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Sit Rep

Posted on Tue Oct 20th, 2009 @ 12:51am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Butler & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras & Lieutenant JG Fiona Saunders & Lieutenant JG Diego Echevarria & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Ops


Zeek was flying down the promenade after the attack. The Captain was rapidly changing, and loose about the starbase. Kristina and her team were already beginning a search, but the starbase is a rather large space and they would need some help. His goal was to get to Ops and provide communications support, but it seems that fate had something else planned. Upon entering Ops, he noticed that the XO was no where to be found, leaving Zeek as the highest ranking officer in Ops. He knew what had to be done.

"Alright everyone, as you might have heard, Cap'n DeVuor seems to be suffering from some sort of condition. While I'm assuming the medical department has a cure is in the works, we have a larger problem. The Cap'n is attacking crew members at random, and since we don't know if this is contagious or not, we need to contain her before this spreads." He said as he made his way to the center of the room "I want the station put on yellow alert, have all non essential personnel return to their quarters, and freeze all docking ports, inbound and outbound." He said to whomever was listening.

"I need some options on how we can track her, as well as how to capture her. Anyone?"

Mike started his usual rambling tangent of available options. "Obviously, we've got her combadge trace, or bio trace. If this disorder of hers has altered her latest scanned DNA or she has taken off her combage, both of those options are useless. We can use the surveillance video to track her, but that is fairly limited. The only other thing we can use is people reporting in sightings... or attacks... between you and me, they'd be coming in thick and fast if people weren't confined."

"I highly doubt she's still carrying her comm badge. I'll get you some help, start working on a way to track her." Zeek said, turning to face the Ops Chief. He quickly tapped his comm badge =/= "Lieutenant D'Ras, I need you up in Ops if you are not too busy. Carry a phaser of you plan on going through the promenade." =/=

Fiona spoke up "I might be able to help as well, computers are my specialty."

=/= Jrez here. I'm on my way to the science labs. We're trying to get the computer systems functioning properly. We'll give internal sensors top priority. Any assistance would be appreciated. =/=

=/= "Acknowledged. I will be there shortly" =/= T'Arjia calmly turned, and moved away from the station's man computer core, sopping at the closest weapons locker and pulling out a phaser. As she was still in her civilian clothes, there was nowhere to adequately store the weapon, so she decided to just keep it at the ready. =/= "D'Ras to Jrez. I'm heading up to Ops." =/=

=/= Thank you, M'am. When we're ready to go over to a redundant isolinear core, I'll let you know. =/=

Henk was just back in the fighterbay when yellow alert was going off. Henk looked around in the fighterbay.
"People, come closer." he yelled to get people's attention.
After a minute everyone was stading around him.
"The captain is ill. We have no idea with what. The Xo has ordered everyone to carry a phaser and to keep there eyes open. Please do not engage her if you see her, leave it up to the security."
Henk nobbed and then pressed his combadge.
"Henk to ops, what the hell is going on." Henk said without thinking.

"Lieutenant, it seems the Cap'n is changing some how. She’s attacking everyone she can get her hands on and we're not really sure why. Everyone needs to keep an eye out and report to Ops if they see anything."

"I'm on my way to Ops." Henk said.
Henk quickly ran towards the nearest turbolift.
"Ops." he said out of breath
After a couple of seconds he arrived at his destination. He made his way to the master display and looked at the schematic of the station. He looked around and walked to Zeek
"Tell me exactly what happened."

Zeek nodded at the Lieutenant "Not really sure to be honest. The Captain somehow became infected with a virus that the medical team is trying to contain. The only problem is we can't find the captain to contain her."

"You can't" Henk said with a long face. " She will avoid you until she can infect others. I hope she can't already. I suggest to shut down all transporters an non essiantial systems. We can't let her leave the station. if she does there is no telling how much damage she can do. Now with this infection."

"Look I'm going to look for the captain. keep me updated if youfind something." Henk said as he walked away

"Understood, report anything you find to Ops." Zeek replied

Jasmine came into Ops for engineering completely lost about what was going on. Once she spotted Mike she hurried over to him. "Mike, why has half the engineering team been pulled from repairs?"

Mike kept typing until he had finished another small block of work. He turned to her "We're on a witch hunt... people are being pulled from assignment in the wake of Beverly's attacks."

Her eyes became as wide as saucers. "Oh." She brushed off the initial shock and then rested her head against Mike's arm. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

"You can help with sensor configurations." He told her.

T'Arjia calmly stepped off of the turbolift and into Ops. Still in her civilian clothes, she stood out from all the other officers as she made her way round to the science station.

Haqtaj stepped of the Turbo lift and was surprised to see she had beaten the two Doctors up here. She glanced quickly around at all the scared faces in Starfleet uniform. She couldn’t see Mason.

“Who is in charge here?”

Zeek looked towards the Klingon "I am. Zeek Aerelon, pleasure to meet you."

“It seems there is a new person in charge every time I get up here. However, I am Ambassador Haqtaj of the house of Matlh. I believe you are having an issue with your Captain, and I may be able to assist.”

Zeek nodded "Indeed we are, and I welcome any help I can get. We are trying to organize the search for the Captain from up here, but with the chaos going on throughout the starbase its making our efforts to track her harder."

"First thing to realise is that this is a hunt and, whether we are going to kill or subdue the prey, the tactics remain the same.”

"Chasing down our prey will be hard, but we can make the prey come to us. She needs food and water, especially given the amount of energy she is expending. First thing to do is shut off all the replicators. That way she can either ignore them or use command authority to override the lockouts. Naturally I do not expect her to do this. It would require too much contact with her human reasoning centres and would give us her position as soon as she uttered her command code. It should be monitored none the less.”

“Second, we should monitor all water pipes around the station for unusual drops in flow pressure that may indicate she has broken a pipe to get at the water inside.”

"Thirdly, we should station guards at all the standing food stores.”

"You should select two teams, a fast strike and a tailing unit. If the alert is sounded then the tailing unit is deployed. Their job is to maintain contact and feed information about the prey's location and activity. They do not engage the target. When possible the strike team is also deployed directly to the target location to engage the prey. They will be armed with whatever method you deem appropriate for neutralising the prey.”

"Now with this particular prey we have an added advantage; we know its weakness. It is fiercely jealous of the males on the station. We can drive it to act. If you can sample and generate a large amount of this male's pheromone," here Haqtaj points to Lake, "We can release it through the stations ventilation and place a trail to an open area where this mating pair will enrage her enough to attack. .”

She looked at the shocked faces of Lake and Butler, "Oh please. You can barely keep your hands off each other and you reek of each other's perfumes. If it was supposed to be a secret then I suggest neither of you join Starfleet's intelligence network.”

"The real trick will be determining the required force to stop the prey without killing it. It is physically to strong for individual combat, and will flee from a strong group. I suggest a single strong individual in close combat supported by a second individual with a hypospray. They are backed by a team with Phaser's on heavy stun but wide field dispersals. If the hypo doesn't work then you flatten everyone in the room and keep firing till no one is left standing.”

Haqtaj folds her arms waiting for the Federation to dismiss her plan out of hand. If it didn't involve fields and sensors, the Federation weren't interested.

The first voice came from the somewhat elderly and rather unimpressive looking man in an Ensign's rank. Undoubtedly to Haqtaj, Diego was a complete and total weakling. Diego didn't care.

"I am in agreement," he voiced in. "But you may be underestimating the 'entity' that has taken over the Captain."

The Ambassador smiled, "I think I have a good idea of her capabilities, Ensign, but thatnk you for your concern."

"I'd like to propose a secondary plan, if those particular hormones fail to entice your quarry."

T'Arjia spoke up from her station, her impassive gaze regarding each and every person assembled the same. "We know what the Captain is becoming physically, but not very well mentally. I lived in close proximity to those creatures for quite some time. I severely doubt the Captain would attempt to use the replicator system as the species she is beomming had a tendancy for fresh meat"

A rather pessimistic smirk fell over the counselors face. "Live bait. Lure her out with single individuals tightly monitored and observed, but without additional presence in the immediate area."

Haqtaj gives a single bark that might have been a laugh, "I didn't bother to suggest it for fear of offending delicate human sensibilities. I like you, human!"

"Hear me out," Diego interrupted. "If baiting her with planted hormones fails, it will mean the 'entity' is too intelligent, and therefore too wiley to bluntly decieve as if she were a mere animal to be hunted. If she only strikes individuals who are alone and flees from armed groups, then individuals will have to draw her out and keep her occupied long enough so support groups can take her by surprise."

"That said, I am volunteering to be one such 'Bait'."

Haqtaj comes and stands beside Diego. It was always the small wirey ones you had to watch. "I will volunteer also!"

T'Arjia says, "I may be of some use in keeping the Captain away from certain areas. That species were repelled by my mere presence, although I have yet for hypothosise exactly why"

Diego shook his head. "The only talent I have is my integrity. I'd be worthless anywhere else, and I'd never forgive myself if I allowed myself to be locked in as a liability."

His eyes firmed against the rather obvious looks of disapproval. "If I am the one she finds, I will hold my ground or die trying."

Haqtaj slapped the man on the shoulder so hard she nearly knocked him into the engineering pit, "I did not think that I would find such Muktoq amongst these folk. If you die today, then I will fall at your side. Tonight we drink Blood Wine on the Prominade or Sto'Vo'Kor!"

Zeek nodded "Very well. I'll send a security team to clear the promenade. Diego, When you are ready you can head out with Haqtaj, but make sure you appear to be alone. We'll have a security team on stand-by. Everyone else, we need to figure out how to reverse the Captain's condition soon, or else this plan might be for nothing."

Before he could send them on their way, the console next to him began flashing wildly. It was the security alert system, but no message was attached. Lieutenant Jenkins quarters, the same area the Captain was last spotted in. He hit his comm badge "Commander Mason, get your best team to Lieutenant Jenkins quarters, this may be our only chance to corner the Cap'n."

He turned Diego and Haqtaj "Change of plans. You two might want to head there as well, they will need all the help they can get."

Haqtaj glanced around. Seeing the discarded console top that the Captain had damaged earlier she hefted it up into her arms. "I am ready. Beam us directly to that location. That would be the fastest method. I will hold her there until your medics arrive with their sprays."

Zeek nodded and brought up the transport controls "Good luck." He said as he beamed the duo directly to Jenkins quarters. The situation was now out of his hands. He had to trust that they would be able to keep her contained.



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