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Into the Ruins

Posted on Tue Feb 10th, 2009 @ 6:38pm by Commander Lorran Vos & Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Planet-side, Colony Ship-Crash site.

K'Tan snorted and looked at Commander Vos calmly. Something didn't feel right to the Klingon as he pulled out his own scanner going over the area "This planet was also the crash site of a Bird of Prey some years ago. When the IKV Krel'leth came here to investigate they found the bird of prey's wreck but the crew gone", he sighed a little. "Commander Vos, I'd like your permission to take Eyes with me and see if we can go ahead, perhaps find traces of the missing Klingon's as well. According to what I know it should not be far from here. I know this must sound unusual to you but something here doesn't feel right, and I don't feel like getting caught with my pants down. Whoever did this to the colonists and to my fellow Klingon's must pay, in blood."
Raising his scanner again he went over the area marking landmarks, relaying everything to Strategic Ops and Security on the Genesis. Eventually he tapped his comm badge =^="K'Tan to Genesis, Lt. Mason I have a full readout of the complex here. Take the data I sent and compare it to what we have from the sensors."=^=

On board the Genesis Kristina uploaded the data and began to compare the finding. -/"I've up loaded the data,"- she answered crisply running the information through.

"I'm sorry, Lieutenant, but for now we're going to stick together. We're going to complete one mission at a time." Vos replied. "And Lieutenant, please address me as Commander Lorran while we're on duty. Family names come first in Bajoran culture." he added as he swept his tricorder over the area one more time before moving out from the tree line towards the S.S. West Ridge. "For now, I want to investigate the colony ship, then the pyramid."

Vos tapped his comm badge. =^="Away team to Genesis, there appears to be some kind of hieroglyphic markings on some of the structures down here. We may require the assistance of a science officer to decipher them. I'd feel better about this place if I had some handle on who built it."=^=

Mike looked across at Vos "I can do that, need be."

Beverly's voice filtered over the com, a touch of excitement laced the musical tone to it.
-/"Take some visual scans and send them to the ship. As far as I understand it, I'm the only one on ship that has experience in Archaeolinguistics"-

Vos nodded, even considering that Beverly couldn't see him at the moment. =^="Understood, Commander. Away team out."=^= he tapped his comm badge again to close the channel. "Mr. Lake, I'm glad you've volunteered. Take whatever scans you need of the outside markings on the pyramid, but don't go inside just yet. A marine will accompany you. I don't want anyone walking around by themselves." he let Lake go about his business with another curt nod. "The rest of us will search the ship. Pair off. Eyes and K'Tan, you two seem to be getting along. Captain, you're with me. Report in every five minutes."

Mike nodded and waved a marine over "Will do sir." he headed towards the location of the glyphs.

The group approached the ship, eyes and tricorders up, not getting any life signs or readings except for the faint power emissions still coming from the West Ridge's warp core.

Watching the scene with interest something moved in the bushes behind the group. With the stealth of a shadow it slipped away again returning back on its route towards the temple perhaps startling the nearest person as it passed virtually unnoticed slipping back into the darkness it had come from.

Vos turned around, feeling the hair prickling on the back of his neck, but saw nothing. Narrowing his eyes a bit, he returned his attention to the mission, walking off towards the colony ship.

Henk walked back to the ship after gathering some food and water. His eyes looked from shadow to shadow. He suddenly saw some people standing around the ship. He quickly laid down behind some bushes and grabbed his rifle. He aimed at one of the people. But at the moment he fired, a sound startled him. His shot missed the target. He stood up and began to run. He heard people shouting behind him, but he only wanted to reach safety. Suddenly his vision went black. The last thing he heard was people talking. Then there was nothing.

Vos had been about to order everyone to begin searching the inside of the ship when an energy blast lanced just inches shy of his head. Throwing himself to the ground, he shouted, "CONTACT LEFT. TAKE COVER!" He rolled behind the nearest solid object, a forgotten cargo container, and pulled his phaser from the holster on his belt.

K'Tan was quick to turn to the contact, setting his disruptor rifle to stun, aimed and fired without hesitation with intent of getting the man and hopefully questioning him on what had happened but to take a safe approach for the away team he decided stun was best. Two disruptor bolts were shot in Henk's direction with the intent to stun the target.

Jorvin had ducked and rolled away toward the right. He saw K'tan fire in the direction of the assailant and miss both times. Jorvin had already set his rifle to stun and aimed at the enemy. He stunned the man with deadly accuracy.

Mike and the marine dropped "Christ... what the hell!" he muttered in the thick grass, he saw his colleagues shooting at the contact he knew little about.

"Hold your fire!" Vos called, slowly coming out of cover. The group carefully made its way to the downed target. "Good shooting, Captain."

K'Tan looked at Jorvin as he moved toward the stunned target, setting his foot lightly on the downed man. It was obvious the Klingon was not happy about something. Looking down at Henk he pulled out his Bat'letH just in case, setting the rifle onto his back. Otherwise he simply waited for Henk to wake up, not willing to trust the fellow.

Vos knelt by the stunned man, running his tricorder over him to make sure he hadn't been badly injured. It wasn't a medical tricorder, but it showed a steady pulse. He'd be alright. "Sir, are you a colonist? We're Starfleet officers, sent on a search a rescue. Can you tell us where the other colonists are?" he tried when it looked like the man might come around.

What seemed like a few seconds, Henk opened his eyes. He looked around. He saw some people. One of them came to him. He asked something, but how much he tried. He heard nothing.
“They came from the shadows.” Henk said “They just came from the shadows.”
Henk curled up and slowly fell asleep.

Mike got to his feet and looked at the marine who was waving his rifle around madly in case there was further trouble =/=Lake to Vos, what's going on over there?" he asked, seeing the men crowding around what looked like a man that had been shot.

=^="I believe we've found a colonist, Mr. Lake. It's alright. He tried to shoot us, but he's been stunned and disarmed. Continue on your mission and keep me updated. And, Mr. Lake, it's Lorran, not Vos. Lorran out."=^= Vos tapped out. He wondered how much longer he'd have to keep reminding people about Bajoran names. It wasn't important, he decided as he tapped his comm badge again.

=^="Away team to Genesis. Commander, I think we may have found our first colonist. Also, I think there's something very suspicious down here. He said something. 'They came from the shadows.' I don't like the sound of it."=^= Vos reported.

-/"Confirmed Commander, Have him beamed directly to sickbay"-
There was a brief pause as Beverly considered something. -/"Commander, are there any other signs of the colonists?-

Vos hesitated, setting his jaw for a moment before responding. =^="Not yet, ma'am. We're still looking. I'll notify you as soon as we've found any trace of them. In the meantime, perhaps this one might give us some kind of clue when he comes around. We're ready for transport here. Just have the transporter room lock onto the only human lifesign not wearing a comm badge in this vicinity. Away team out."=^=

Vos watched Henk disappear in a shimmer of blue light before getting everyone moving back towards the ship to follow his previous orders.

::Further Upfield::
Mike trudged with a marine through some thick grass, looking to the marine he smiled "You would think the locals here would mow their lawns..."

The marine snorted "Of course, sir."

As they approached the location of the hieroglyphs mike pulled out his tricorder and scanned around, there was nothing eventful. He tapped his comm badge again =^="Lake to Lorran, sir, I am approaching the glyphs sir."=^=

=^="Understood, Lieutenant. Be careful out there. Send the scans to the ship as soon as you're finished."=^= Vos's voice filtered in clear.

=^=Aye, sir.=^= Mike replied closing the channel. He waved his arm around and gave the marine a command, straight after the marine started throwing his body around and pointing the rifle all around. Mike thought it was mildly humorous.

"Ok, Sarge," The marine looked at him "I'm taking the images now." he started circling the glyphs and imaging them, looking occasionally at the marine still scanning the area with his eyes. He continued for another 5 minutes.

=^= Lake to Genesis, I have the images.=^=

=^="Acknowledged Lieutenant. Upload them into the database when you return, and we will have some time in a science lab trying to decipher them"=^=


The teams had been searching the ship for a good ten or fifteen minutes, combing the West Ridge in pairs as Lorran had ordered before. The Lt. Commander had stepped out for a moment to get some fresh air, as the environmental systems inside the colony ship seemed not to be working at the moment. It turned the whole ship into one, big oven. He loosened his collar as K'Tan joined him.

K'Tan looked around, at the sky, at the Marines then spoke "Commander Lorran, I can start investigating this area even if you are to return to the ship. Please leave me two or three marines and we'll get to the bottom of it.". He searched his pocket giving Lorran a PADD "I have here a message for the IKV Krel'leth, the Klingon ship I served on and the one that sought to locate the missing bird of prey. I need it transmitted if you return to the Genesis".

Vos looked at K'Tan, looking a little irritated despite his usual calm demeanor. "K'Tan, we've been over this already. One mission at a time. Now-"

Commander Lorran's com-badged chirped followed by Commander DeVuors concerned voice filtering through.
-/"Genesis to away team"-

Commander Lorran sighed at the interruption. Not taking his stern gaze off of the Klingon, the Bajoran tapped the insignia on his chest. "=^=Lorran here, ma'am."=^=

-/"I'm getting concerned about this whole situation Commander. We have a storm front moving in and still no evidence of the colonists. I want the away team to return to the ship, I have an idea to increase our chances of finding them before that storm front hits, but I'm going to need you to help me coordinate"-

"=^=Ma'am, we've only just started searching the ship and the surrounding area. I don't want to give up on the ground search just yet. We may still be able to find something here."=^= Vos protested respectfully.

-/"I sympathize Commander, but time is precious. We need answers before this storm hits, and if we don't then who knows what will be washed away in the rains."-
She paused a moment, weighing the ramifications of her plan, and it was risky what ever you decided.
-/"Return to the ship Commander, I have a plan, but its going to be risky, and I'm going to need your help. I promise we will be returning to the planet, and in force"-

=^="Yes, ma'am. We'll return immediately."=^= Vos replied, tapping his comm badge to switch channels to the away team.

=^=Vos to away team. Gather outside and prepare for transport. We're returning to the ship."=^=


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