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Mortal Mistake

Posted on Mon Oct 5th, 2009 @ 6:44am by Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Butler

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.

Mike looked up and down the corridor outside his office, Jasmine in his arms. "You're sure about this, right?"

Jasmine nodded. "Yes, I'm sure. Now come here you big oaf!" She jumped towards his face and kissed him.

Mike tried his best to step across towards the office door while Jasmine was distracted, being completely latched onto his lips and all. As his finger finally neared the door panel, the door at the far end of the corridor opened. Mike immediately broke away and looked.
He saw a curvy female, and thought to himself, in a fit of panic. "A blonde haired curvy female, oh damn, of all people that could come through that door." He had heard stories all day that she was in one hell of a state, eventually he had transformed it these several small stories into one frightening cross referenced web of terror.
He quickly pushed Jasmine out of their embrace and started talking to the young woman as if they were never even close. "And that is how the Genesis' computer works, Lieutenant."
He smiled, when he turned trying to shake off the fear that the Captain had just seen everything that happened and trying to make it seem like he didn't realise she was there. "Captain, what a... pleasant surprise."

Jasmine put her hands behind her back. " Oh, Captain."

With an primal roar Beverly crossed the distance of the room in two strides, so fast she was almost a blur. Her arm struck out, knocking Mike to the ground, opening a gash on his cheek while her other hand shot out and caught Jasmine by the throat lifting her clear from the floor.
"You are invading what is mine!"

The sentence made no sense to the two young officers, but to Beverly the young female officer was invading her clan. Directing the attention of one from Beverly to herself and this was an insult to her. She was the Alpha, the prime, the Queen.

Mike got up off the ground, stifling his need to abuse the hell out of the woman to avoid getting Jasmine killed. He wiped the blood off his cheek.
"Beverly. Put Jasmine down. Now." He told her in an slightly weakened but nevertheless authoritative voice, trying to futilely diffuse the situation.

Beverly's head flicked around, casting her sickly yellow eyes upon his form, trying to sound confident and strong.
"Give up child. You are unable to fight me... I will tear you and her asunder".
There was almost amusement in her voice, but those oh so familiar eyes staring menacingly at Lake told volumes.

Something he could say to her was now limited; he was about to take a very big risk. "Oh, Queen Bev, I was only mingling with your competition to get your... heavenly attention... Because I adore you." He said it like he meant it, he had always been slightly attracted to her; which made it all the more convincing.

Jasmine didn't struggle against the woman's iron grip, when she heard Mike 'confessing' she frowned. "Huh? Mike!" She then noticed his wink, she then caught on and rolled with it. "You used me to get to her! You... you... you facetious asshole!!"

With a swift grip she caught Mike up by the throat in a similar fashion to Jasmine.
"You forget child that your thoughts are open to me!"

"Oh, damn." Mike struggled. Mike focused his feelings and thoughts on the woman choking him like a chicken, he was out of ideas, short of offering Jasmine up on a silver platter. "Just drop us you bloody psycho!" He kept thinking.

She cocked her head slightly to one side, confusion registering all over her features as plain as the words written in a book.
"You are simply in no position to make demands little boy!"

It was then that it came to him, the thought of the time he first met Beverly, the first time she helped him out, the first time she calmed him down from his early career mental breakdowns and, of course, that time he caught her singing and dancing in the daisy fields in the Sound Of Music musical program on the holodeck without her even knowing. It all suddenly flooded his mind.
"Beverly, would you really do this to your crew, your family? Try and kill them because you don't like competition? You're way, way better than that. The Beverly DeVour I know would strangle herself before she did one of her crew."

Something he had said caught her off guard and the Human side was forcing her will on the Alien. With the force of a super nova the Human Beverly was able to pull back the fingers that were holding both Mike and Jasmine in a vice like grip. Jasmine clawing at Beverly's hand as she released and dropped both of them to the floor.

Both were gasping for air, filling their lungs with blessed oxygen that had been so close to leaving their bodies for ever.
While they were occupied by breathing, Beverly slipped away, slowly, quietly. Neither one noticed and in the back of her mind the human was beginning to cheer with joy. The Alien didn't have as strong a grip as she had first thought.

Mike looked across to Jasmine, her face a bright purple. He slowly got up off the ground and dragged her over to the wall and propped her up against it, getting a few strands of loose hair out of the way. "Are you ok, Princess Blueberry?"

Jasmine caught her breath and her colour went back to normal. "Mike. I'm fine." She muttered, a small tear creeping out of the corner of her eye. "I think we should see the Doctor."

Mike helped her up and gave her a hug. "Good idea."



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