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Posted on Thu Oct 8th, 2009 @ 2:50pm by Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Butler

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Sickbay

Mike entered the Starbase's general medical area, and was blown away, just like every room he had entered in the past day. He spotted Leanne unpacking some crates of supplies and noted the several new faces.

"Here's my favourite doctor." Mike said with a smile, approaching her from behind.

"If I had a strip of Latinum every time someone said that I was their favorite doctor, I'd have exactly one strip." She smiled and then turned around to find Mike. "How is it going? You haven't hurt anything have you?"

"I'm Mike Lake, I come to sickbay to either visit you, and 'slash' or because I've negligently injured myself." He chuckled. "I've burned my mouth... I decided to skull some coffee. And..." He turned his face to show her the cut that ran along his cheek, and the grey bruise that was rapped around his neck. "The latest victim in a sting of violent attacks from the Captain. I am sick of this, I need to talk to Mason once I'm patched up. Wait until you see Jas..."

Leanne frowned at Mike and grabbed a laser suture and a dermal generator. "I can't leave you alone can I?" she lightly touched the bruises on his neck. "How bad is Jasmine, and did you say the Captain did this? She gave a similar injury to Doctor Menze."

"She decided to pick us up and strangle us, because Jas was 'competition'." He scowled. "As I said, I will be having words with Mason, this has gone way too far for her to be allowed to terrorise the decks beating people up."

"Mike has no doubt told you what happened?" Jasmine asked from the far side of the room, slowly moving forward, cradling her bruises.

"A little bit, I'm just glad that it is only bruises and some cuts." Leanne watched as Jasmine limped over. Leanne walked over and helped Butler over to the Biobed that she was helping Mike at. Giving her a quick scan she frowned at her a little bit more. "Your injuries are a bit more severe then Mikes, I'll take care of you while I have one of the nurses patch you up Mike." Leanne motioned from across the sickbay one of the new nurses that had been transferred over in the course of restaffing the station. The short blonde haired nurse walked over barely looking up from the data padd until she stood next to Mike.

"Alright, lets have a look here." She looked up. "Mike!" She suddenly beamed with her cute smile.

Mike slowly looked up at the woman, he wasn't in the mood for overly happy people. When he realised who this ecstatic person was, he slid off the biobed. "No, No!"

Jasmine looked at Mike. "What?" She looked back at Leanne and chuckled. "Afraid of a dermal regenerator, babe?"

"No, its not the equipmet I'm afraid of, its the person working it." He scowled. "Jasmine, this is my sister... Sheridan."

Sheridan gave Jasmine a smile and a nod. "Is this the latest bed buddy, Mike?" She asked quietly.

"No, its different." He replied.

Sheridan frowned. "Sure. Get back up on the bed so I can heal your injuries."

Mike got back onto the bed and let her start running the regenerator across his cheek. "Do I dare ask how you two got these injuries?" Mike's glance told her to be quiet and to keep working.

Jasmine kept ignoring Mike's sister. "So, Leanne," She winced. "How bad is it?"

Running the sensor over Jasmine. "She really gave it to you. Hold still let me repair these lacerations for you." Leanne grabbed the dermal generator off of the tray and ran it over her cuts. "I'm glad we got you down here, you are pretty bruised and beaten but overall minor injuries, I'll get you fixed here in no time." While the doctor treated Jasmine she looked at Mike and his sister. "Nurse, how is Mr. Lake?"

"He seems fine." She finished up and smiled. "I don't think we'll need to keep you in overnight, Mike. You are free to go."

Mike got off the biobed and stood, watching Leanne work on Jasmine. He couldn't help but frown at the damage Beverly had caused to her. He took a breath and stepped forward to kiss Jas softly on the cheek. "I'm going to get back to work. I'll see you tonight."
He touched Leanne's arm and then gave Sheridan half a smile. "I guess we'll have to catch up some time over coffee. I don't trust you with alcohol."

Sheridan chuckled. "That's just because you think I'm still a child."

"My point exactly." He gave her another smile and a wave as he left the room.

Sheridan stepped forward and stood where Mike just was. "Mike doesn't sound happy. That's a big change for him."

Jasmine sighed. "I don't know what he is uptight about. He was on edge this morning when we were having breakfast. Something about stress, I think he might have said."

"Breakfast?" Leanne raised her eyebrow at Jasmine. She closed up the tricorder and stuck it back on the medical tray. "Well Mike I've noticed gets a bit ruffled a lot of times over little things, he just needs some encouragement." Leanne turned back to Jasmine, "You are fit to return to duty. If you have any more run ins with the captain, come back and I'll patch you back up."

"Thanks." Jasmine got off the bio bed and faced Sheridan. "Don't you dare try and upset Mike, ok." She stated firmly to his sister, which was responded with nothing but a frightened nod. Once she was satisfied she backed off and bit she faced Leanne.
"Hey, Leanne, can I see you in your office for a minute?"

"Of course, let's head over" Leanne pointed over to the glass door that led to her office.


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