Nanites, she had discarded most of them since they seemed to be more trouble then they were worth at this point. "I can send you the information that I have, but I'm a doctor, not an engineer, I suppose if you are treating the gel packs as a living cell, but I don't know how well that will work.

=/= Secondly, as this appears to be as much a medical problem as a scientific one, could I please borrow Lieutenant Lyons to work on this? =/=

=/=Only for a little bit, she is assisting me with a project that is very time sensitive. We are waiting on some results to come back so I may need to pull her at any moment.=/=

=/= I have some preliminary work to do before I need Lieutenant Lyon’s input. I’m on my way to Ops then I’ll be going to the Science Labs.=/=

Jrez tapped the button to call the turbolift.

=/= If you could send the nanite’s specs to Science Lab 2 I’d appreciate it. That’s where Lieutenant D’Ras was working on the problem so it would be most efficient to co-ordinate this project from there, I think. I can ask Crewman Edkins to go over them and conduct an initial analysis of their likely usefulness. He worked with Lieutenant D’Ras on the cortical nodes and neural processors we recovered so he’s got some background in what we’re after here. By that time, hopefully Lieutenant Lyons will be available.=/=

"I'll forward up whatever I have on record, you'll have them in the next few minutes." Leanne routed all of the information up to the Science lab. "Information is all yours, I'll send up Lieutenant Lyons as soon as possible."

=/= Much appreciated, M'am. I'll try not to keep Ms Lyons long. Jrez out. =/=


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